Recognizing The Fool!

Recognizing The Fool!

From The Word–NIV Translation–the fool is described mostly in Proverbs.

The proverbs of Solomon: A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son brings grief to his mother. Proverbs 10:1

The wise in heart accept commands, but a chattering fool comes to ruin. Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.Whoever winks maliciously causes grief, and a chattering fool comes to ruin. The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence. Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning, but a rod is for the back of one who has no sense. The wise store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin.  Proverbs 10:8-14

Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips and spreads slander is a fool. Proverbs 10:17,18

The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of sense. 10:21

A fool finds pleasure in wicked schemes, but a person of understanding delights in wisdom. 10:23

Stay away from a fool, for you will not find knowledge on their lips. 14:7

The wise fear the LORD and shun evil, but a fool is hotheaded and yet feels secure. 14:16

The tongue of the wise adorns knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly. 15:2

The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly. 15:14

Eloquent lips are unsuited to a godless fool— how much worse lying lips to a ruler! 17:7

It is to one’s honor to avoid strife, but every fool is quick to quarrel. 20:3

Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes. 26:5

“If you play the fool and exalt yourself, or if you plan evil, clap your hand over your mouth!” 30:32

No longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected. Isaiah 32:5

In this self-confident boasting I am not talking as the Lord would, but as a fool.2 Corinthians 11:17

The fool–as we can see from The Word–is easily identifiable if we are not wearing blinders or have our ears covered.

The fool’s mouth always identifies him.

The fool’s insecurity is evident in their paranoid behavior.

The fool will always boast of himself–self-congratulatory–always patting self on the back.

The fool will always expect others to praise them–seeks opportunity to find those who are gullible and will believe anything they say.

The fool never believes that others can see through their foolishness.

The fool thinks they have a right to dictate to others.

The fool is blinded to truth because their ego is the driving force in their lives.

The fool always needs someone else to clean up the messes they make.

The fool never accepts responsibility for what they do and always blames others when things go wrong.

The fool never listens to those who are wise because they don’t believe anyone is wiser than they are.

Do we recognize him, now?

fiery tongue



When God Pours Out His Spirit!

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams, Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Acts 2:17,18, 21 NIV)

When Peter was preaching to the crowd–who heard those who were speaking and understanding their languages other than their own culture, he had to tell them the people were not drunk as with wine since it was only nine in the morning, but they were responding to the outpouring of God’s Spirit and functioning in His realm. As a reminder, Peter told them what the prophet Joel had already predicted–what would happen in the last days when God poured out His Spirit upon all–men and women–indiscriminately.

There is so much that can be said about this particular passage of scripture that it would take more than one posting, but I’ll try to stick with one primary theme–God is not biased and holds no one in greater esteem than another. In spite of continuing conflict within the Body of Christ as to the roles of men and women–particularly women–in ministry, we see a clear picture of God’s view of who can speak on His behalf and that would be-anyone upon whom God has poured His Spirit and they have received it.

Since Peter reiterated what Joel had said, we can infer that women were present at the time of the outpouring of God’s on the day of Pentecost and we know–there were women in the room from previous accounts as recorded in Acts. If the women were not functioning under the unction of the Holy Spirit--there would have been no need for Peter to remind those listening of what had been said by Joel. But he did and so we can accurately conclude that the women were speaking and ministering to the those in the crowd.

That was then and nothing has changed–in spite of male tendency to think that God will not use women in ministry, God knows who He will use and He doesn’t need permission or approval of any man.  I cannot begin to recount the number of times I was told that, “God don’t call women to preach.” I remember clearly when God woke me to tell me that I was to teach His Word at three o’clock in the morning and I lay in bed, arguing with Him—because I did not see myself worthy or knowledgeable. Later than morning, while in church service, He poured out His Spirit and I received Him with the evidence of speaking in  tongues, with discernment and interpretation. Imagine that! God pouring out His Spirit on me, who knew all the wrongs I had done, but He forgave me and moved me into position to accomplish His plans for my life.

Looking back on where I was and where I am today–I understand that God’s plans–those He purposed to accomplish great things to His glory–will come to pass; even if He has to wait on us to acknowledge Him. His plans never change, but He will not force us to do anything and will always honor our choices–to receive or reject, believe or not believe.“For I know the plans I have for You,” declares The Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29.11).

God’s plans for my life are continually unfolding and even though I don’t know what all of them entail, I am willing to trust Him and know that He only wants the best for me–as He does with all of His Children. For all who call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved and adopted into the family! Hallelujah!

Deep Things Revealed!

“But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.” (I Corinthians 2:9, 10 NKJV)

I encourage all who are reading this to read entire chapters to maintain the context of what is being said. What I find truly amazing–is every time I read a passage of Scripture, again, I get new insight and understanding.

I remember how excited I was when I first read this chapter and understood that God has not revealed all He has prepared for us to those who do not love Him, but through His spirit–when we listen, Holy Spirit speaks–and does just what Jesus said He would do–“bring back to our remembrance those things we’ve learned and reveals to us those things to come!” 

The key here is in understanding that it is to those who love Him, not just anybody. For those who either continue to deny His existence–no problem; for those who claim to know Him and yet in opposition to His Word–no problem. This promise is only for those who love Him because when we love Him, we obey Him and when we obey Him, we please Him, and when we please Him, He gives us the desires of our hearts! Glory!

When people say–out of ignorance–there is no God and they know more than God–we can ignore them, not argue with them. For there are many who refute that He is and scorn and mock those of us who believe Him. They spend a great deal of time searching out those they think they can manipulate by engaging in foolish debates. “Argue not with a fool because we do, we become like them.” So let them keep believing that they believe–they will not be in position to have the deeper things revealed to them and we will.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t share the Gospel; I’m saying we should not debate our beliefs. When someone is sincerely interested in what we have to say about Jesus, let’s share. But don’t get caught up in “false sincerity” designed to engage into debate so we can be ridiculed. “Be wise as a serpent, but gentle as a dove”–hear Holy Spirit when He speaks, exercising discernment of spirits and know which spirit is operating in your conversations. “Try the spirits, by the Spirit to see if they are of God.”

Holy Spirit reveals things to those who love God and we readily admit we have no other way of knowing what we know. He shows us future events and the end results. If we are willing to hear and obey Holy Spirit, we will have the deep things revealed to us.

We Exalt You!

“Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.” (Psalm 57:5 NIV)

We lift You up O God,

As far as our arms and thoughts can reach,

We lift You up O God

As we read Your Word, inspiring us to teach.

We lift You up O God

As The Creator, Author and Finisher of our faith,

We lift You up O God

No matter what any other has to saith.

We lift You up O God

As a standard by which we stand

We lift You up O God,

Desiring Your will in our lives, according to Your plan.

We lift You up O God,

At all times especially in this hour,

We lift You up O God

Praising You for Holy Ghost power.

We lift You up O God,

There’s none like You in all the earth,

None who planned our lives before our birth,

None who loved us enough to die for us,

None who forgives us and forgets our sins,

None who deliberately planned our success,

None who is always there, in spite of our mess.

There is nobody like You, O Lord,

No one who should receive our praises

No one who should stand in a place of reverence

No one who could raise us like You raise,

No one who would ever earn our deference,

Like You Do, O God, Our Redeemer, Our Salvation,

Our Refuge, Our Strong Tower, Our Deliverer,

Our Healer, Our Counselor, Our Provider,

Our Standard of living for all times,

It is to You O God we give the glory,

It is to You O God we give the praise,

For You have done so much for us,

And we will bless Your Holy Name!

Hallelujah to Our Risen Savior!

What I Have Learned!

“He will glorify me because it is from me that he will receive what he will make known to you” (John 16:14 NIV).

When Jesus was speaking to His disciples, just before He returned to His Father, He was reminding them of the role of the Holy Spirit (His Spirit) who would remain in the earth realm to guide, reveal, remind, and instruct.

The Holy Spirit will guide us through tumultuous times–economic downturns, chaos and confusion across the land, and in the midst of a disturbance of our peace, He reminds us that God’s peace surpasses all understanding. I’ve learned that if I rest in His peace, what is happening all around me, won’t disturb me, but gives me purpose in prayer.

By His spirit, we will receive insight to things to come and when we are totally submitted and committed, He will create in us the spirit of “a watchman”, warning the people.  If we warn them and they do not heed the warning, their blood is on their own hands.  If we do not warn them of impending danger, their blood when disaster strikes will be on our hands.  I’ve learned some people will never listen because they think they know everything.

Perhaps, more importantly, the role of the Holy Spirit is to remind us of The Word when we need it in a moment, and to instruct us in our behavior towards others–exercising discernment and wisdom. I’ve learned that no matter what I do or say, I’ll never please everyone, so I concentrate on pleasing God.  If I please Him and others are pleased as a by-product–amen.  If they are not pleased as I please Him–oh well!

I’ve learned how to live holy, maintaining my relationship with God, seeking always to please Him and expecting to see fulfillment of His promises towards me. Some may think I’m being arrogant in my faith in God’s promises, but I am simply being confident in Him, who cannot lie and will bring to pass every promise, and complete everything He ignites in us to do. I’ve learned to love–even those who appear to not care at all, but I love any way.  Again, their disdain gives my prayer purpose.  In fact, everything that I know I cannot control, gives my prayer purpose.

And when I pray, my communication with God is a two-way conversation.  While I talk, He listens and when He speaks, I listen. I pray with confidence, knowing He will respond. I always thank God for the desired result and because I pray in alignment with His Word, He will respond favorably.

Looking back over my life, I realize I have learned a great deal and still have much more to learn. What have you learned?

Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for keeping my heart and spirit tuned-in to You so I may know how to proceed on a daily basis and for loving me enough to keep teaching me! Amen!