Thanking God For Favor!

There is nothing quite like knowing we are walking in God’s favor.

 He gives us favor with men (all of mankind) when we are walking in obedience to Him.

 We maintain favor with Him when we do all that He has asked us to do.

 Favor with God is not fair (not everyone at all times gets it), but it is just because He is a “just” God, not a fair one.

 Having Favor with God allows us to expect the abundant blessings that He promises, without a trace of doubt in our hearts.

 Having Favor with God puts us in a position to know He is faithful to complete (accomplish through us) all He has inspired us to do.

 Thank You, Lord for Favor! Thank You for favor with those who read everything I write! Bless them abundantly, beyond anything they could ever imagine. Thank You for favor with those I teach. May their lives be enriched beyond measure as they receive instruction to help them succeed! Thank You for favor with total strangers! Instill in them a desire to get to know me and through them, help me to share the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in everything I write. Thank You for favor with family and friends! Enrich their lives by our relationship and encourage each and everyone to sustain a right relationship with You!

 Thank You for grace, mercy, love and all the gifts we receive that are without repentance that we might use them to Your glory!