Cowards and Kidnappers

What on earth moves upon the mind of those who would kidnap a child?

Is it that they are mentally dysfunctional, nutritionally malnourished, or just plain deviant?

I really hate cowards and cowardly acts. There is no greater cowardly act than for a person to put a child in harm’s way or to cause that child harm.

Really? What can a child really do to appease a person’s ego?

Oh, I get it. The person who kidnaps the child, molests the child, kills the child is a nothing and a nobody and they know it, so the only person they can feel better than is the child. How sick!

For every person out there who is so insecure and cowardly that they bully kids–grow a pair and get some professional help! Leave the kids alone! The only reason you go after them is because they cannot fight back and defeat you–you cowardly bully.

Egotistical maniac–you are nothing and will be nothing in life but a bad taste and a nightmarish memory.

Get over your miserable childhood and leave our children alone. They are not responsible for the misery you suffered and should not have to pay for your suffering. Go after the person or people who caused you misery and leave the children alone.

Leave our children alone!