Robots Don’t Whine!

Have you seen the latest editorial regarding the increase of the minimum wages?

Sometimes, before we start whining and complaining, we need to think about the repercussions of “getting what we want!”

While there was a national clamor to increase the minimum wage–especially for fast food workers to $15/per hour, not many gave a great deal of thought as to what the end results would be. And in case you didn’t think about it, let me provide you with a bit of an overview.

If workers receive $15/hour, how much of an increase will we see for the cost of a hamburger and fries?

And in Chicago (and possibly other cities), if a robot replaces the human worker, who really benefits from the wage increases?

Robots (or any other mechanical means) do not whine or complain.

Robots don’t come in late on a daily basis.

Robots don’t need medical benefits.

Robots don’t need vacation time.

And perhaps more importantly, robots don’t have an attitude (they’re not grumpy or out of sorts–don’t have bad days).

So, now which you rather have in the business of serving you? A robot or a disgruntled human being? It’s something to think about!

Personally, I love the interaction between us mere mortals, but I’m not paying through the nose for a hamburger. I’ll do more grocery shopping.