When Hidden Things Are Revealed!

Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we do not lose heart. But we have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them. 2 Corinthians 4:1-4 NKJV

What ministry do we have? We have the ministry of the Holy Spirit reigning in our lives, dwelling in our hearts, and leading us along the path of righteousness–if we are willing to hear Him.

It is because of Holy Spirit ministering to our spirits that we have renounced, given up and now avoid those things that bring shame to us and who we serve. We are no longer walking in darkness, doing the bidding of the evil one, nor are we blinded by his influence, but the shutters have been removed with the Truth of the Gospel and hope in Jesus Christ so we can see–in His marvelous light–the path He desires us to take.

When we know truth, we can walk in truth and speak truth, confidently–to everyone we meet or has a question regarding our faith. There is nothing hidden in what we do–we have no hidden agendas since our desire is to please God and preach Christ crucified for our sake. We no longer have to hide behind lies and deceitfulness or deception because our lives are an open book and we are ready for inspection and to be read by any who dare to want to know Truth.

If how we live is not an open book that others can read with clarity, then we have neglected the gift that is in us and are quenching Holy Spirit from operating in our lives. We don’t have to grin in anguish to hide our feelings, nor do we have to hide our joy and exaltation because of the joy of the Lord rising in us. We can be open about our feelings about the state of the world and in doing so–promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ so everyone will have a benchmark to use to measure our words. If our words do not align with the Word of God, then we must examine ourselves to see what hidden thing yet abides within us.

We love and not hate, we help and not hinder. We are compassionate, not dispassionate. We love the light rather than the deeds of darkness. We are imperfect, flawed human beings who understand our shortcomings and stand ready to receive correction and instruction from the only Wise God through Holy Spirit. We are confident, not arrogant about our relationship with God. We have no need to lie or deceive since doing so would represent Satan and not Jesus Christ. We understand who our Father is and will not serve another. We have no hidden agenda–our openly disclosed agenda–to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ is widely known and we will not keep silent nor will we allow the influence of the enemy to deter us–no matter what fiery darts are launched our way.

The hidden things that kept us from receiving God’s best in our lives are no longer hidden, but revealed as we move through this journey, sharing our experiences and God’s love for all. This is what happens when the hidden things are revealed–we can openly confess our love for God and receive His many benefits.

Open Our Eyes, Lord!

Open Our Eyes, Lord!

Open my eyes to see
the wonderful truths in your instructions. Psalm 119:18 NLT

In truth, sometimes the blind

See more though their natural eyes

Are seemingly shuttered–from all

Things beautiful and ugly–protecting

Their judgment and promoting imagination

Discerning truth from deep within.

It is amazing–no astounding–how so many people who see with their natural eyes are blinded to truth because of their emotional unrest. When emotions blind us to truth and we proceed based upon the lie built from chemical imbalance–that coating of brain cells that keeps us from connecting truth to the obvious–we create situations that don’t to be.

Throughout the bible, for those of us who read with understanding, we see God’s Truth constantly being ignored by those who were supposed to know Him, yet promoted a truth of their own–which was a lie. Any time we change truth we can see to a truth we misunderstand–we lie. We cannot change God’s Truth in favor of our own truth when His Truth is written and available for all to see–who wish to see.

By the same protocol of assessing truth, we can apply this to any other areas of our lives in which written information is accessible to all, but unfortunately, not all have adequate reading comprehension. And because they lack appropriate comprehension skills, they change the written truth–observed by all–into their own truth and then become antagonistic when their truth is revealed–a lie.

I’ve tried to be optimistic about a situation in which I’m involved as a volunteer, but it’s getting really hard to continue this course. When people allow their misguided emotions to govern in every area of their life and refuse to hear and acknowledge truth from others–the only thing that results from it is drama. I watch scripted drama on television–selectively and I refuse to live drama when there is no need for it. So this morning when I prayed, I asked The Lord to reveal to me in His Word how to proceed. The above-referenced scripture is His answer to me–we must be willing for Him to open our eyes to see the wonderful truths in His instructions and instructions from other venues.

A word of caution to those who love truth–expect the enemy to blind the minds of those who have an agenda other than doing what should be done to promote the betterment of anything in which we’re involved. Stand firm on the truth and provide documentation for the stance you take and never allow the enemy to change who you are. Even when ugliness raises its head, combat the ugliness of lies and emotional impairment with truth–straight up without a chaser. It will sting and sometimes, truth will cause people to run in the other direction sounding false alarms, but stand on truth anyway–knowing The Lord is your shield against the fiery darts of the enemy.

Father, in the name of Jesus, cast the scales from our eyes so we may see truth and all of its many benefits and help us to stand firm on truth, no matter what the enemy does to deter us. Guide and direct us to seek assistance for those areas in our lives in which we lack skills and aptitude so we may glorify You in all we do–with a goal of excellence–laced with Your Truth.

Why Wisdom Calls From The Wall!

Why Wisdom Calls From The Wall!

Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech: “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? Repent at my rebuke! Then I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make known to you my teachings.” Proverbs 1:20-23 NIV

When people do evil deeds–behind the scenes–and think they will never be discovered, their hidden agenda is exposed and known to all. But Wisdom calls aloud–openly for all to hear so there is no mistake about what she says and when wisdom is ignored, chaos and confusion usually abound.

The walled cities of old were built with space for those who were watching over the city to alert of any dangers to walk around the entire city–on top of the walls. The elevation of course was a means for sound to carry far and for the watchmen to see danger coming from a distance. This is one of the reasons why we are told about the watchman through Ezekiel–and God holding the watchman responsible for not alerting the people to danger when they saw danger coming. Basically the way it reads is this: If we are warned of danger and ignore the warning, then our calamity (bloodshed) is on our hands. If we are not warned of impending danger, then the calamity (bloodshed) is on the watchman’s hands.

Have we been warned of calamity by those given watch over us who know The Word and see the impending danger? Are we heeding the warnings or are we ignoring them? Do we even know who the watchman is in our lives?

The watchmen–all who give warnings about impending dangers based upon The Word–are those who spread The Word and the warnings about living in opposition to The Word. Most people look to their pastors or church leaders to be their watchman, but unfortunately, too many church leaders are ignoring the danger and actually succumbing to popular opinion and political correctness–in lieu of obeying The Word. The calamity that falls upon all who listen to them will be on their hands.

But all is not lost! There are many watchmen–in cyberspace and other physical places who are not afraid to speak God’s Truth and will warn and have warned of the dangers of succumbing to popular opinion and political correctness that does not align with God’s Word. When people ignore those telling the truth, the calamity they are bound to experience is on them, not those who sounded the alarm.

And this is why wisdom speaks openly from the top of the wall–to be heard–not ignored, not ashamed of speaking truth–sounding the alarm when impending danger is sighted. But fools and mockers ignore wisdom in order to enjoy their folly and they are caught in their own snares, they call for help, but no help is near.

When we choose to ignore warnings of impending danger and do what we want to do instead of obeying God, He will not hear us–unless we repent of our wayward behavior. Wisdom is on the wall, speaking openly, not hiding like those who plan evil. Listen and obey!