That’s My God!

My God is all that

I have ever needed.

He can move mountains

And shelter me from the rain.

My God can heal…

Broken bodies, broken hearts, and broken spirits,

Restore all and make them like new.

My God can do all things well,

And never influence evil or harm

Upon all who know and love Him.

My God can forgive all sin and trespasses

Against Him, self and others,

And give us new mercies every day.

My God is the creator of all things,

And without Him, nothing was ever created.

My God is all I will ever need

In this life to do all He has inspired me to do,

My God is bigger than any problem

I could ever face,

My God is stronger than all the evil

Forces combined.

My God loves me unconditionally,

And everyone else who comes to Him.

My God is not a respecter of persons,

What He does for one, He’ll do for others.

What He speaks to one, He’ll speak to others,

My God is more than enough

For me to handle life’s challenges

And come through it all, victoriously.

That’s my God!