The Perishables!

All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish” (Isaiah 41:11 NIV).

A Word of encouragement through Isaiah from God! In the previous verse, God tells the children of Israel, descendants of Abraham (of whom we are by faith), “not to be afraid because He will give us strength, He will help us and uphold us with His righteous right hand.” And then–in this verse–He tells them that all those who have attempted to do us harm will be ashamed and disgraced and will eventually perish. That’s how awesome our God is! He will allow us to see those who oppose us (simply because we choose to live God’s Word), perish–and no longer exist!

So, whatever is causing you anxiety today–be still and know that God is yet with you and you have no need to fear: negative doctor reports, bill collectors, rebellious children, scorners and mockers, and haters of all kinds. Keep doing what you do (that honors God) and by faith and obedience--all that you do will have good success. You will see how everything will change and God will take what the enemy meant for evil and use it to your good. Have faith–don’t give up, trust God and speak what He speaks (according to His Word) and watch yourself getting the God-kind of results you need.

When you see all the attempts of the enemy crumble before your eyes–praise God and be even more encouraged to live for Him in obedience rather than in giving into temptation to pacify fleshly pleasures!

God can and will do all He says He will do for those who love Him and obey. He is not a man that He should lie.

Are you looking forward to seeing the perishables disappear? You are being held in God’s right hand and it will come to pass! Hallelujah! #Delivered!

I Am All That

How many times and how many ways have we heard someone attempt to undermine everything we do?  People tell their kids, when they are still too young to make a difference, but old enough to allow what someone said limit their futures; “you ain’t nothing, you’re stupid, you’ll never be nothing, you just like yo daddy, you just like yo mama, you ain’t going nowhere in life” and then wonder—why as adults, people do not try to do anything positive.  A lot of negativity in anyone’s life can inhibit people from attempting to reach their full potential in life, but there is more to life than what “people” say.

A life (for any one of us)—no matter who it is, can be grounded in Christ and soar into the heavens, accomplishing all that  God says we can and we can be all that  God says we are.  How about that!  No one can hinder the blessings we have received from our Father, but us.  And will we get in our own way?  No!  Will we sit and do nothing, allowing the enemy to win in our lives?  No!  Will we fight the “good fight of faith” and stay in position to receive all that God has said?  Yes, we will because we are all that!

If you don’t believe it, just sit back and hold onto something or someone who won’t move or waiver under the mighty promises of God.   Open your eyes to see, your hearts to receive, and get your feet ready to march to the tune of victory—in Christ Jesus as we march through His Word to see who He says we are!

[Excerpt from new book–a devotional by the same title–I Am All That…God Says I Am.  Ebook released very soon!  Look for it on for the Kindle!]