A Little Perspective

A Little Perspective

With all of the Executive Orders limiting and quarantining people–all over the world–and especially in the United States, people are grumbling.

CEOs are grumbling about losing money in businesses–the sports arena, airlines, children and parents are grumbling, every market that contributes to the economy is grumbling because of the attempt by many leaders to save lives–from a destructive virus that does not discriminate and then we have an occupant in the WH who chose not to recognize and deal with the situation earlier than he did. But this isn’t about him, it’s about us–the everyday, working Americans who have apparently taken the privileges (to get into cars and drive where we want to go, when we want to go, and do what we want, when we want to do it), we have as a right.

There are hungry children all over the world. There are adults struggling with lack of job skills, addictions and apathy. There are homeless people living in parks, dumpster diving to eat, sleeping in public toilets so they have someplace to wash their face. There are people who have job skills and can’t find jobs. There are companies who won’t hire specific groups of people and have wage caps that won’t allow a person to save for a rainy day.

Well that rainy day has come and it’s been raining for four weeks now with no sign of a let up, yet. Why? Because of that pesky virus that’s killing people and since we weren’t prepared to contain it or stop it, here we are–on lockdown–except for going out for essential needs–food and medicine. And here is where things get really crazy. The grumbling by folks who yet have lives to live–angry because they can’t travel to their homes up north, or have their landscapers cut their lawns (they can do it themselves, but that’s too much to expect of the privileged, right?) or they can’t go to the salon or the barber or get their nails done or do some spring painting or plant gardens. Really? Did anyone see the statement about lives lost?

Over 200,000 thousand people have contracted the virus in America and 20 thousand have lost their lives. In order to minimize any further loss of life, governors–primarily–have issued executive orders asking people to stay at home, away from large gatherings so they limit contact with others who might be carrying the virus. And what do silly people do? Complain and grumble.

I wonder what they would do if someone had started a war and over half of the nation’s buildings were destroyed, banks, hospitals, stores, farmland–everything. The homes in the Hamptons, and Martha’s Vineyard and further north in Michigan–all desolated and the beaches demolished with contaminated water. What good would privilege do anyone then? There is no food to be found, no water to drink and the air is polluted with contaminates from exploding bombs. What would we do then? There is no shelter other than a partially standing wall here and there, and masses are huddled wondering which way to turn or fearful if they’ll be attacked for the shreds they now call clothes. The rats are thriving, but there is little animal life left and people are hungry. What will they do?

We are not in that situation but there are people in other countries who are and they’re too busy trying to survive to complain. So why can’t we do the same? We need to take another look at ourselves and see this situation from a different perspective. We may be doing without our favorite restaurant or getting gussied up or entertaining friends and families, but what we have, that the dead don’t have is–another chance to live our lives, if we practice social distancing and abide by the executive orders of those who are simply trying to keep us safe. If we don’t have life, having a job won’t matter, flowers and vegetable gardens won’t matter, homes in other places won’t matter, none of it will matter if we are dead.

So, do everyone that’s left a favor–practice social distancing and give us all a chance to live until the next pandemic (for it will come), but let’s learn from this one how to survive and thrive, while we can. Think about it, with a little more perspective other than not being able to live our “privileged lives” having everything we want.

A New Chapter For $5

A New Chapter For $5

I’m embarking upon a new chapter in my life, right now, instead of in 2020. Some time ago (2017), I said I was going to run for President in 2020 because I know I could do a better job than the person in the White House right now. Well, reality sunk in when I realized it would cost far more money than I had a network to raise–roughly $67 million.

Last summer I campaigned for our Governor and a number of other candidates who won their election. In January of 2019, I decided to run for a City Council seat in my family town. A number of people thought it was a great idea and pledged to support my run. Many have followed through and have been very supportive and I hope, all will help me cross the finish line in November.

Until then, political campaigns cost money and again, I face the reality that one of the reasons many politicians win elections is because they either have money or access to money. I’m a retired educator with limited resources, but a big heart and strong passion for helping people. I’ve been in public service for most of my life–volunteering or working for non-profits. I know what it means to serve the public.

Now, I stand in need of financial support and most of the people I will be representing are just as strapped for cash as I am, so I’m running a campaign with a request for $5. If enough people contribute $5 (or more), I’ll reach my goal of $5000 which will pay for campaign literature and yard signs. I’m not too proud to beg, hence, I’m writing this blog to capture the hearts of those who understand my quest. I’m not seeking fame or fortune, but an opportunity to help a number of people by being a voice for them on our City Council. Will you help with a $5 donation? I don’t want to have any debt hanging over me when this election is over so I need to make sure I can pay for everything as I need it.

Thanks for considering my political run and donating $5, even if you don’t live in my little family town. Every dollar raised will be used to win this election so the people can be heard–through me. Everyone who has given, has received a hand-written note of thanks from me. Anyone who is a US Citizen can contribute no matter where they live.

Thanks again for the $5!



Democracy Undermined By GOP!

Democracy Undermined By GOP!

It’s bad enough to know that Republicans can only win an election when they cheat–by various means–gerrymandering, voter suppression and now–inhibiting the ability of incoming, newly elected Democrats–subverting the will of the people.

First, it was North Carolina–when remaining GOP legislators–deliberately and with malicious intent, passed legislation to keep the new Governor from having full authority of the office of his job. Jealousy and hatred ruled and apparently, set the stage for other states to follow their odious example.

Now, after the 2018 Mid Terms, Wisconsin, Michigan, and perhaps, Pennsylvania and Utah are experiencing similar issues with corrupt, un-American, Republicans who disdain our democracy.

If and when outgoing governors–sign these bills into law–limiting the authority of incoming governors–they are traitors to their state and to the democracy that most of value. In a democracy, the rule of the people–when they vote–should be honored and respected. The people, by their vote–voiced their choice in who they wanted to govern them. Anyone else interfering with that process is guilty of violating constitutional rights of the people and infringing upon the rights of elected officials –curtailing their ability to do their job–govern for all the people.

This is beyond shameful, but so indicative of hate-filled, bigoted people. The once respected Republican party has become a party of disingenuous zealots who only care about controlling people, not the people themselves.

Rick Scott–in Wisconsin–will bear the shame and tainted legacy he leaves.

Rick Snyder–in Michigan–who has already left many with dubious thoughts about him because of the Flint water situation–will also bear the shame and leave a further tainted legacy when he leaves. It’s a shame and embarrassment to the Republican party and it should leave a really sour taste in the mouths of all who support this kind of subversion of elections.

I believe this behavior is a concerted, planned ploy by the Republican Governors Association (RGA) to deny incoming elected officials their right to govern and in the case in Michigan, we know Republicans are angry that the top positions elected will now be held by women–and like the misogynists they are–they’re trying to control what the women do–as if they need babysitters.

The people of Wisconsin are fighting back, just like those in North Carolina (on the heels of re-doing their election because of election fraud) and those of us in Michigan, will not lay down and let repulsive Republicans get away with this effort to thwart the voters. In our democracy–we have a constitutional right to choose who we want to govern us and the fact that there are those who choose to “rampantly push through legislation out of spite” during lame duck sessions–reveal how much they hate our democracy.

Those supporting repressive and probably illegal practices of subverting a voter’s constitutional right to choose who they want to govern, should be sanctioned and never allowed to hold public office, anywhere.

The People–in every state–have a right to choose who governs them and how they choose to do so, not the outgoing legislators–passing dubious bills–limiting authority of duly elected leaders.

It’s Time To Fight Back, America

In Every State That Tries To Deny

The Rights Of Duly-Elected Leaders!

We Need To Outlaw Lame Duck Legislation That Interferes With The Authority of In-coming Leaders!

I’m In–Are You?

Write, call, fax, email, tweet your legislators who are trying to interfere with the democratic process and let them know, you’re paying attention and you will make sure they’re never elected for anything, ever again. This behavior is fraudulent and they should all be sued for “subverting democracy and the constitutional rights of voters.” Check your state’s government websites for contact information for your legislators and get busy. I’ve been involved in the protest in the capitol in Lansing, emailing, faxing, and calling, and tweeting the legislative leaders and the governor. We must stand up and fight back, if we’re to maintain our democracy.

Our Vote Is Our Voice And It Matters!

Protesters at Michigan Capitol–I’m on the end “live streaming” event.

Get Involved!

New Day, Old Lies!

New Day, Old Lies!

For those living in Michigan–time to pay attention!

Yesterday, I was out with a team of volunteers collecting signatures for Gretchen Whitmer–to get her on the ballot–in a very public place where I met people from Pennsylvania, Canada, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Missouri, Massachusetts, and a number of different counties in MI. Where was I? Eastern Market in Detroit!

There I stood at the foot of the ramp of the bridge crossing over 375 and gave my 30 second spiel about Gretchen Whitmer for those who said they didn’t know her. After meeting another petitioner who was collecting signatures for, “Promote The Vote,” we stood together and made quite a team. The Camaraderie was great and we connected on a number of levels. Both us are Democrats, both of us love this country and want the best for Michigan and the United States; we’re both retired, working educators and we both volunteer to help others. That was a pretty good starting point and I think we’ll have a lasting relationship. That was the new day–yesterday, but the comments made by some–were the same old lies, designed to defeat.

We could tell by the reaction people when we approached who was a Republican and who was a Democrat–the Republicans didn’t want to hear anything I had to say about a woman running for governor and they didn’t want to hear anything Therese had to say about making sure everyone had an easier access to voting–including an absentee ballot–without having an excuse. They didn’t want to hear it. Now why would they not want people to have easier access to voting?  Fear of others voting for Democrats? I can imagine they drew some conclusions about the two of us–a white woman and a black woman, working together to make sure there is change for the better for Michigan.

And then there were the “natives” who are still holding onto the lie that voting won’t matter because all politicians lie. There’s no ignoring the fact that many politicians–mere human beings make promises without knowing if they can keep them or not; it doesn’t make them bad people–it simply means they didn’t have enough support to get the job done.

  • When Democrats had control of the House and the Senate in Washington for Obama’s first two years–they were able to save the automotive industry with bailouts that were repaid and establish a healthcare bill that gave millions access to healthcare. After the first two years–and with the promise McConnell made to the Republican Senate–not much worthwhile was accomplished–with Paul Ryan leading the House because they were determined, “to make Obama a one-term president.”  When that didn’t happen, they simply refused to support anything that would benefit the nation as a whole.
  • For the past eight years, we’ve had a Republican controlled government as governor, house and senate–and no matter what any Democrat candidate said while running, it probably didn’t matter since the Republicans were determined to make government about and for the rich–not all the people. There were a few instances–one in which Gretchen Whitmer was successful in achieving a bi-partisan effort in the expansion of Medicaid in Michigan.

The above “points” indicate the necessity of having a well-balanced congressional government or if we really want to see change that benefits “all” the people, Democrats need to be in control of the House and Senate–both on a local and national level because it is the Democrats who establish policies and governance for all, not just the rich.

Here are a few tips about voting this year and every year.

  • Don’t believe the hype or the polls–do your own research, get registered, volunteer for a candidate and then get out and vote and make sure those you know–vote as well.
  • Know for a fact–if you don’t vote–your vote won’t count and if 20,000 people sit at home thinking their votes won’t matter, chances are we’ll end up with Republicans controlling government for the next 10 years or more.
  • Stop and think–our country is in danger of our democracy being dismantled, deliberately by those in office right now. We know because neither the House or the Senate is upholding their oaths of office and leaving #Rumplethinskin in office is going to cost this nation dearly.

Don’t take my word for it–pay attention to the world around you and beyond Fox News. Other nations are more concerned about us than many in this country are–which makes one wonder–do we have what it takes to set aside our differences long enough to get our country back on track? Or will be simply allow the Putin implant to destroy our country and our values?

We don’t live in a world that is simply “black or white,” but right and wrong–have never changed. Racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny are all WRONG! Love is always RIGHT and we cannot take care of those in need if we are in capable of loving others–no matter what they do. We can disagree about lifestyles without hating; we can disagree about religions without hating; we can disagree–agreeably about anything–without hating.

Are we going to let the “old lies” keep us from living in the greatest country ever that acknowledges every person as a human being and where laws and policies demonstrate equal treatment of all?

  • A woman’s hormones will not be a deterrent for them to be great leaders in government.
  • Black people are just as smart as their counterparts with different skin tones and have been great leaders for centuries.
  • Teenagers have just as much right to voice their opinions and concerns as any other group–they see, they analyze and they vocalize.
  • We are not a nation divided by race and religion–we are all Americans–united as one–fighting for the survival of this one nation–America.
  • Our votes do matter because they’re our voice in government–if we don’t vote–we have no say in what happens to us.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and we need to make sure–the iceberg doesn’t sink us all into oblivion. Go vote! And if you don’t know enough about a candidate–#VoteBlue (down ballot)–you can’t go wrong! As long as we’re divided in government, nothing will ever be accomplished that will benefit the Everyday American.

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Attention voters



Where There Is Hope!

For in You, O LORD, I hope;
You will hear, O Lord my God. Psalm 38:15 NKJV

We, mere human beings, place our hope in a myriad of things–and people–and usually when we have placed all of our eggs in one basket–we are eventually disappointed and many are discouraged. Why? Our hope–in things and people–is misplaced. When our hope is totally in God–we are never disappointed–if we are willing to hear and obey.

There were many people who had hopes of winning the billion dollar lottery. We know because of the size of the jackpot and the number of people who had hopes of winning. But the reality is–no matter how many tickets a person purchased, only one was going to win. In this case–three people had the same numbers and shared the jackpot. How many others were disappointed?

And even when we “win” at some things, the victory brings with it other challenges. When professional sports team win a game, the expectation is they will keep winning and when they don’t, fans, coaches, teams and owners are disappointed. Why? Their hope was in their individual and collective abilities, but someone had to lose in order for someone to win.

We place our hope in our leaders and are often disappointed when they fail to live up to our expectations and then we seek to replace them. This is especially true when leaders fail to consider the big picture in making decisions about those they lead. The primary example for this misguided hope is the situation that now exists in Flint, Michigan with its water crisis. Trying to save the city money is going to cost–the city, the residents and the governor–when the fallout of using contaminated water is determined. It is already costing the families who live there–those who have ingested lead-laced water.

We place our hope in teachers and educational systems when corruption runs rampant and greed reigns and children are the biggest losers because those in charge–forgot about them. The situation with the teachers in the Detroit Public School system is not new; it has been germinating for decades, but it has finally sprouted and all the ugliness revealed–because it is time to fight back with teachers taking up the banner, saying enough is enough.

This post is not intended to address the political ramifications of corruption and complacency, but to demonstrate how misplaced hope (without God) will always end in disappointment.

Not so with God–in Him–we can rest assured that He will do and accomplish all He says in His Word when we hear and obey Him. The problem is most of us won’t trust Him completely and when we try to trust–just a little bit–we are disappointed because we lacked the ability to trust Him completely. Our hope and trust have to be in Him since He is the only constant in our lives. We cannot trust people who don’t honor Him and we certainly cannot trust–things–that have no soul or spirit–no conscience or feelings regarding right or wrong.

In You, O Lord, do we place our complete trust and hope, now and forever. For there is none like You who holds our future in Your hand, knowing all there is know about us and yet loving us anyway.

Whose Freedom?

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we command you, brothers and sisters, to keep away from every believer who is idle and disruptive and does not live according to the teaching you received from us.” (2 Thessalonians 3:6 NIV)

When I read this passage of scripture, I am reminded that Paul understood and wanted us to understand not everyone professing the name of Jesus is a Believer of Jesus Christ and desires to please Him. Hence, the warning to those who have a right relationship–doing The Master’s Will–so they would not lose their focus.

When I look at current events, the re-hashing of hatred and bigotry against Christians–those standing up for their right to follow all the teachings of Jesus Christ, I shake my head and pray.

Since when did it become right for someone to infringe upon another person’s rights–especially the rights of those who have chosen to obey God in all things? Where is the freedom of our choice if we cannot stand on God’s Word?

The enemy is LAUGHING OUT LOUD because it would appear that he’s winning the last battle. The enemy of Jesus Christ has effectively deceived some weak-willed Believers into thinking that freedom of choice is only for those who yell the loudest. Terminology is skewed and twisted to make sure the message of hate is loud and clear, but it is not hatred coming from true Believers; the hatred is coming from those who wish to live in opposition to God’s Word. This is how Satan operates–creating confusion when God establishes clarity.

So, whose freedom are we really discussing in the media? Is it freedom of choice for all or just some? And for those who stir the pot of confusion because of their guilt, will they ever know freedom? They want to be free from observing religion–so who’s stopping them? But when we choose to observe all that God has taught, we have no freedom?

The message about freedom is a matter of choice. What we actively and consciously do in life is always a matter of choice. Everyone has the same freedom to choose what they do or at least we should. If one place of business doesn’t want to do business with me, I take my money elsewhere. It’s just that simple. If I wanted a cake made a certain way, I’d bake it myself or support a new business who will do what I want. But notice the “I’s” in the previous sentence. There is more to living than what I want or any other individual. Life is not meant to be lived in isolation so I must learn to live among others–respecting the boundaries of beliefs and expecting others to respect mine.

We really need to stop the foolishness and wake up and see this debate for what it really is–Satan having his way in the minds of many, creating confusion and rolling in the floor laughing at all he has done. It’s not about the freedom on any human being; it’s all about his freedom to destroy mankind.

Now, whose freedom is at stake here?

Human Effort!

“The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” (John 6:63 NLT)

For those who do all they can to make life bearable for themselves and others, I commend you. For those who do nothing but seek self-comfort–I wonder about you. For those who walk not after the flesh, but allow Holy Spirit to guide all you do, I thank God for you. If what we do is not by the leading of Holy Spirit–our efforts will amount to nothing, short of temporary solution.

The old adage that is better to “teach a man to fish than to give him one” is still relevant today. Now, I know there are some who do not believe God or that He exists and they think that what they do is more important than what most Believers do. If acknowledgment from man is all a person wants, then–it is enough. However, if one wants to please God, then one must things the way God wants them done–this ensures eternal life, beyond the temporary life here on earth.

Does that mean people should stop giving and assisting others? No! What this means is that before we do anything, we should seek Him for direction and then do what He says.

We know from all the documented sources about “giving people a helping hand” and then watch those same people end up in the same condition in which we found them, If we’re going to really help people, we must begin with “wisdom and knowledge” so they will be able to do for themselves.

In Michigan, there are thousands of jobs available, but people do not have the skills to get the jobs. Why? Too many people, here, do not have the literacy skills or technology skills needed for the jobs.

As an educator, I am appalled at the attitude of those who think education is a waste of their time and yet, we still have the highest unemployment rates in the country. And now, many who are receiving benefits from the state are crying foul because their cash assistance will not be available for long. Their protests are pointless since the state has been saying for over five years that people had “five years” to get an education or job skills and most–didn’t believe it and just sat around on their hind parts, waiting for the handout.

If they had been forced to demonstrate sufficient literacy skills in order to get the assistance, they would be in a much better place than they are in right now. The assistance received, should have been based upon their ability to get an education or job skills training as a condition of receiving the benefits. Sometimes, as seen in Michigan, waiting for the mailman becomes a career that requires little effort. Well, the mailman’s job just got a little lighter (figuratively speaking) and many will find themselves wishing they had paid attention to “the last letter” they received.

I’m sure the conditions mentioned about Michigan may be true of other states as well, and what we must do–is to educate people about how to do things–especially in giving. We must remember that it is not by human effort that we accomplish anything, but by the direction of Holy Spirit that we can accomplish all things.

When No Relationship Exists!

In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 17:6)

Considering all the events in this country for the last two years, we are living “in those days” when no one in authority has a right relationship with God. That’s basically what the writer in Judges is saying. When no relationship exists with God, men (mankind) do whatever they want to do and then chaos reigns. We know that chaos reigns in the midst of our society–especially in the United States–because of the decisions that “men” have made to pacify flesh with no regard to doing what is right in God’s sight–only their own.

When no relationship with God exists–men legalize sin–in all sorts of manners (condoning same-sex relationships, drug use, pornography, prostitution, all manner of whoredom) and then the same people who applauded the legalization of sin–condemn anyone who dares to disagree with them–spouting their first amendment rights. What happened to the first amendment rights of Christians? Are we not citizens in this country, eligible for the protections of the same laws? Or is it that only the anti-Christ are in position to change laws to appease flesh and promote hatred of those to speak what God says? There appears to be a double-standard here, but only those in relationship with God can see it.

When no relationship with God exists–confusion enters in and takes control. Men and women are confused and promote the confusion in the schools and community so that children also become confused. God is not the author of confusion, but we know that Satan is. Unfortunately, the devil has blinded the eyes of those who follow him and they do not see the pit he is digging for them and by the time they realize what has happened, it will be too late.

When no relationship with God exists–men are subject to the debilitation of all manner of sickness and disease that  occurs, in many instances, as a result of sinful living. There are some who would argue this point, but the bottom line for sin is this–“the wages of sin is death.” God is not mocked! We can do whatever we want to do–but in the end, God’s Word will not come back void, and it will perform all that it says it will.

When a right relationship exists with God, peace and prosperity reign in the land. Healing exists for those in right relationship with God. Love for all mankind and God exists for those in right relationship with God. Wisdom exists for all those in right relationship with God. Insight exists for all those in right relationship with God. For all who are not in right relationship with God–they lack the wisdom of God to see the conclusion of the matter. They have forgotten the history of mankind and sin and what God does and they are therefore, doomed to repeat the tragedies of the past.

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us to see the need to stay in right relationship with You. Remove the scales from the eyes of those who have been deceived so they can see the end of their lives, right now. Strengthen the minds, hearts, and determination of all who are in right relationship with You to stay the course You have established for us. Thank You for loving us enough to give us one more chance to get living for You right.

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Republicans vs Democrats in Michigan

Reviewing the Michigan Votes Updates, I discovered a significant pattern in the content of bills being introduced. The bills themselves can be viewed through the legislative website at http://www.michigan.gov. But this is what I’ve noticed:

Bills introduced by Republicans are aimed at “controlling others” and keeping themselves in a superior position. For instance, they want to reduce high school graduation requirements, give teachers guns to take into the classroom, and don’t want the poor to receive any realistic assistance (financial or otherwise) in order for the poor to live a life with dignity.

Bills introduced by Democrats aim to alleviate struggles and strains felt by the disenfranchised masses and help elevate them in life. They want justices for everyone, everyone covered by medical insurance, and teachers and other public servants treated with dignity and professionalism they deserve.

Thank you–all the Democrat legislators–for looking out for everyone and putting your egos on a shelf. We, the people, appreciate it!