An EM for Detroit

An Emergency Manager is supposed to solve problems in the environment for which they are appointed.  So why is it that the EFM for Detroit Public Schools has attached a $1 million budget with his name on it?  If an EM operates on the same level as Roy Roberts, the City of Detroit is in for a very long, rocky ride and the only person benefiting from the deal will be the EM (whoever that is).  I can imagine the tongues hanging out as they salivate–ready to pounce on getting their hands on “easy money” as yet one more person helps themselves and not the purpose for which they were hired.  Come on people!  Wake up!  This is what happens when people don’t vote and don’t vote with wisdom.  An EM for Detroit will be around for a lot longer than the 18 months being touted–just look at other cities in Michigan and other school districts (including DPS) and see what is happening.

Check out the DPS Budget on their website (  Why does Roy Roberts need $1 million?  There are employees whose salaries have been cut so deeply that after 38 years of employment, they’re making less now than they did ten years ago.  That’s a shame and a disgrace that is attributable to all those who came into the school district with a sole purpose of ripping it off.  That is the future of Detroit with an EM!