We are Overcomers!

When Jesus was talking to the disciples (just before He went into the garden to pray) he said to them, “In the world (surrounding worldliness, influenced by the enemy) you will have tribulation (trials, persecution–really off days), be of good cheer ( don’t worry–I’ve got it covered)!  I have overcome (provided a way of escape and victory) the world (everything the enemy would toss our way)” (John 16:33–paraphrased parentheses).  On His way to talk with His Father, in solitude, knowing His fate, He took the time to comfort His disciples.  He is yet comforting us with those words–“be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” When things appear to be more than we can handle–remember the promise–things can get tough, but God’s got it!  No matter what we face–on a daily basis–we can be assured of our ability to overcome because of who He is and His promise towards us.  Be of good cheer–don’t worry about a thing!  The enemy cannot win–he has already been defeated. We are overcomers!