He Didn’t Change A Thing!

“If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love.”

When Jesus was teaching His disciples, He let them know, He had kept His Father’s commands–to love Him and obey His Word; and He encouraged them to keep His commands–to love God and obey and to love one another. The sum total of Father’s commands.

Since His disciples were all familiar with the Mosaic Law, Jesus had no need to “reiterate it in its entirety, He simply summarized the primary parts–love and obedience.

Whenever people want to say that Jesus didn’t say anything about specific sins, it is because they do not understand that Jesus and God are One. Jesus is not going to say anything or do anything that God the Father would not say or do. Since God the Father had already said everything that needed to be said, what was left for God the Son to say?

This is the real issue for some Believers and all non-Believers. They do not understand the Father, Son, Holy Spirit role. Until this is understand, there will continue to be debates over what God said to through Moses and what They (Father and Son) said to His disciples.

Not understanding the importance of knowing the Old Testament is the reason most don’t understand why God had to come down in the likeness of sinful flesh (though He did not sin) in order to restore man’s relationship to Him.

Many people don’t like reading the Old Testament, especially the Kings James Version because of the difficulty of the language, the horror stories of incest, prostitution, and all other sexual sins, murder, tribal wars and the misuse of women and children. The Bible, is simply an abbreviated history of how man has treated one another in various situations at various times. If we aligned the events in the Bible with a good history book, we would see it.

If we understand it, then we can stop blaming God for the atrocities that man committed and still commits. God has not forced anyone to do anything and He never will. He has always given man(kind) the freedom of choice and what we do–we choose, not Him.

So, while talking to His disciples, notice Jesus said, “If”… It was a reminder, not an introduction to anything new. Jesus didn’t change a thing when He walked the earth and He is not changing anything, now. What God said from the beginning, stands true for all eternity–we choose to love and obey Him; He does not demand any behavior from us, but He has established consequences for disobedience and that is still our choice.

Hear Him, love and obey, and reap the benefits of His love!