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Excerpt 10 “Battlerama- Super Tweens To The Rescue”

Once they reached the beach, on the far side of an island in Hawaii, they played, swam and had a good time practicing their gifts.  They were having so much fun, that Maria almost missed a scream for help.  She thought she heard it, but wasn’t sure, so she sat still and listened closely.  There it was!  The anguished scream came from a mother whose child had been hit by a car.  She quickly told the others.  On one accord, they ran to The Bubble and found the coordinates as Maria advised them and found the mother and child.  Once they were able to secure The Bubble, they ran to help, but the child was not breathing.  The little boy’s body temperature was already dropping, but Anthony was convinced that he could regulate the child’s body temperature.  When nothing happened, Anthony placed his hand over the child’s heart and focused on making his heart resume a normal beating pattern.  After a few minutes, the boy’s heart was beating and soon his breathing was normal and body temperature rose.  Once the boy was sitting up on his own, The Seven left the scene—after Anthony smiled and whispered something in the boy’s ear.  The mother of the boy had been so upset over the child’s being hit, she did not notice what had happened, but was tearfully overjoyed when she saw her son sitting up as if nothing had happened.

The Seven boarded The Bubble thinking they had not been seen, but they were observed—by The Wisteria and minions of Loftus.  The Wisteria were elated, but the minions Loftus had placed there were baffled and reported to Loftus what they had observed.  Loftus sat contemplating what could be happening and told his minions to be more watchful and if they observed anything of this nature again to notify him immediately.  The Wisteria knew that time was not on their side when they discovered that Loftus knew about The Seven.  Plans had to be changed and accommodations made to protect The Seven until they could complete their mission.


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Excerpt 9 “Battlerama–Super Tweens To The Rescue!”

“How are we to defeat the evil one when we live in different places?”

Noissa answered them.  “You have more ability than you know.  Tell me one thing that you think will benefit you the most?”

Maria did not hesitate to answer.  “Whatever we need, even if it is each other, we can focus our thoughts on what or who is needed and it will be done.”

Noissa smiled.  “You are right Maria. You have learned wisdom from all the ancients and even some of the contemporary philosophers of wisdom. You have learned integrity and it will serve you well.  Most of all, you have demonstrated a natural compassion and care for others.  When you need one or the other or all, all you need to do is “think on things above and not below”. Focus your thoughts and your thoughts will become reality.  You have learned much and will continue to learn as you train others.  You are never alone.  Someone is always a thought away.  Remember that and remember that your gifts will work collectively to thwart anything that the followers of Loftus can throw your way.  Proceed with wisdom—think everything through—and move forward with courage and conviction, never doubting and certainly, never fearful of anything or anyone.  The moment you fear—Loftus will feed on your feed and you may experience such hatred that you will forget who you are and what you are capable of doing.  Don’t forget—never be fearful!”

Modsi then told them that they would have an opportunity to get to know each other better with the use of their gifts tomorrow when they finalized their training. Still in awe of everything before, they talked almost at the same time and reluctantly knew they had to return to their normal lives.  But not for long.  Nothing after their training ended would ever be normal again.


Excerpt 8 “Battlerama-Super Tweens To The Rescue”

On the outskirts of a small rural area in China a young girl was crying.  She had just been sold by her parents to work in rice fields far from home.  The parents did not want to sell their daughter, but they needed the money to make sure they could survive.  Jiao was a good daughter.  Her parents knew she would work hard to make her family proud of her.  What Jiao’s parents didn’t know was the person to whom they had just sold their daughter never intended for her to go into the rice fields.  Li Wei had a reputation for being charming, but it was a front.  He was actually a very greedy man and only hoped to find young, beautiful girls to do his bidding.  Noissa was furious!  She immediately wanted to banish this ugly man into the sea, but Ytirge stopped her. He reminded Noissa they had a job to do and that Li Wei would be dealt with later. 

Li Wei motioned for the girl to follow him and even though she was weeping, she followed him out of her parent’s home.  When he opened the door for her, she saw another female sitting in the backseat who did not look pleased to see her.

“你为什么买这个娃娃吗?”她问。”她将成为我很好,”李巍回应。”帮助她了解她的新角色,并让她准备好的任务,”他继续这种丑陋的冷笑娇害怕成为和开始颤抖,哭。”别哭哭啼啼想再听,你卑微的女孩。你的生活会更好现在,是否你这样做你说的是,”女性轻蔑说。(“Why did you buy the doll?” She asked. “She’s going to be fine,” Li Wei responded. “Help her understand her new role and make her ready for the task,” he continues that ugly sneer Jiao scared and began to shake, cry. “Don’t want to hear you cry, you humble girl. Your life will be better now, if you do this,” the female said contemptuously.)

The Wisteria had found their seventh trainee.  They went back to Mount Everest to prepare for the training that would take place for the next forty days.  They could not allow the trainees to know what was being done so they had to wait until they were asleep.


Excerpt 7 “Battlerama–Super Tweens To The Rescue”

What they saw made them laugh and sad at the same time.  They laughed because of the antics the two were involved and they were sad because even though the two were obviously from an affluent family, they were alone in brick-fenced area that seemed to stretch for miles along the coast of California.

The brother and sister were Shane and Tori.  Their father was rich and their mother often left them in the care of others who really didn’t pay much attention to them.  As long as they were out of their hair, they didn’t care what they did.  What the Wisteria found them doing was stringing together a fish-line criss-crossed over the doors on that side of the huge mansion in which they lived.  They were exercising great care to make sure that anyone trying to get through the doors would trigger buckets of water that would fall upon them.  A harmless prank of sorts, but would be sure to get them into trouble later.  They didn’t care.  They were bored.  Shane wished he could be somewhere else exciting, but without anyone’s knowledge.  Tori wished she could fly away to far-away places without her father’s private plane.  Getting back at the help seemed like a perfect way to spend an afternoon.  They got ladders and pieces of lumber to create platforms above the doors on which to place the buckets and then placed hooks on the sides of the doors so they could wind the line across itself back and forth until there was no way anyone could get out the door without triggering the downfall of buckets.

It took them over an hour to complete their task and once they finished, Shane pinched Tori hard so her screams would sound real.  When she screamed, the help inside the house came running to the doors.  They couldn’t see Tori and Shane and they also did not see the fish-line across the door so when they opened the doors, six people ended up with soaking wet when they tipped the buckets of water over as they opened the doors.

From their hiding places, Tori and Shane burst into laughter even as they faced very angry household help.  Their Nanny, a very large woman with her hair bound in a bun at the back of her head was furious.

“Your father will hear about this immediately!” She screamed at them.  “I’ll make sure your punishment is severe.” While she screamed at them water was running down her face and then she shook out her dress and water went everywhere.  Once they got over being wet, the others in the household laughed and went back to work.  The house-keeper admonished Tori and Shane about their behavior, but she didn’t get mad at them.  In fact, she felt sorry for them, but there was nothing she could for them at that moment since she was trying to finish her work.

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Excerpt 5

Modsi, had noticed in their surveillance, a young girl, in the city of New York, who was apparently at home taking care of younger siblings with no visible adult supervision.  They hovered over her apartment listening carefully to what was being said.

“Pick up that paper and put it in the garbage can,” Kiara said, angrily to her twin brothers.  “I’m tired of picking up after you, two. Go to your room and stay out of my way!”

The two six year-old boys, glared at her and kept right on shredding paper into tiny bits and then blowing them into the air.  “We like to play “snowing” when we can’t go outside.  You’re just a meanie.”

“I’m not a meanie; I don’t want to clean-up after you.  Now, stop!  If there is a mess in here when Mom gets home, you’re gonna get it.”

“No, we won’t.  She’ll fuss at you.  You’re the one in charge.”

“Well, since I’m in charge, pick up that paper before I bash in your brains and blow them into the air.”

“We’re telling Mom you hit us!”

“I haven’t hit you yet, but I’m going to any second now.” Kiara was so frustrated that she picked up a broom and began chasing her brothers around the room until they ran into their room, and then slammed the door and locked them in.

“Ooh!  I wish I had the power to turn back time and these two would never have been born!” she muttered to herself. She looked at the clock on the stove and realized her mother would soon be walking in the door, tired as usual, expecting a hot meal and a clean house.  The broom she was using was old and worn and made tried to sweep up the mess that much harder, but she was glad that she had put a plate in the microwave for her mother.  Now, all she had left to do was the dishes. While she washed dishes, she daydreamed about living somewhere else where she didn’t have to watch her brothers while her mother worked.  She thought about having a father at home who loved them and worked to take care of them.  The sound of a key turning in the door broke into her day dream.

“Hi, Mom.  Food is in the microwave.”

“Thank you, Kiara,” her mother said, dragging herself into a chair. “I really appreciate your help. Where are the boys?”

“I locked them in their room.  They had made a mess of the place and wouldn’t clean it up.”

“Kiara!  Don’t lock them in.  Talk to them and teach them how to clean up!”

“Mom, they don’t listen to me.  I have to do everything around here.  I cook, clean up the house and then watch them.  Why do I have to do everything?  Why did you have to have them anyway?”

The minute she asked the question, she regretted it, but it was too late to take it back.  Her mother looked at her for a long moment and then tears began to flow down her cheeks.  She said nothing, just held her head in her hands, looking as though she wished she was somewhere else.  Kiara hated seeing her mother cry.  She cried often but would never say why and every time she did, Kiara felt bad.

Kiara walked over to her mother and hugged her.  “I’m sorry, Mom.  Truly, I am.  I don’t know what got into me.  I’ll unlock the door now!” When she unlocked the door, the boys came tumbling out, each one wanting to tell on Kiara first.  Their mother, stopped crying and pulled each boy onto one knee and hugged them tightly.  Squirming to get away, they finally escaped and went back into their room.  They didn’t like it when their mother hugged them too hard.

Kiara sighed and finished the dishes and then completed her homework at the kitchen table. When she finally finished and put her books and notebooks into her backpack, it was past her bedtime and she was so tired, she could barely keep her eyes open.  Her mother had long since gone to bed, so she pulled out the sofa bed and dropped onto the unmade covers beneath the cushions and soon fell asleep.


Excerpt 3 “Battlerama–Super Tweens To The Rescue”

The Wisteria left to seek others.  Their collective reasoning led them to a park in the inner city in Chicago.  Derek was playing basketball with a number of young men who were much older than he was.  They shoved him around and he could seldom get his hands on the ball, but when he did, someone always knocked it out of his hands. They laughed at his efforts, but he was determined to get the ball and make a basket.  Finally, one guy slipped on the court and Derek grabbed ball and ran to the other end and threw it.  It made it in.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.  Yeah, how you like that?” he taunted the others.

The minute he said that, the other players boxed him in and shoved him from side to side, laughing at his inability to elude them. An older gentlemen, passing by intervened and Derek was able to escape and run home.  All the way home, he was irritated by what happened and wished he was strong enough to push back hard enough to keep people from pushing him around.

“One of these days,” he muttered. “I’ll be strong enough to take on all of them.”

As he walked into his house, the stench of garbage that he had forgotten to take out assailed him. His mother was sitting in her favorite chair in a bit of a stupor, totally unaware of Derek’s presence or how the house smelled.  Derek looked at the empty bottles on the table and knew that his mother had been at it again.  He took out the garbage, came back into the house and washed his hands before making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  When he had finished eating, he went into his room, laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.  Water formed in the corner of his eyes, but he ignored it.  This was just one more time that his mother had slipped away in her drunken dreamland and he was left to fend for himself.  Silently, he started pounding the bed with his fists, thinking that if he was Superman, he would have enough strength to keep his mother from drinking because he would be able to keep her from buying the alcohol.

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Excerpt 2–“Battlerama! Super Tweens To The Rescue!”

After seeing the hopelessness, they turned inward to their new-found home and created a circle and meditated.  Modsi saw them moving forward, but not away from where they were.  They now had to think about the best way to find a way to stop Loftus.

Noissa started speaking in a quiet voice.  “We know he feeds upon fear and doubt.  We also know he hates with a passionate all who dare to care.”

Modsi responded, “That’s true, but we also have to consider the power he harnesses from those who hate.  That’s why we have to stop him and soon.  If he creates enough situations for people to hate, he’ll infuse their hate with his and have more power than we do.  He has to be stopped and soon. We cannot do it by ourselves; he has already gained too much ground.  We must find fearless ones to train in order to stop him.”

Ytirge joined in, “The only fearless ones are those who have not had an opportunity to learn fear.  We must seek those first and inspire others later. Think, Modsi, where do we find fearless ones?”

Modsi thought for a moment and the only ones she knew about would be children who had not been taught to fear.  “We must find children, wherever they may be and choose the right ones to train.”

“How will we know them when we find them?” Ytirge asked.

“Think,” Noissa said.  “Think!”

As they huddled in their circle, the vision became clearer.  All over the world were children who had not yet known fear.  Some knew anger, but they could be trained under the right conditions and right now, The Wisteria didn’t have time to be choosey. They decided to watch the children in action for a day and then make a decision.  They knew they had to make the right decision the first time because they would not get a second try.


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