How Grown-Ups Act!

Even small children are known by their actions, so is their conduct really pure and upright? Proverbs 20:11 NIV

In the midst of all the noise and clamor from the presidential candidates can we/do we hear the voice of any grown-ups? Do we see grown-up behavior or do we see children acting on impulses?

Children are very impulsive–it is the nature of their being–primarily because the frontal lobe of their brain is not fully developed. That development usually occurs somewhere between the age of 23-and 25. However, it would appear–even though our candidates are far beyond the age of 25, that frontal lobe development has been delayed–based on the impulse responses we see in them.

Just once–I’d like to see a political campaign unfold revealing specific policies and ideas from each candidate rather than personal attacks. The personal attacks–bringing up a person’s past that has nothing to do with the current situation–is how children respond to each other.

This is what I’d like to see (and based upon discussions with others, I’m not alone):

I’d like to see a candidate who is so secure in who they are and their capabilities, they would have no need to attack others.

I’d like to see adults respectfully disagree with others without resorting to childish tactics–like name-calling.

I’d like to see adults comport themselves as grown-ups–using grown-up vocabulary and demeanor.

We have spent so much time in our educational system–dumbing down that we hear it coming out of the mouths of those who think they should be in charge of running the country.

So, if children are known by their actions, can we say the same about the grown-ups? Actions do indeed speak loud and paint a clearer picture of who a person is and what we can expect from them. Now, are their actions pure and upright?

Are My Feet Too Small?

Are My Feet Too Small?

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD,
And He delights in his way. Psalm 37:23 NKJV

When a baby is born watchful parents take note of its growth–they watch how fast their feet grow, how much weight they gain and much longer they get. It’s really a little difficult to miss the growth of a baby since they need new clothes often and especially shoes by the time they start walking.

Sometimes, silly parents–of which I am one–when playing with children compare their hand size and feet size to them. Yes, I know, but it’s a fun game and kids get a kick out of it, watching how big their hands and feet get–compared to their parents.

However, there are some parents who take the game farther–sometimes out of reach of the child when they expect their children to keep up with them–either walking or in their endeavors in life. I hate seeing a mother dragging a toddler along, expecting them to keep up with when the child’s feet are too small and their stride too short to keep up with the mother. As they get older and parent gets more demanding–they expect things of a child that they are either too small to do or too immature to know how to do. This is especially true of parents (or grandparents) who expect a lot from teenagers. The frontal lobe of our brains are not fully developed until we’re about 23-25 years old. So, when we yell at teenagers about doing stupid things, it’s because they don’t know better in many cases. After all, we’re judging their actions by our experiences–experiences they have not had.

So, since God has ordered the steps of the righteous and delights in us–when we stumble and fall by the wayside is it because our feet are too small to stay on the path He has established? Or is it that–the steps He’s ordered are way too big for us to navigate? Either way, I think we can take an object lesson from looking at who He is and His expectations of us and how we treat kids. The physiology of a person may interfere with their maturity on a physical and moral level, but how long does it take us to develop into spiritually mature Believers? Do we make it  at 25 years-old and or is it much older? Some never make it because once they look at the size of their feet–and realize their feet may be too small–they take another path–one that usually leads to destruction.

God’s expectations of us are not too great–after all–He created us and He knows exactly when our feet will fit the path He’s established. The problem is–most of us don’t and so we sit back and complain, angry with God and the world because we have not realized what size our feet are.

I’ve often threatened my children and my students (figuratively) to put my size 10s up their hind parts if they didn’t get their act together and move towards succeeding in life. I’ve always been teased about having big feet, but when I realize just how awesome the path is that God wants me to travel, I know my feet need to grow some. My prayer for spiritual maturity is constant because every time I think I’ve made some progress, a challenge arises and I know, I haven’t made it yet.

God knows my foot size and the path He has established fits–I just have to figure out how to plant my feet firmly and not be moved by circumstances in order to continue the journey. How about you? Are your feet too small?