The Lord is faithful in everything He does and in what He has said to us through His Word and when He speaks to us privately. Are we as faithful (reliable and trustworthy, thorough in the performance of duty) to Him as He is to us?

Some people work at being faithful to spouses–when it is convenient for them to do so.  When one determines that being faithful is too much work, people stray and marriage vows develop wings and fly.

Some people begin a new job by being faithful–for the first ninety days--and then they complain and find all manner of things wrong with the company to whom they said, “I want some of your money,” when they applied for the job.  When the job is terminated because of their lack of faithfulness, they stand, stunned, unable to comprehend what happened.

Then there are the people who cannot be faithful to their children–love, nurture, guide–past the time they cease to become “cute” (potty training time). They abuse, abandon and misuse their children and then wonder why their children are disobedient and disrespectful towards them.

Some friends are more faithful to each other than they are to a spouse, a job, or a child, but that friendship is totally reliant upon a reciprocal relationship.  The minute one can’t do for the other, the friendship ends.

In the political arena, the only faithfulness we see is to whoever has the most money and can do the most for someone else. There is no faithfulness to the people who put politicians in office; if there was–all decisions in government would be for the benefit of all the people, not special interest groups.

We sometimes expect God to be our personal magician as a demonstration of His faithfulness towards us, but are we faithful to Him? Are we in constant communication with Him? Are we loving one another as ourselves? Are we obedient to Him and doing what He asks us to do?

If God’s faithfulness towards us was the same as ours towards each other and Him, where would we be?


Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness! Create in us a desire to be as faithful to You as You are to us and never deter from our allegiance to You. In Jesus’ name we pray and thank You, Amen!


Know Who You Serve!

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for their wrongs, and there is no favoritism” (Colossians 3:23-25).

There are times in this life that we forget who it is we really are called to serve.  Notwithstanding that when we work at a job, or for a career, we usually work to pacify “man” or the corporation for whom we work.  Even in that capacity, our approach to doing a job for pay should be done as “unto The Lord” so we can expect a reward and not just a paycheck.

Think about it!  How many times have people gone to work with a poor attitude and did their work halfheartedly?  How many times have people gone to work late and then get an attitude when they are admonished about their attendance?  How many people take far too much time for breaks and lunches and then get frustrated when they don’t complete their tasks for the day?  How many people “steal” from their employees and then attempt to justify the theft? How many people think they deserve a promotion and more pay when they have not been diligent or as productive as they need to be in the position they have and then get angry with a manager or supervisor because they are always overlooked?

Some people think they deserve positions and pay simply because they suffer from the delusion of entitlement.  Some think they deserve positions because they know somebody who knows somebody.  And some think they deserve positions because of family connections, even when they are not qualified to do a job.

On our jobs, within our families, in our communities and wherever else we may be; we must remember that whatever we do, we should do it as unto The Lord and do it to the very best of our ability.  Our rewards, ultimately–come from The Lord.  It is He who touches the heart of those supervising us. It is He who gives us favor with people we don’t even know.  And it is He who also sees everything we do and will allow the consequences of our actions to fall upon us–good or bad.

In order to make sure we always receive God’s best, we should always do our best in serving Him and others.  “Be not deceived!  God is not mocked.  He sees and knows all and when we think no one else is watching, He is!”  Serve The Lord with joy–smile, seek means to do extra to help someone else and watch Him work on your behalf. 

Father, help us to understand what true service is to You so we can be better at serving You through all we do.  In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen!