He Knows!

You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is in on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. (Psalm 139:1-8 NIV)

The Creator knows who and what He has created; He knows the number of hairs on our heads, the number of brain cells that still function, our thoughts before we think them. There is nothing about us that God does not know and there is nothing we could ever hide from Him.

The eyes of the Lord are in every place–beholding the good and the evil, so why do we think we know more than Him? Though we do things in the dark and out of sight of people, our deeds are never hidden from Him.

Sometimes, I wonder–if people really understand that we will never know more than God–and there are some things that He will never allow us to discover because He knows–once we obtain certain knowledge, we have a tendency to think we are gods and can control our environment and circumstances, when the truth is–we have difficulty controlling our thoughts and tongues.

If we cannot control those things within the scope of our “choices” what makes us think, we can ever be wiser than God? James reminds us that the tongue, “that little member of our bodies that lacks control” ignites anger and starts wars–not knowing how to discern truth from lies. But those thoughts we allow to deceive us into speaking things we don’t understand–that is where the confusion begins and ends. When our thoughts are not on things above, but below, we allow the enemy to enter and influence what we think and what we think–governs what we do or say.

I’ve often told my students that when a person refuses to know how to think for themselves, they will always be controlled by others. One of the reasons our society is in such sad shape is because people are influenced by others rather than drawing their own conclusions after gathering information and analyzing it, logically–not emotionally. Our emotions are fickle and subject to change faster than the wind moves in a storm, and no one should ever make a decision based upon their emotions. For more often than not–when emotional decisions are made–the irrationality of those decisions spring to the forefront and cannot be changed and the domino effect is put into motion, where one bad decision is made after another. God knows!

And because He knows how we react in our emotional states, He has provided us with wise counsel in His Word, but we must seek the wisdom in His Word, before we allow our thoughts to lead us into dangerous territory which could cause our demise or the demise of others. Before He created us, He knew our flaws and shortcomings, our emotional imbalances and rigid irrational thought-processes. He knew and loved us anyway because He also knew He had provided a means of escape from our own destination of destruction. “Trust in the Lord. Don’t count on your own understanding, but in all things, acknowledge Him and determine to do things, His way.” (Proverbs 3:7,8 paraphrased) So much wisdom found in the Proverbs!

God knew we would need Him and He knew some would never read His Word with understanding, so He came down to earth in the form of a man–Jesus–died, saved us from ourselves and provided us with His spirit to dwell within us–guiding us to His Word. He knew then and He still knows what we need more than we do. So, when are we going to realize–We need Him to guide us in all things and especially in controlling our tongues? We can fool ourselves and think we are all that, but without Him, we are nothing and will accomplish nothing of worth. He already knows–when will we get a clue?


Those Who Understand, Have No Need of Control!

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.” (Psalm 32:8,9 NIV)

God’s response to David’s entreaty was that He, Almighty God would instruct him, teach, and counsel him and at all times, would keep His eyes upon him. Our great and awesome God is the same God that spoke to David and He is yet speaking to us--He will instruct, teach, and counsel us–we have no need for those who have no understanding of His ways to teach us anything, provide us with instruction of anything and they certainly cannot counsel us about anything that pertains to God and His ways.

Those who are looking to men’s legislation or judgments are really wasting their time. The only thing that will be proven by the interception of men in the wake of God’s way of living, is that men and women will constantly be jerked around by the whims of men. God’s instructions have been written–not only in the book most know as a bible, but in the hearts of all who have a relationship with Him. Holy Spirit dwells within the consummate Believer who knows God cannot lie and He said what He meant and meant what He said. It is Holy Spirit who provides us with understanding as He hears from God to direct us and counsel us at all times. Without God, we become like those who have gone before us–lost and wander around like mindless creatures, not having a clue as to which direction to take.

But we see in current events that whenever the flesh is tickled or set ablaze with lust within those who have no fear or reverence of God, all must be embroiled in the mindlessness and only those who are standing firm in their faith, will survive to see the glory of The Lord prevail in all things. We are warned in The Word that flesh and spirit are enemies–we either allow flesh to dictate what we do or we allow Holy Spirit to dictate what we do. Holy Spirit will not force His will upon anyone and neither should man.

Judgment, for all who sin and especially those who lie, has already been determined and unless the guilty parties change their ways and see the need to have God in their lives, their end is established–in the lake of fire.

Those who stand firm have no need for godless men with no understanding to instruct us in the ways of a living God, who is yet keeping watch over us. It is the godless who need to be careful and watchful of the mighty hand of God. The same Hand–who comforts and protects His children, also delivers a blow to those who mislead God’s children.

Be encouraged! We are not like the horses or mules with no understanding that need others to lead us around when they have no direction. We know the way–and Jesus is the way, the Truth and the Light!

He Will Teach Us!

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go;
I will counsel you with My eye upon you” (Psalm 32:8 NASB).

Through His Word, God reminds us that He will provide us with instruction–instruction that is sound and rational–to live right and receive all He has for us.

He reminds us that He will teach us the direction we should take–in all areas of our lives at all times. The instruction He provides us will equip us to succeed upon the path He has established.

He watches over us in our journey of life and stands ready to offer us wise counsel when He sees us getting off track. He wants us to succeed. He has established plans for us to succeed because that is His desire. It is up to us to hear Him when we go astray so we can get back on track quickly. How do we hear God speaking to us? When we have a relationship with Him and communicate on a regular basis, we will know when He speaks to our hearts about anything. Once we receive the message He speaks to our hearts, we then–using the mind of Christ, begin to make sense of what we have heard and put it into action.  Our hearts must first receive, so our minds will believe all that He says.

When we let God be God, our lives will be so much better. God never changes, man’s instructions, teachings and counsel are often contradictory to God’s Word and change constantly indicating there is no stability in the mind of man who does not trust in the Lord!