He’ll Work It Out!

“The LORD will work out his plans for my life—for your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever.Don’t abandon me, for you made me.” (Psalm 138:8 NLT)

Have you ever planned something–dinner, party, travel–and no matter how carefully you planned, there was still a glitch to upset your plans?

I’ve learned from experience that even though I plan with a checklist–there are some things we simply cannot anticipate–and that is why it is important to consult God about every aspect of our lives. When the glitches occur–He has the answer–when we listen.

But His plans for our lives–no matter how many glitches enter into the picture–will be fulfilled! The glitches that occur with His plans are us–when we choose to take another direction other than what He has planned. How do I know? I simply look back at my life and consider where I was headed and where I am now. Where I am now was part of His plans for my life from the beginning, I was just too obstinate to know it. So, when I think (and have actually asked Him), why I didn’t reach this place sooner, He reminds me of the choices I made that had nothing to do with Him.

He is such a gentleman! He never forces us to choose His path, and He will honor our choices–allowing us go against the grain for as long as we desire. When we finally reach the end of ourselves and understand that our plans–without Him–mean nothing, He’s right there–waiting to set us upon the path He wanted us on and if we listen carefully, we will see the results of His plans–that are far better than ours.

I know many people resist knowledge and belief in our Awesome God and go their own way and that’s okay. God sees and knows when we’ll turn back to Him and even when we won’t. I encourage all to look at their lives, think about whether or not their plans have worked well and then seek God and allow Him to have full control of the direction of their lives and reap His many benefits.

I have learned from experience that His plans are always better than mine and I love seeing His plans fulfilled in my life. He is so awesome and because of Him, so is my life–no matter what others may think–I have an awesome life because He is an Awesome God! He will work it out!