If We Believe Him, Let’s Live It!

If We Believe Him, Let’s Live It!

I lift up my eyes to the mountains–where does my help come from? My help comes from The Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1,2 NIV

We have to remember, when reading this passage of scripture, that when people were deceived and worshipped idols, they created their temples in the mountains, in the midst of the trees and held their secret acts of worship to the things which they created with their own hands. So, the question is–Where does my help come from?

My help comes from The Lord–not the things made by the hands of men, but from Him who created all things and without Him, nothing was ever created!

Now, if we really believe our help comes from The Lord, why don’t we live like we know it? When our bodies are wracked with pain, do we call on Him? And this is not to say we shouldn’t see doctors, but we should always ask God who we should see. The God of heaven, who walked the earth, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and making the lame to walk is the same God we say we believe today. If we believe Him, He can do the same thing He did before! He never changes, but we do. Where is our faith in Him?

Lord, we have doubted too long in Your ability to heal our bodies and to heal the land, but we’re taking a step today, to have faith in Your Word and we’re calling on You, Lord, to heal our land, and our bodies from head to toe. Lord, we’re looking to You to dissolve plaque from brain cells, renewing each one, restoring memories and abilities for all who love and are not ashamed to worship in the beauty of holiness and truth. Lord, we thank You for speaking wisdom to all who are in the position of making decisions for the masses; reveal to them who You are and create in them a heart to receive what You have to say and obey.

Lord, we thank You for being a just God and for giving us peace to accept whatever You desire in our lives. We thank for mercy and grace and forgiveness for all the wrongs we’ve ever done out of ignorance and disobedience. Lord we thank You for giving us another chance to enjoy Your love and to share our love for You with others that they, too will come to a place of total belief and faith in You. We need Your strength infused in us to keep doing things according to Your Word and we thank You for loving us enough to keep us headed in the right direction, on the path of righteousness.

We’re crying out to You, O God for there is no one else who can do the things You do: keeping our angels alert and watchful as we sleep and keeping us from harm. Allowing us to look beyond the faults of others and showing them mercy just as You have done to us. Thank You, for looking beyond our faults and providing our needs so we may continue to live this life, pleasing You.

In Jesus’ name we ask and thank You for the abundant blessings You pour out on us daily.


Just Give Thanks!

The last two weeks have been filled with “stuff” that didn’t need to be. But because God is who He is and I am His, I can still give thanks to Him for always being by my side.

It doesn’t matter that people didn’t do what they were supposed to do or what they said they would do, I was never alone and so I give thanks.

It doesn’t matter that some of the same people who claimed to know how to do things, didn’t do them–I still give thanks.

It doesn’t matter that those who complained the most did the least, I still give thanks.

In all things we should give thanks. And though things didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted them to–God knew and it was, what it was–all that He intended it to be.

I’m grateful for those who did do–what they supposed to do and what they said they would do. I’m grateful for the love of God, giving me strength to sustain energy to get it all done. I’m grateful for the joy He gives–even when we feel like frowning, He gives us a reason to smile.

Nothing is too hard for our God–even though our hearts may hurt over injustice, our bodies scream in pain fighting against the use of muscles we’d forgotten how to use and the joints that rebel over the extended use–necessary to accomplish all that needs to be done.

I’m suffering from brain-cell-leakage, today. Sinusitis, growing cataracts, distractions by the skin cell damage from the sun and too little sleep due to difficulty breathing while lying down. In all this, I am yet alive, giving thanks, just because–He didn’t have to wake me, but He did.

Now, I have another chance to encourage someone, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, love on someone who feels unloved, and to give these older bones a real work-out, exercising the ability to lift my hands in praise and just walk out my thanks, looking to Him, the author and finisher of my faith.

When it seems like nothing is working out the way you wanted it to work–just give thanks–for whatever it is and know that all things work together for our good–even if we can’t see it–God knows!