Examine Yourself!

“For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged” (I Corinthians 11:31 NIV).

The tiny word “if” can make such a huge difference in the outcome or results of what we do or seek.  I’m finding that to be true more each day.  “If” I had not been so anxious and adrenaline driven to finish what I started, I would have caught errors in my writing.  “If” I had paid more attention to what I was doing along the way of life, I would have made better choices. The list of “ifs” could go on for a long time, but my purpose here is not to beat up on myself or anyone else.  My purpose is simply to encourage all to slow down, and think–judge for ourselves what we’re doing and the outcome we wish to see, so others won’t judge us prematurely.

The adage that first impressions are lasting impressions is true. We cannot turn back the hands of time to correct some of the things we did, some quite unintentionally, but we can make sure we are paying attention to what we are doing and try not to make the same mistakes. Take the blinders off our eyes and be willing to see ourselves, objectively, as the world sees us. What needs to change?  We are the only ones who can determine the changes that need to be made after giving ourselves a thorough examination–willing to see what is there, not oblivious to what is not there.  We cannot afford to fool ourselves if we are to make a lasting impression upon those who do not know Jesus, to come to know Him!

Lord, help us all to take more care with the things we do understanding the outcome represents who we are–in a positive or negative light.  Help us to see ourselves clearly in the mirror, examining every aspect and changing what we can so others will not judge us.  Help us to hear You, when You correct us and warn us so we don’t have to think about the “ifs” that could happen. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!


Have You Seen It?

Think about all the “good” things you have ever received or given to someone else?

How did they look?  Were they big, expensive, colorful, bland, or forgettable?

What was the look on your face when you received the gift?  Were you excited, appreciative, or grateful?

What was the look on the face of the person to whom you gave a gift?  Was it gratitude that you saw, annoyance, or just pure delight?

When you think about all the things you have received or even purchased and you marvel at how wonderful they are–remember this–“You ain’t seen nothing, yet!”  What does that mean?  The Word tells us in Corinthians through Paul, that “eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into man’s heart (not even imaginable) all the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.”

So don’t get caught up with the things you have right now–no matter how wonderful they are–you still haven’t seen the best from God.  It’s coming!  If you don’t think you will see them–try working on that relationship with Him, show Him you love Him as much as you show love to others and then stand back and watch Him work on your behalf!  Look for it–with loving Him and His love for us–you may not have room enough to receive the overflow. Imagine the look on your face or even the face of others.  Have you seen it? Now, run and tell that!