Position Clarity!

Position Clarity!

It is not my desire to mislead or deceive anyone about what I believe.

I am a “True Born-Again Believer” in The Word of God–not man’s religions or positions–especially when they oppose God’s intent for mankind and my relationship with Him cannot be shaken by anything mere mortals do or say. 

Being “pro-choice” is not embracing or embellishing killing unborn babies. It is an acknowledgement–that God gives–choice. We make choices and deal with the consequences of our choices–whatever they are. But I will not impose my beliefs or thoughts upon anyone who wants to “choose” differently.

I know because of observations and excellent reading comprehension skills that President Obama is not responsible for the debt he inherited and I resent the allegations that he is. A war–ignited by a Republican president–is responsible for the debt. If we’re going to execute/implement God’s Word in our daily lives; we must be willing to practice all Of His Word–not just the portions that appeal to us. The greatest commandment–given by Jesus is that we learn to love–unconditionally. That does not mean we promote sin, but love the sinner–so they’ll see Jesus in us–and want to change the direction of their lives.

The party of obstruction–the do-nothing party that has been angry for over eight years–simply because of the color of the President’s skin, needs to get over their bias and look in the mirror–and see truth for themselves. The Republican party has done nothing but get in the way–especially when they won’t even allow a vote to be taken–probably fearful of the outcome of the outcome.

And if love–“perfect love casts out fear,” why are they using fearmongering tactics to convince and persuade anyone to do anything?

The Evangelical Leaders who support bigotry, hatred, fearmongering and narcissism do not speak for me and I would hope, they don’t speak for anyone who has a relationship with Christ. God speaks to me through Holy Spirit, guides me in His Word to confirm what He says, and gives me the courage to stand on what He has said to me. No party politics will ever dictate my decisions about anything since none of the platforms will provide a heaven or hell for me.

Hmm! Is that clear enough?

Still praying for America–that God’s Wisdom will guide every voter, not party affiliations or hopes in a mere mortal.