The Courageous vs. The Cowardly

Historic Trump impeachment trial begins in US Senate

As much as many of us had hoped for an indictment of twiceimpeached, we didn’t see it happen because most of the Republican senators either had their balls in a vise or couldn’t find their spines. We knew that would happen. We’ve watched it for the last five years. Before I get too far gone into the cowardly acts, let’s focus on the those who rose to courageous status.

First of all, there were ten Republicans in the House who chose to impeach the person leaving the White House, who shall ever after be named (by me) twiceimpeached. They were the courageous in the House and they have also withstood the rancid behavior of those who disagreed with them, from within their party, the idiotic, upset over those who choose to operate with a sense of morality and patriotism (something others could have learned from). So we can applaud: Rep. Liz Cheney of WY, Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of OH, Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler of WA, Rep. John Katko of NY, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of IL, Rep. Peter Meijer of MI, Rep. Dan Newhouse of WA, Rep. Tom Rice of SC, Rep. Fred Upton of MI, and Rep. David Valadao of CA. These are the courageous in The House and we owe a debt of gratitude for their stance in upholding a standard of decency, justice and their oath of office. 

From the Senate, these seven voted to convict twiceimpeached because it was the right thing to do under the circumstances: Senator Richard Burr from NC, Senator Bill Cassidy from LA, Senator Susan Collins from ME, Senator Lisa Murkowski from AK, Senator Mitt Romney from UT, Senator Ben Sasse from NE, and Senator Pat Toomey from PA. These are the Senators who deserve our thanks for standing up to a party that apparently condones insurrections and seditious traitors. 

One would think, since all have taken an oath to “preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States,” that finding someone guilty of trying to overthrow the government wouldn’t have been that difficult. But apparently, for the 43 who voted to acquit twiceimpeached, their political futures were far more important than upholding their oath of office. As a result of their cowardice, they have not just condoned the seditious act of a government overthrow, but have left the path forward open to a more ardent and dangerous attempt again, not just on the Capitol, but all government institutions. Attacks by domestic terrorists on the physical buildings are one thing, when our democracy is attacked and is now on the stage of mockery and derision for the entire world to see, an attack by foreign terrorists is inevitable. 

I have often encouraged others to only do the right thing and thereby avoiding doing the wrong thing. It would seem that someone should have reminded the cowards of such words. But then again, cowards are only capable of cowardly behavior. They have no spines or moral compasses by which to govern their lives. They are driven by a need to gain and retain power and individual wealth, forgetting they are elected by people who expected them to look out for their best interests. Condoning an insurrectionist and domestic terrorism puts the entire country at risk and when those from outside this country invade us, because we have shown them how, no one will be safe. 

Though I am not a Republican and would under normal circumstances, stand fiercely opposed to most Republicans and their political posturing to ignore the needs of the poor and vulnerable, I choose to stand with these who have determined to stand up, for right, even with all the backlash thrown their way. Cowards are always prone to using bullying tactics and I see the bulk of the Republican party in leadership, both on state and national levels as nothing more than a bunch of bigoted cowards. History will not be kind to them or their descendants and I hope they live a long time to see what their actions produce in this country and the reluctance on the part of other world leaders to pay attention to America as a leading force. 

Hopefully, we will all remember the courage of those who stood for America and our democracy in doing the right thing. Unfortunately, we cannot forget the cowards since we must do all we can to make sure they never succeed in the political arena. Every American must remember 1/6/21 as the most infamous day in the history of the 21st Century, when an American president incited an insurrection against elected leaders of the Executive Branch of government, placing the vice president and speaker of the house in imminent danger. One could assume from what has been revealed, the intent was to remove any possible means that would keep him from declaring martial law and retaining power for himself (and Putin). Call him, not by name, but twiceimpeached, so he will never forget his place in history. 

House of Representatives Vote to Impeach President Trump

The First Death Is Just The Beginning!

“Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Unless Jesus returns before we take our final breath, we will die (or fall asleep) and our end will only be for the earthly measurement of time. The heavenly measurement of time begins when He returns and all the dead in Him (those who died believing Him to be their Savior) shall rise at the sound at the trumpet and they shall be judged first.

It is not the first death that we need to concern ourselves while we live. It is the second death–the assignment of eternal resting place–in heaven reigning with Jesus or in the lake of fire, being tormenting continually for eternity.

While I know there are those who do not believe in heaven or hell, according to God’s Truth they do exist and in the end, we’ll all discover their existence. But while we wait for the end to come, we must know that our final resting place for eternity is determined by what we do while we have breath to live. Notice what John says, about who ends up in the lake of fire.

“The cowardly–those who are always fearful because they do not know that love casts out fear. The fearful do not know love for it they did, they would not fear. The unbelieving–those who refuse to accept God’s existence so they can do whatever their flesh dictates. The vile–those who do every imaginable evil thing they can without concern about how their actions impact others. The murderers–those who have no respect for life and consistently are responsible for the deaths of others. The sexually immoral–those who use sex as a tool for pleasure with anybody and everybody without discrimination or adherence to God’s plan for sex. Those who practice magic--misusing gifts of discernment and abilities given by God for monetary gain or fame. The idolators--those who worship things made by the hands of man or people–holding the things and people in higher esteem than God. The liars–those who twist and malign truth (especially God’s Truth) for their own personal agendas in order to influence others into doing what is pleasing in their own sight–totally ignoring God’s plan for man.” All these–when they have chosen to do these things–will end up in the lake of fire, unless they choose to live as God desires before the first death.

No person–can send another to hell and God won’t either. The eternal resting place in which we end up is determined by what we do when we are alive, having the ability to choose and choose wrongly. Every person–believer and unbeliever–chooses their final destination and they have no one to blame but themselves.

No matter how our end comes the first time–illness, accident, war, acts of violence or old age, our greatest concern should be the second death.

Consider Your Ways!

“Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways” (Haggai 1:5).

People are often amazed at the senseless violence, loss of life, destruction of families, and crimes of such magnitude that all we can do is simply shake our heads.

Inconsiderate people are incapable of thinking beyond the moment or about how their actions impact others. We see it all the time. Carelessness with campfires or even cigarette smoking–fires burning out of control, destroying property, taking lives, and ruining memories. Inconsiderate people drink and drive with no other thought other than to make themselves “feel good” when in actuality, they only feel worse. These people cause accidents-maiming and killing–and some never stop drinking and driving.

Inconsiderate people speed through neighborhoods--with no thought of children or others in wheelchairs or the elderly who cannot move as fast as they used to move. They hit people with cars and run from the scene like the cowards they really are. The cowards often leave people dead or dying and they do not care. They gave no thought to their actions.

Inconsiderate people are often greedy people who will stop at nothing to obtain what they want by any means. They rob people at gunpoint, with shovels, with knives, with threatening notes in banks and stores and care not one wit about how actions will leave a life time of tragedy in their wake.

Inconsiderate people think everyone around them wants to hear their loud, crass, raunchy music–so they play it loud enough to shake windows and interfere with other drivers and their ability to hear what is going on around them.

Inconsiderate people play pranks without thinking about all the possible consequences and some pranks have led to the death of people.

Inconsiderate people think the world evolves around them and therefore they have a right to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it and then they complain when they have to deal with the consequences of their actions. They have never learned to “consider their ways.”

If we want to see a change in the world, we must begin in our homes and learn to be considerate of others in all we do. Loving others will bring about consideration because we would do not harm those we love. Loving others leads to considering others above ourselves. So the lack of consideration demonstrates a lack of love among many. If we cannot love self, we cannot love others. Consider your ways–do your actions demonstrate love or do they demonstrate total inconsideration regarding others. Think-love-consider all so we can live in peace and harmony and families won’t have to mourn the loss of loved ones.



Enticed by Sin!

“My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them” (Proverbs 1:10 NIV).

Although Solomon is addressing his son, the advice is relevant to all–men and women.

“If those who are living in sin, doing all those things that God has said is sin, try to entice you to do likewise, don’t do it.”

Sinful–full of sin–those who see no wrong in doing anything and everything the flesh dictates–“just doing it”–lying, stealing, abusing and molesting children, cheating on wives and husbands, fornication (all sexual sin), favoritism, blasphemy, turning God’s Truth into lies to suit their behavior and encouraging others to do what they do–sin.

How do we avoid being enticed to engage in sin?  We stay away from those who commit sin and encourage others to do so. We study God’s Word. We work on developing and maintaining a right relationship with God. We focus on hearing and obeying God. This is how we avoid being enticed by those who would lead us into behaviors that would not please God.

When we understand the consequences of our actions and that our actions lead to negative consequences, we should not want to participate. However, when we are interested in doing those things that appease flesh, we are easily led astray.

Unfortunately, the temptation to please self and flesh often overrule common sense--the wisdom needed to know that temporary gratification will not lead to lasting happiness. James reminds us that if we lack wisdom, we should ask God for wisdom and He will give it without making us feel foolish. When we operate in the wisdom of God, we make good decisions and can look forward to the positive outcomes that will result in lasting happiness.

Having respect for our bodies–the temple where Holy Spirit dwells (if we are filled with the Spirit of God), means that we avoid behaviors that will destroy the body. Much of the illness and disease we suffer is due to behaviors that are contrary to keeping our bodies healthy, including our eating habits, lack of exercise, smoking, drugs, unprotected sex, etc. Respecting God’s Word in all things will keep us mindful of living healthy lives, keeping our temples undefiled, and focused on pleasing God.

Lord Jesus, help us to recognize who people are by their conduct and steer clear of any who would entice us to sin against You!

Don’t Be Afraid!

“But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened” (1 Peter 3:14 NIV).

We should never be concerned about what others think when we do what is right “in the eyes of God,” seeking to please Him only.

One of the reasons kids join gangs is because they are “afraid” not to join because of threats from gang members if they don’t join.

Many adults capitulate to threats by co-workers or bosses to do things that are “unethical” and sometimes illegal, in order to keep a position.

I have been challenged on more than one occasion to change report card grades and when I refused, was harassed by the principal and the school superintendent.  I never changed the grades, but I did eventually leave the school. Who is right in this situation?  I was right and I never back down when I know I’m right. If a student is not willing to work for the grade they want; they get the grade they earned.

In our society, those who are wrong–about many things–think they have a right to harass those who are right, even to the point of threats.

Christians are harassed when they stand up and proclaim sin is sin and won’t back down.
Some have even been arrested on bogus “intimidation” charges. The enemy’s camp is afraid that true Believers will influence others so they scream loud and long–about so-called violation of their rights.  But what about the rights of Christians to speak truth about the Word of God? No one is interested in protecting their rights.

In fact, politicians are swayed by those who threaten all manner of stupidity–lost financial contributions, lost votes–they are not even concerned about doing the right thing for all people because they are afraid of losing their status.

We are reminded by Peter that we do not have to be afraid.  Rather, we should know we are blessed when we stand for righteousness, doing the right thing at all times, even in the face of threats from the enemy. Being persecuted by those under the influence of the enemy should not be news to anyone.  Jesus said, through John, that we would be persecuted, but we should not concern ourselves with the enemy and his minions; we only need to concern ourselves with doing what is right. Will we do it?

Don’t be afraid to confront the enemy and to make him ashamed.  Do the right thing!

Cowards and Kidnappers

What on earth moves upon the mind of those who would kidnap a child?

Is it that they are mentally dysfunctional, nutritionally malnourished, or just plain deviant?

I really hate cowards and cowardly acts. There is no greater cowardly act than for a person to put a child in harm’s way or to cause that child harm.

Really? What can a child really do to appease a person’s ego?

Oh, I get it. The person who kidnaps the child, molests the child, kills the child is a nothing and a nobody and they know it, so the only person they can feel better than is the child. How sick!

For every person out there who is so insecure and cowardly that they bully kids–grow a pair and get some professional help! Leave the kids alone! The only reason you go after them is because they cannot fight back and defeat you–you cowardly bully.

Egotistical maniac–you are nothing and will be nothing in life but a bad taste and a nightmarish memory.

Get over your miserable childhood and leave our children alone. They are not responsible for the misery you suffered and should not have to pay for your suffering. Go after the person or people who caused you misery and leave the children alone.

Leave our children alone!