And A Mother Is…

And A Mother Is…

But we were gentle among you, just as a nursing mother cherishes her own children. I Thessalonians 2:7 NKJV

There are so many references in The Word regarding a mother or mothers that I had difficulty choosing one, but I think this one is a stand-out, for more than one reason.

A nursing mother holds her child close and dear,

Desiring only for the child to be healthy and know love,

She cares for herself because everything she eats or drinks,

Flows into the child in her arms–lovingly and the child grows.

As the child gets older, a mother’s love never stops,

But regroups her methods to make sure the child knows,

Right from wrong and wrong from right, disciplining, teaching,

Loving no matter what happens, knowing when the time is right,

To allow the child to take steps on his/her own, praying, seeing them grown.

And when they are grown, her love never stops, but spreads deep within

Without, making room for the grands and great-grands, the fruit of the child,

Once nestled in the curve of her arms, now strong enough to hold his/her mother

As they begin their own journey into parenthood.


At every stage and age a mother is whatever we need for that moment,

So we must cherish the time we have with them so memories will never fade,

And we share with our children’s children all the sacrifices she made,

For us to live life–loved and challenged to be all we can be–making a difference.


It’s Mother’s Day!

Before we come into this world, most of us experience a mother’s love in her care for herself.

After we arrive, most of us experience a mother’s love in her care for us.

While we’re growing and maturing, her love is still evident in her care, discipline, and guidance towards us.

When we become adults and leave home, her love surrounds us in all the things we were taught.

And now, it’s her turn.  Just how much do you love her?  Do you love your mother enough to care for her, to surround her with love, just as an return on her investment in you?  Give it a try–she’ll appreciate it.

And for those of us whose mother is no longer with us in the earth realm, we can still love her and remember her guidance and surround others with love, just as she loved us while she could.

For those who didn’t have the kind of mother described above, look to the person in your life who does fit the description–loving, caring, and willing to discipline as they guided you through some of the trials of life and love them just as much.  Pray for your biological mother that God will yet give them an opportunity to be a godly mother, created by Him.  It’s only too late when they are gone!

Shower mothers today with an abundance of love and kindness and let them know–they are appreciated!