Somewhere Out There!

Somewhere out there in the universe is the pathway to seeing all of God’s promises fulfilled in this lifetime.

“We must work, while it is day because when night comes–no one can see enough to get anything done.” (Paraphrased)

If we do not do everything while we have an opportunity to do it–while we yet have breathe in our bodies and the use of our limbs, when we are dead–our darkness has come–it will be too late.

Since death does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, or ethnicity, none of us are exempt from leaving here–the planet earth–at any time. Even though I plan to live until I’m ninety-five; I have no idea what God’s plans for me are–as to when He’ll call me home. So, I’ve made up my mind, that no matter what happens, there is an avenue by which I can reach all of my goals and fulfill God’s plans (with ministry) before it’s time for me to go. Somewhere out there-on planet earth, there are people who are in position to do what must be done–God is speaking to hearts and I pray that those He is speaking to are listening.

None of us were intended to live a life in isolation and we are all supposed to help one another (“Be helpers of one another”); especially those in the body of Christ. So, I’ll wait to hear from those He has spoken to on my behalf.  I know you’re out there–somewhere. But don’t wait too long to respond to His voice. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and if I’m sure you don’t want to miss being a blessing to others.

God bless you richly for being obedient and doing all He puts upon your heart to do–for whoever He says to do it for or with. He is also speaking to someone on your behalf and I pray all are listening and willing to do–because somewhere out there–there are those who hold the keys to blessings meant to overflow and overtake all who are in need.


Just One Thing!

If there was just “one” thing you could do to make a difference in the world, what would it be?

Would you feed the hungry?

Would you house the homeless?

Would you establish world peace?

Would you stop all the hatred in the world?

Would you encourage everyone to love one another?

Would you create riches for everyone?

Would you provide a quality education for every child?

Would you abolish gun manufacturing?

Would you create a potion to stop child molestation and abuse?

Would you create a mandate for “parent training” or licensing?

Would you supernaturally find a cure for all terminal diseases?

Would you encourage independent thinking and reward those for their consideration of mankind over personal gain?

Would you create a society of people who understood right and wrong and lived a righteous life?

Would you promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Would you share a testimony as to how good God is?

Would you share this post with others, just to make them “think” about just one thing?

While you’re thinking about that one thing, have a blessed day!