Are you tired yet?

“And let us not be weary (don’t get tired) in well-doing (doing right); for in due season we shall reap (get what is due us), if we faint not (give up)” Galatians 6:9

I have probably used this passage of scripture again, but it warrants another look.

We are promised in The Word that whatever we sow, that is what we shall have.  So I encourage everyone today to “sow good seed” so that all you get back–your harvest–is good fruit.

If you have been loving the unlovable and nothing appears to be changing–don’t quit–sometimes it takes time for the seed of love to blossom and flourish.

If you have faithful in rendering service to others and it appears that the more you do, the more someone expects–don’t quit–the seed of service takes time, but nourish and watch it bloom.

If you have committed to helping others in their time of need, don’t stop–the seed will develop into an army of help when you need it.

If you have attempted to do everything by the book (The Word), but nothing appears to be working–don’t quit–God is faithful to His Word and His promises to us are “yes” and “amen”.  Your faith has not been exercised in vain–He will bring it all to pass.

We all get tired of doing the right thing when we see others “appearing to prosper” doing the wrong things, but that’s the appearance of things, not the reality.  The reality is that God’s Word is true.  Sometimes, we have to just water, and nurture what we have carefully planted in order to see the growth or yield and that takes time.  So don’t get tired and quit–just patiently wait–and we shall have what we have sown.