Finally Free

Finally Free

Today, I took the first step

One of many on my way

To being what God intended

No matter what others say.


Today, I took a deep long look

Within, without never flinching

At truth unfurled, my life’s book

Written in tears and pain,

And sometimes, blood stains

Caused by others and self-hatred

Deeply embedded and engrained

Into my soul, spirit, and mind

Taking its toll in life and relationships

Creating dark holes of nothingness

Trapped, no cage, bars or rope

Just loneliness, abandonment, with no hope,

Leaving me feeling unworthy

Of love and kindness and care

Daring to believe that love conquers all.


Today, I have shaken the shackles

That tried to bind me to a past

The devil hoped would last until

I moved from earth to heaven which is

Where I am bound—free to see

All the goodness in me, formed from the beginning

No matter what happened or how it turned to be

I know I am fearfully, uniquely, and wonderfully made,

With God going before me, He is more than enough

For me to conquer all past mistakes and woes

And live fully the life that He chose

For me from the beginning. Today, yes today,

I am finally free to live and love and hope,

No longer trapped by my past—

I am free at last!