Who Gets The Credit?

“…Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord” (I Corinthians 1:31 NIV).

How many times have we heard someone say, “I did this or that,” I’m the one responsible for everything I have,” No one helped me to do anything?” Really? No one helped!  And then there are those who claimed to have pulled themselves up in the world by their own bootstraps. Must have been some really strong, tough bootstraps to manage such a feat.

Now, I get it! For those who don’t want to believe God or realize it is because of Him that we can do anything, I get it! However, since I “know” that without God we can do absolutely nothing, worthwhile, I wouldn’t be able to take credit for anything I have accomplished.

I’ve mentioned some of this before, but bear with me with my redundancy as I try to make a point here. “Without God, I can do nothing; without Him I will fail,” a song from long ago that really makes sense. First of all, I’m still alive because of who He is, not me. He has saved me from myself and accidents in which I should have been killed.  He gave me strength to keep going, when I didn’t think I could. He made a way out of no way for me to keep my children safe in the midst of gangland activity. He made it possible for me to go back to school, after the age of 40 and succeed. He made it possible for me to maintain a 3.8 GPA at 50 and complete coursework for a Ph.D. successfully. He poured into me the gift of writing, discernment, and wisdom. He keeps my angels alert and watchful during the night and when I travel. He instills in me a sense of purpose and destiny, daily. He grants me understanding of His Word and constantly reminds me of what He has said. He helps me get out bed every morning when He wakes me He guides me in what I say on blog posts, daily. He instructs me in my responses to naysayers pertaining to Him. He helps me to control my tongue when I get angry and frustrated. He guides me with love in training my grandson. When I wrote my first books, it was because of His inspiration. In the midst of every page, He is there and will be there. When the millions of copies are sold on Amazon, it will be because He has touched the hearts of those who purchase them. This is what He has done!

So, what have I done? I am in constant communication with My Daddy, and listen closely to what He says. I try always to be instantly obedient, but I don’t always make it. He understands; He created me and He knows I’ll do whatever He says, eventually. I give Him praise for who He is and what He’s done for me on a consistent basis throughout the day! I have submitted myself to Him as an instrument for Him to use however He chooses. I proclaim that I am walking in His favor every day.  I broadcast my faith in Him, in public venues as well as private ones, to anyone who will listen (or read about it). I profess my confidence in Him and all He has said. That’s what I have done!  Who gets the credit for my accomplishments? My Daddy gets all the credit for who I am and what I am capable of doing!

Who gets the credit for who you are and what you have accomplished?

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us to understand that we have accomplished nothing without You, but everything with You.  Help us to see our boasts should be in You, and not in self. Thank You for being a constant presence in our lives–molding, guiding, and correcting us, while loving us into a position of success, all according to Your Word. Amen!


My Daddy Did it!

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being” (Revelation 4:11 NIV).

I woke up thinking about the non-believers’ conversation about the non-existence of God and of course, I was reminded of God’s Word. What I always find both amazing and gratifying is the fact that whenever I need the reminder, my Daddy, through the Holy Spirit, always brings it back to my remembrance, just like He said He would.

Now, before some get upset with my reference to God as my “Daddy” understand that this represents my relationship with God.  He is my Father, my Daddy and I never take this relationship for granted. He is the “Great I Am”, Jehovah Jireh and known by so many more “titles” that I won’t list them here. However He is known by the masses, depends upon their relationship with Him.

At any rate, “He created all things and without Him nothing was created” and that is the end of the matter for most believers.

Rather than argue or debate His existence, we should work on our relationship with God (Our Daddy), listen when He speaks, be quick to obey, and then when people marvel at the great things He does for us and through us, we can proudly say, “My Daddy Did It!”

Look at the cloud formations on various days in various types of weather; My Daddy did it.

Look at the bodies of water that encourage amazement and awe; My Daddy did it.

Look at the hills and mountainsides and wonder people often feel; My Daddy did it.

Look at the miracles performed which no one can explain; My Daddy did it.

Look at the love He has shown us by sacrificing His Son for us; My Daddy did it.

Look at all we have in life that allows us to enjoy life more; My Daddy did it, when He inspired others to create all manner of things.

Look at all the labels we have attached to things; My Daddy did it, when He spoke to those who determined what we call things.

Science is known as science because My Daddy inspired someone to attach the label. Science attempts to explain what already exists, but cannot replicate the intricacies of all that My Daddy has created when He created us!

Everything that mankind has done has ignited a response from My Daddy and mankind has incurred the result of the response of obedience or disobedience, just as He said it would happen.

When the enemy attempts to cause you to doubt, remind him, our Daddy is bigger and that He also created him who is angry enough to engender hatred because of his hatred of God. Satan is the father of liars, a master of deception, and his job is to kill, steal and destroy.  I’m so thankful that My Daddy is greater than all the mischief that Satan can devise.