A Little Wrist Action Here!

“Casting our care onto Jesus!”

Those words through Peter sound so easy and yet, many of us, hold onto all those things that keep us from enjoying life to the fullest.

We hold onto to past hurts–with family, friends, business acquaintances,and from church folks.

We hold onto grief, never allowing the loss of a loved one to reconcile itself and begin the healing process.

We hold onto to anger against people who have probably forgotten what they did, if anything.

We hold onto worry–about bills, people, life issues over which we have no control.

If we could really “cast” our cares onto Jesus, we would get that reel ready, practice our swing, especially that wrist action and then let all of our cares rip through the air as we watch the end of the fishing line go far beyond our reach. That’s what it means to cast our cares upon Jesus. He can handle them when we can’t!

Remember to honor a veteran today and to cast all your concerns onto the One who has greater capacity to do something about them.