The Things He’ll Do!

And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them” (Isaiah 42:16).

God lets us know that no matter what our condition has been, He will change it for our good, because of His love for us.

The blind (physically and spiritually) have difficulty navigating known ways; especially if they cannot anticipate obstacles or barriers. Through Isaiah, God promises to bring the blind by a way they have never known and they will not stumble because of unknown barriers or obstacles. When we allow God to lead us–in life–no matter what happens, we will not stumble, but find our way.

He will make darkness “dissipate” because of the Light of His love and we will be able to see clearly where we are headed. The Light of His love will warm our hearts and open our “spiritual” eyes so we can see what is ahead of us.

However the crooked the path may have been that would cause us to stumble and fall, He will make it straight. The path of temptation to do what is wrong, always twists and turns and makes it seem impossible for us to get back on the right path, but God–who loves us without measure–will straighten the pathway and make sure we stay on it because He never leaves us.

Through Holy Spirit–we are given guidance and direction to help us navigate the paths of life without stumbling because He is our promise–our comforter, always with us. These are things God says He will do for those who are blind so they will not be left out of the promise for an eternity with Him.

For those who can see–physically and spiritually–we have no excuse as to why we cannot stay on the path He has set us upon. We can see–when the enemy rises his ugly head and tempts people beyond measure. We can see–the twists and turns in the road that hinder our success when we allow it to do so. We can see the light of day, every day, and any darkness in our lives comes only when we choose to walk in darkness, forsaking the Light.

God has made it clear through His Word what He’ll do for us as a demonstration of His love for us: Move darkness out our way, make us the head and not the tail, cause everything we do to prosper when we obey, blessings will overtake us and spill over onto everyone we meet, we will be victorious in all things and the list could go on.  Now the question is–what will we do to demonstrate our love for Him?

Lord, help us to remember how much You love us and create in us a heart of gratitude for all You do.  Help us to stay on the paths You have established for us so we may accomplish all that You have designed for us to do. In Jesus’ name we thank You. Amen!