Good, Better, Best–The Best Fathers Emulate The Great Father!

“Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.” (Proverbs 19:14 NIV)

In the King James Version, the fathers is used instead of parents, but I chose to use the NIV to maintain consistency in the translation I use, but it serves the purpose.

In God, we have the greatest example of what a father should be and even though we are all encouraged to be like our heavenly Father, none have reached that goal, but many are on the right track. In comparing stages or levels of attaining Heavenly Father greatness, there are good, better and best fathers–here on earth.

A good father is more than a male who fathered a child. He does the right thing by taking care of the child, owning up to his responsibility and loves his children. He knows what The Word says, and tries to live by it.

A better father is not just the provider for his children, he spends time with them–helping with homework, attending events in which children are involved, and encourages by example, how to be a man of God.

The best father–is a provider, a protector, a disciplinarian, and teacher. He provides for his household and teaches his children how to do what is right, according to The Word. He is a living example of integrity, wisdom. He finds time to talk to–not talk at–his children, and teaches them all he knows–about life, living, loving and pleasing God. He is not rude or violent, but firm and immoveable in all that is right. He not only knows The Word, but lives it daily–looking to his Heavenly Father to solutions for all problems and hearing and obeying. He corrects and forgives, loves and chastises, guiding his household in the things of God at all times.

While all fathers are not the same, if they have attempted to do all that God requires of them to do, they deserve recognition. Whether you’ve had a good father, a better father, or the best father, honor them today by telling them–you love them. If your father is no longer here in the earth realm, honor them with how you live your life.

To all the fathers–good, better, best–I wish you the best this day as you seek God to become more like the Great Father.

Happy Father’s Day!