Called For a Purpose!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 NIV).

I have probably used this verse of scripture in a previous post, but I’m moving in another direction–hopefully–from the one used.

When God “calls us” into His service, we are called to fulfill His purposes–not our own.  And when we acknowledge that call, enter into His service to fulfill His purposes, everything we do–works for our good. Now, the opposite of what was just stated is also true. If He did not call us or we do not fulfill His purposes, then nothing we do works out well. We can say we love God from daybreak until sunset, pray without ceasing, and if we never venture forth to do what He has called us to do, we are wasting our time.

Some people are called into service for God by other people–their mothers, their fathers, their pastors, or even their own greed to be seen or to pimp a pulpit. First of all, a call to serve God by Him–does not mean a person should be standing in a pulpit preaching the Gospel–especially when they are not equipped to do so. “Who God calls, He qualifies and equips to get the job done.” When I see foolishness reign in a church, I question the call of God on the life of the leadership because I see no evidence of God being involved. How do I know God is not involved?

Through Holy Spirit, God anoints and appoints those He desires to use. Holy Spirit leads and guides us into doing all things according to The Word of God, not our feelings or current trends or popular belief. When the leadership cannot read the Word, has no clue as to what The Word means, and has never attempted “to study to show themselves approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed,” then I know God is not involved. God is true to His Word and it is man (or woman) that makes a mockery of God’s callings by trying to be something they were never intended to be!

Will those who counterfeit God’s calling have a measure of success? Usually, they do–a manufactured success that once exposed, falls apart as quickly as it was contrived. How quick is quick? God determines time and with Him–one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day–but it will come and all will see who contrived their calling.

We can fool people–sometimes, but we can never fool God. Little by little, things begin to be exposed–mismanagement of money, abuse of position and authority, scandal of all types and magnitudes, prophe-lying prophets who can’t predict the next rain, let alone what God is going to do for someone. If they really knew what God was going to do, they would run and hide out of fear of being exposed and experiencing God’s wrath. Church dwellings become more like the night-clubs and the praise-dancers are more pole dancers without the pole–the seductive moves are the same as being on the pole. The elder women in the churches don’t bother to teach the younger women anything because the younger women don’t want to learn anything. The young women act like they are on the street in a club more than they act like they are in a church. When people can be heard cussing, found in hidden niches of the building making out and doing all manner of evil–in the church–I know God is not involved. Where the Spirit of the Lord is–we would be too afraid to do such things.

God’s callings and gifts are without repentance–He does not take them back even when we abuse or misuse them, but we open the door for Satan to reign when we do. God’s purpose in calling us into service for Him is for Him to be glorified and for us to be blessed so we are a blessing to others.

Know your calling and God’s purpose for using you and do all to His glory. Magnify the Lord in all you do so no shame is ever felt and watch God work out all things for your good!

Father, in the name of Jesus, if we have not acknowledged our calling from You or understand Your purpose in calling us–reveal it to us and give us wisdom in all things so we will glorify You.


Thank You!

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Deceptive Storms!

storm cvrThis is the cover of my new book–Deceptive Storms.  In life, we face all types of storms–emotional as well as natural.  D’Cerner and Cal (from My Father’s Gift) have embarked on a new ministry in a new location and as can be expected, have to learn to weather all types of storms.  Through all the storms–losses and revelations–they maintain their trust in God.  Book will be available within the next two weeks.  Working hard to revise and edit now!  Book Trailer available next week!  Hope you will enjoy!

By the way, I really welcome your comments about the cover. Yea or Nay and why if you’d like to include.

Honoring God’s Choice

When we look at our society and the church world today, what do we see?  Do we see leaders whom God has chosen or do we see the promotion of nepotism and self-appointment?

As a reference, I would remind those reading to re-visit the situation with Adonijah and Solomon when their father (King David) was dying.  Adonijah took it upon himself to garner support from those with questionable characters to elevate himself to the throne as king.  When God’s anointed priest and prophet refused to support him, he threw a party celebrating his kingship and did not invite the priest or the prophet or Solomon.  Later, while they were partying, David kept a promise  (as directed by God) to Bathsheba and placed her son, Solomon on the throne as king.  When the people at the party found out they were celebrating a self-appointed, not God-anointed king, they quickly left the party and Adonijah was afraid (I Kings 1:32-34–read the entire chapter)

When God first “called” Samuel, he thought it was Eli calling him (his leader, mentor and teacher).  Finally, after the third time of mistaking a voice, Eli convinced him that God was calling him to do a great work (I Samuel 3:8).

Peter reminds us that we should “make our calling and election sure” (I Peter 1:10).

More and more people are being misled and misguided by “church leaders” who are self-appointed and not God-anointed.  Many of these are using their ministry to pimp the church and they think God is not watching.  Just as many “church leaders”  are put in positions of authority because of nepotism, not ability and Godly character.  We know because we see it everyday.  How many people are leading churches because their father did or their grandfather did?  How many of these were called or appointed to ministry by their fathers or grandfathers?

The difference in God-called leadership whom He has anointed is remarkably distinctive.  God-called leaders hold the heart of the people close to them and are only interested in pleasing God.  Self-appointed or nepotism-appointed ministers have only one agenda–how they can use the ministry to benefit themselves.  We can all see the difference in those communities where God is actually reverenced over those who are seeking reverence for a “man or woman”.

With whom will God say, “He is well-pleased?”  We need to understand and honor God’s choice, more than man’s choice as it pertains to the things and directions of God.