My Indoctrination to Salvation – A Much Needed Grace

What a reminder of just how good God is!

Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

grace enlightens darkness Psalm 18 28The only qualifications I have to write about God’s grace are from my own personal pride and arrogance. Now you may be thinking that doesn’t sound right but it actually is. You see for many years I was enamored with myself. I bought only the most expensive clothes, drove only the most expensive cars, and lived a life filled with self-adoration and conceit, assured that God was proud of all my accomplishments. Let me explain to you how grace found me.

Striking it rich at 24 years old in the oil business, my life was something akin to the 1956 movie Giant. At the time I had been in the ministry literally all my life. At 2 years old I was standing on the altar singing to the congregation in my dad’s church. At 8 years old I was preaching downtown to people waiting at bus stops and handing out…

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