Lord, I Receive!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24 NIV).

This response from Jesus to Peter was regarding the withering of the fig tree and Peter’s amazement of it.  Jesus said to him, “have faith in God,” and then He continues about telling the mountain to move into the sea, having faith without doubting.  Does this principle of faith apply to us today?

If we believe that The Word of God applies to all for all eternity–the answer is yes.  If we don’t, then the answer is no.  Personally, I believe that what Jesus said to His “followers” then is applicable for His followers today.

When we pray, we must ask--believing that God will do and we have already received it–until the prayer manifests itself in the natural.  First the answer is manifested in the spiritual realm, then in the natural.  If we go back and look at verse 23, we have to see that it is what “we say” that will determine when we receive.

Therefore, I will continue to say, “Thank You Lord for the 1 million copies sold of my books and for the 1 million + readers” until it manifests itself.  I have already received it in my spirit which is why I can say, “Thank You!” Many will doubt and never receive the answer to their requests, but I choose to believe and will stand on that belief that everything I have asked for is already done; I’m just waiting to see it in the natural.

What about you?  Are you asking in faith or in doubt?  When we ask in doubt we keep asking for the same thing.  When we ask in faith, we ask once and keep thanking Him for the expected result until we see it happen.  I’ve experienced seeing the results of answered pray–with this principle– for myself and I know it works. I survived a number of illnesses that doctors could not explain. I have journeyed into places that could have been hazardous.  I went back to school to finish college past the age of 40 and excelled, I have fought legal battles and won when everyone else said, it wouldn’t be possible. I have accomplished most of my dreams and much that I did not even request of God.  My faith is Him and I trust Him to keep all of His promises, based on His Word.  Remember, we can not receive if we doubt for if we doubt, there is no faith.  If there is no faith in God, He is not obligated to respond since He responds to faith.

Hallelujah!  Lord, I receive everything I’ve asked for and everything You desire for me to have in abundance so I may be a blessing to others. I declare it done in Jesus’ name.