We Are His Children!

We Are His Children!

“Yet the Israelites will be like the sand on the seashore, which cannot be measured or counted. In the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ they will be called ‘children of the living God.’ Hosea 1:10 NIV

No matter what happens, The Word of God is for all of His Children and all who have turned to Him and away from sin are His children.

Like the children of men–we are not perfect, but He is a perfect God and He knows how to deal with His children–even the rebellious ones and He will never turn His back on His own.

So, to reiterate a theme of the week–don’t allow fear to lead you to despair and eventual destruction. With Jesus on our side–we can rest with the assurance that He is more than the world against us and no matter what battle we face–in the end, we win.

Let the naysayers and doubters believe what they will--don’t argue–for argument with the foolish and unlearned is futile; just stay focused on Him who loves all and will eventually be recognized and praised for who He is–even those who claimed they did not believe. Oh yes, the time is coming and will be upon us quickly when we will all stand before The Lord and be judged–not for what others have done, but for what we have done or not done that would promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With the wisdom of God deeply embedded into our hearts, we have all we need to make decisions about every area of our lives. With the love of God overflowing onto all, we have all we need to make life sweeter for all we meet.

There are some things we’ll never be able to change and there are some people who may never respond to the call of God to live as He lives in us and that will be their undoing. We have no control over what others do, but we do have control over what we do. When we stand before God, He will not ask us about other people and what they did, but He will call us to give account for all we have done since we came into the knowledge of who He really is. Those things we did for which we have repented will never be brought up to us by God for He forgives and tosses our sin into the sea of forgetfulness.

Our wonderful Father, who gives good gifts to all of His children--have no need to fear what the enemy is doing, but we need to be aware of the enemy’s influence in those who attempt to turn us away from believing in God and His ways. We are His children and we have access to all His many benefits–let’s receive and bring others into the fold so they, too, can enjoy His love and belonging to Him.


To Whom Shall We Go?

“Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life” (John 6:68 NASB).

Sometimes when people hear truth and truth pricks their conscience, they would rather leave the person who spoke truth so they will not have to face themselves. This is the case with many of those who followed Jesus. When He spoke truth about His origins and His relationship with The Father, they could not handle it. They could not comprehend what He was said about a “spiritual” truth and misunderstood what He said based on their “literal” or “concrete” knowledge. “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life” (6:63 NASB).

I have noticed that when I write truth, many who would follow cease to do so. I can only imagine that the truths that I write, prick their consciences and they would rather live under the assumptions of lies than deal with truth. What truth? The truth about living right before God. The truth about not re-defining or refuting what God has said. The truth about understanding the all of the Bible and not selectively determining that only certain passages of the Bible matter. I could go, but enough has been said for now.

I can only imagine how Jesus must have felt, but then He said He knew from the beginning who would follow and who would betray Him. I have often wondered why some choose to follow me; especially since my stance about God’s Word has not been cloaked with innuendo and falsehood, but clearly revealed. I clearly understand what Peter meant when He said, “but where can we go and retain eternal life” (my paraphrase). The answer is quite simply–we can not have eternal life apart from a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

If we are afraid of hearing truth or seeing truth–it can only mean that we are not living according to God’s truth–but man’s. People get angry and incensed when truth strikes a nerve and they are forced to deal with their lies or behavior they know is not condoned by God. Sin–when exposed–tends to ignite hatred in those who are committing the sin and they attempt to make everyone else the villain, not willing to confess or admit their wrongdoing.

It really does not matter whether they confess their sin or admit it to others–God knows and it is He who determines their final outcome. God does not send anyone to hell–hell, like behavior, is a choice we make when we choose to disobey or deceive others about God’s Word.

I choose to follow Truth and I would hope that those who follow me or friend me are on the same page of Truth as I am. But if people decide to “unfollow” me, I’ll continue to pray that Truth will prick their consciences so badly that they’ll have no other place to go, than to follow Jesus!

From Father to Daughters

June 2013

My Darling Daughters,

I have watched you for some time now and my heart grieves for you.  I know it’s not your fault and I know that you have done the best you can, with the life you’ve had.  All of the tragedies you suffered were not part of my plan for you.  My plans for you, were to bring you hope, a bright future, and all the joy and happiness you could handle.

What I have seen is men abusing and using you, making you feel worthless, when you are worthy of love—unconditionally.  Your body—my creation and gift to you—was meant to be cherished, not exploited by the media, fantasies of sick men and even sicker women.  Your body was meant to be beautified and appreciated by all who looked upon you, not detested and scorned.  I have dressed you with a beauty that cannot be found in a tube or a bottle, so why do you feel the need to expose all the parts of you meant to be seen by the wonderful man I had predestined to be yours?

My heart aches for all the pain you have endured at the hands of those who could not possibly know how much destruction they caused when they influenced you to thinking that you are just body parts, not part of a body that was meant to loved.  My heart is heavy every time I see men leer and lust after you when all I wanted was for men to see your beautiful spirit, not your partially clad skin.

Sometimes, I wish I could close my eyes and not see how you have been convinced that your body—my wonderfully, unique creation—is meant to be used as an instrument of torture when men and women stick all manner of objects in you and abuse you for their wicked pleasure.  I cannot bear to see your mouth, meant to praise me, used for the act solely meant for the purpose of procreation.  I cannot bear the pain I know you feel when men prod the parts of you meant to be used as a means of exit, not entrance.  I cannot bear the pain I see in your eyes, when your expectations of finding love are lost in the illusion of sexploits, in the pages of books, on the screens of television and movies, and in the music where you are constantly denigrated by those who have no clue as to how to love you.

Remember this, my darling daughters. I love you and would never use or abuse you because I Am Love and can do nothing else.  Learn to love yourself, as I love you, and watch all the wonderful things I had planned for you, come to pass.

Your Loving,

Heavenly Father

Increased Family

When the Lord tells us through Paul to “come out from among them and don’t touch the unclean thing,” what does He mean?

There have been some who claim that this means we’re not to associate with unbelievers.  That can’t be true since Jesus was constantly in the presence of those who were not of the same faith.  If we remove ourselves from those who do not believe as we believe, how then shall they be convinced to believe?

After considerable reflection upon those words from Paul to the church at Corinth, I am convinced that we are not to remove ourselves from those who have been caught up in sin or those who do not yet believe in our Risen Savior.  Paul is telling us that when some “fall back into sin” that we should not uphold them in their wrongdoing and do as they do.  We should live a life that shines so brightly that our lifestyles (not our tongues) will convict others and convince them to live a life that is totally pleasing to God. When we do this, then all will be received and “the family” increases and we obtain more brothers and sisters in the Lord.

I do not have a large “biological family” but I see increase, almost daily, in family growth.  I have met a number of “brothers and sisters from another mother” but we are united by the same Father in heaven.  Glory to God!  Increase!  Increase!  Getting to know my new brothers and sisters!  Hallelujah for increased family!