Wickedness and Strange Weather!

Fools mock at making amends for sin, but goodwill is found among the upright. Proverbs 14:9 NIV

The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish. Proverbs 14:11 NIV

There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. Proverbs 14:12 NIV

The faithless will be fully repaid for their ways, and the good rewarded for theirs. Proverbs 14:14 NIV

The wise fear the LORD and shun evil, but a fool is hotheaded and yet feels secure. Proverbs 14:16 NIV

Whoever loves a quarrel loves sin; whoever builds a high gate invites destruction. Proverbs 17:19 NIV

No matter how many times or how many ways we see in God’s Word the warnings about sin, some still tend to ignore the consequences.

In fact, our society has become mockers of sin because they do not believe that sin has consequences simply because they don’t believe God. The truth is about to overtake us and many will see what sin achieves.

God is not blind, deaf or forgetful. He does not change His Word or His intent for mankind simply to appease the whim of men’s thinking. Everything He called sin, is still sin and no matter what men and women do–sin in God’s sight is still sin.

The problem is people tend to mistake lust for love and think God is fooled. God is love and He knows better than any of us what love does and what love does not do. Love is not lust and lust is not love.

Love only wants the best for all involved yet lust only wants to satisfy a feeling for the moment.

Love steers people onto the path of doing the right thing at all times.

Lust steers emotion and physical need along the path of satisfaction at any cost.

The bottom line that many may not want to acknowledge is that in the end, God has the last word and when we refuse to accept correction and get back on the path of righteousness, He removes His hand of protection and we get what we get.

The unusual weather is simply a sign of God’s displeasure with our behavior and greed. When making money is more important than preserving resources, we have problems as we see with the effects of global warming.

The disregard for the safety for the vulnerable is about to explode and the courts will be filled with lawsuits, but lives will be changed forever because of a few who chose not to see the danger of not thinking or seeking the wisdom of God.

Whenever we choose to ignore God and do what we want to do, subscribing to that old adage, “If it feels good, do it,” we open the door to the evil that is constantly lurking on the other side.

How do we avoid the consequences of sin? That’s easy. We seek God and obey His Word and promote His goodness to others. It’s not rocket science; it is simply living by faith in His Word.


His Love Endures

“O give thanks to the God of Heaven, His love endures forever.” (Psalm 136:26 NIV).

Many times people think they know all there is to love–even though they are often confusing love with lust–and wonder how we end up with songs like, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” by popular artists.

I was listening to a television show a few days ago and my thoughts were arrested by something a character said. She said, “A person can be in love with as many people as they want to love at any moment in time regardless of gender.” This was said to justify her attraction to both males and females. My immediate reaction to that statement was to reflect upon the difference between love and lust. One of the tools Satan is using to confuse people is the misunderstanding about these two issues. In a later episode of the show, “Bones” she breaks up with the woman or rather the female breaks up with her and she marries a male character–supposedly in love.

Lust is a matter of attraction that appeals to and engages the flesh–purely sexual in nature and is all about satisfying an immediate desire, usually in the lower regions of the body.

Love is a matter¬† of emotional engagement when the heart is engaged–the upper regions of the body, not the lower. A person can love without physical involvement of a sexual nature, but lust demands satisfaction at any cost.

But when we really understand God’s love–the love that endures forever–we can know love and understand that “real love” has little to do with fleshly desire of any kind.

Real love seeks to serve, comfort, protect, direct, guide, and correct the object of one’s affection. Parents (good ones) love their children enough to provide for them, teach them, correct and model a loving relationship that endures–no matter what. Are there perfect children? No, there are no perfect children because there are no perfect people, but we keep trying.

Real love in a relationship exists whether sexual involvement exists or not. If that were not so, then every time spouses are separated for any period of time, they would be subjected to “not loving” until they were able to satisfy their urges.

An urge, a tickling, a feeling–lasts but for a moment, but love lasts beyond the moment. Until we can convince kids–those actively involved in sexual activity–that what they feel is lust and not love, we lose entire generations to the depraved influence of Satan who could care less about misuse of bodies, or diseases and deaths caused by sexual promiscuity. And this is why many kids and adults feel that “urge” can be satisfied by anyone, indiscriminately.

We, who are in relationship with God and understand how He wants us to live, need to use every available avenue to encourage others to live a life that is pleasing to Him–with lifetime benefits–rather than giving into urges for momentary pleasure. God is love and He has provided for us the platform for engaging in sexual activity within the institution of marriage. If love exists in the relationship–lust will not be an issue, but will be satisfied as God intended.

Like so many other people, I’ve often thought I was “in love” with others, but now I know the difference and can say it was “in lust” not love. I do know love and that love includes the love for my husband, my children, family and friends–the love that lasts a lifetime.

Encourage someone today to know God’s love and allow His love to lead them to enduring happiness, that will last for more than a moment. His love endures forever!

Unfailing Love!

“the LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.” (Psalm 147:11 NIV)

As we approach the day many celebrate as a demonstration of their love for another (Valentine’s Day), we see that God’s unfailing love is not like our “temporary interest” love.

Of course His love for us is not “Eros” but “Agape” and God’s love cannot be measured in time or by our standards. His love towards us–is infinite, immeasurable, enduring, no matter what. He did not “fall in love” with us, so there’s no falling out of love with us–as we do with others. He simply–loves us!

The Lord delights in those who have a “reverential” fear (hold Him in reverence as an authority in their lives) and know that His love–will never fail. Do we dare have that kind of love for any other human being? I think not! Human beings do not have the capacity that God has to love us–no matter what we do.

The problem with our society and its understanding of love is that it has confused the word “love” with “lust” and this is why “romantic” relationships–sometimes flounder. We are attracted to other people because of one attribute or another, but it is primarily based upon our reaction to people that is stirred below the waist, not a heart-response. That is the lust in us for another.

The “romantic” relationship that begins with the heart (and no other body part involved) is the one that is more like God’s love towards us and it means we love the person simply because we are to love them–whether we like what they do or not. Let’s face it–none of us are perfect and we all have our shortcomings and habits that may annoy someone. But are the habits and shortcomings enough for us to “stop loving” the other? When we understand God’s love towards us and allow His love to fill us to overflowing, that love should be overflowing onto everyone we come into contact and when the heart connects to another heart of like-minded interests, the love should stand the test of time and strengthen the relationship.

So, while planning the perfect celebration for your love interest, make sure your love is based upon The Word of God, you have received His unfailing love, and you are in a position to hear Holy Spirit to have the very best celebration that demonstrates your unfailing love. When we do things God’s way, He delights in us and gives us the desires of our hearts–even to overflowing, unfailing love, coming our way!


“If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God.” (I John 4:15 NIV)

We find the word “if” in the Kings James Version in 1420 verses of scriptures, 1455 verses in the New Kings James Version and in 1522 verses in the New International Version, 1681 verses in the New Living Translation,1507 verses in English Standard Version, and this could continue with variations in each translation. Logicians, mathematicians, and others, often use “if/then” propositions or transpositions to explain the conditional, inferential, and consequences of events.

For instance, “if there is a fire, then oxygen must be present.” We know this because without oxygen being present,¬† there is no fuel for the fire and when cooking, we can smother flames by cutting off the supply of oxygen (simple example).

If we do good, then we can expect rewards when the understanding premise is a reward for good.

Now, think back to how many times we see the “if” in a verse of scripture that includes a “then” premise.

What we must remember is that when God tells us to do something, He has a reason for it. If we abide in Him, then (inferred) we can ask whatever we will and obtain it (John 15).

We tell our children that if or when they do certain things, then there will be a consequence (positive or negative) for them doing it. Our model of behavior is The Word of God for if we study The Word, then we shall know how to conduct ourselves and know what to expect and there will be no surprises.

If Supreme Court Justices defy The Word of God in their deliberations, then we can expect to see all kinds of negative, destructive consequences occur in the atmosphere and we shall also see depravities of all types appealed through this same judicial body. I am not their judge, but because I know their Judge, I am confident in saying, “no good thing will come from any decision that opposes God’s Will for anyone.”

If we who are called by His name, will humble ourselves and pray, seek His face, and repent from our sins, then He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14 paraphrased). If we don’t, then we can expect to see great destruction in the land, by the hands of the enemy who, though they know not the truth, but will be used by God to accomplish His Will. The events will simply be a result of God being God and allowing us to receive the consequences of our actions.

I am not a doomsday prophet, but I know The Word and I know that God is the same today, as He was in years gone by. He does not change nor does the intent of His Word change, but man changes it to accommodate the lusts of their flesh and all will suffer the consequences of those who are carnally minded, and spiritually minded.

God help us all!

Truth That Endures Forever!

“The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever.” (Psalm 119:160 NKJV)

God’s Word–all of it–from beginning to end is the truth and the truth that must be understood is that each time God spoke to people, He had a specific reason for saying what He said–to those who He was talking, during the time, He was speaking to them.

His decrees, judgments–whatever someone wants to call them–have enduring power and since they do not change, they will be the same as from the beginning until the end.

Jesus–God in the flesh–came to fulfill The Law–of sacrifice for repentance of sin. He did not come to change what God has said and He said, that He could only say what the Father said. Now, we need to see this very clearly. If we believe that God came to earth in the “likeness of sinful flesh” then we would have to understand that since He established His Word, He would not change it–simply because of a change in appearance.

How does Jesus fulfill The Law–by becoming the ultimate sacrifice for the remission of sin. There is no longer any reason for “sacrifices of animals or grain” to be made. The only thing that He expects from us is to fulfill the commandments of Love–Loving Him with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and Loving one another as we love ourselves.

When we love Him–we will obey Him. When we love others–we will not cause them harm; especially if we know how to love ourselves. The love that is referenced in the Bible is not lust and we know that lust is the reason that people sin against God; their fleshly dictates overrule any desire to please God. For The Word has said, we cannot serve two masters–God of heaven and the god of the this world. Either we function in the spirit or in the flesh. We either do what God says or allow man to manipulate what we do. It is an “either” “or” proposition–submit to God or submit to man.

I choose to submit my ways and thoughts to God so I can receive the benefits and results that God has chosen.

When we learn to make a distinction between love and lust, affiliation with religion and relationship with God, we will hopefully see the need to have a relationship with God rather than affiliation with religion and then–only then–will we see a change in the environment with weather patterns, violence, and unrest, as we return to enjoying the “peace of God” on a daily basis. His peace, surpasses all understanding–is greater than all of man’s wisdom. For if we claim to have wisdom and it is not the wisdom of God, we actually have nothing.

This is a Truth–based upon God’s Word–that will endure forever!

Lust and Pride!

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. (I John 2:16)

John continues to write to the Body of Christ, from the isle of Patmos, in the same manner in which the Gospel of John is written–up close and personal.

In the first part of this passage of scripture, we see the love of Christ in the words he uses to specifically address all in the churches. He states, “I write to the children (those new in the faith), I write to the fathers who have known (those with experience with the love of Christ and will of the Father), I have written to those who are strong in the faith” (tried by experience and overcame) [I John 2:13,14 paraphrased]. Why care so much about those in the church? John wanted to remind people that although their sins had been forgiven, they should not get caught up in the ways of the world, for it they did, they would fall again into wickedness.

Now, notice he did not say–don’t love the people in the world; he said, don’t love the world (the ways of those who don’t know The Lord). And then he explains why–the lust and pride that leads people astray. Lust–intense and uncontrolled sexual desire; overwhelming cravings that dictate behavior. Pride–having an inordinate opinion of self and one’s own superiority.

When we refuse to exercise discipline in a Godly manner, our behavior lacks self discipline and people end up doing whatever they want to do–to gratify selfish desires, without regard for others. When we think that we are superior to others and we are not, we set ourselves up for failure because we are not willing to admit, we do not know everything there is to know and we refuse to learn from others. These are the two greatest obstacles that leave many suffering, on the path of self-destruction.

Uncontrolled sexual behavior leads to diseases, emotional upheaval, mental instability, and shortened lifespans.

Feelings of superiority lead to wars, confusion, and chaos–the ego leads to destructive behavior.

The warning from John–don’t get caught in the things of the world that have nothing to do with doing the will of the Father. There is no sustaining victory in life apart from God. What some might experience–is a temporary situation at best–and permanent destruction at the other end of the spectrum.

Love the people of the world–unconditionally, but don’t get caught up in the world’s way of doing things because of misplaced desires and cravings and feelings of superiority. The Word tells us that when a person thinks more highly of themselves that they should, they have only deluded themselves–not those who can see–clearly–what force is guiding them. Shake off the shackles of lust and pride and receive the love of God and know victory in Jesus!