Watch For Him!

“I say to you what I say to everyone: Watch for him!” (Mark 13:37 NLT)

In this parable, Jesus is explaining to those who are listening, how they should be ready and not getting ready when He returns.

He tells us, “Since you don’t know when that time will come–stay alert!” (verse 33). The “you” in this verse, although said specifically to those who were listening to Him at that time, applies to the reader and any others who have a relationship with Him. None of us knows when He will return–He said, “only the Father knows” and since we know that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father–if He’s not telling Him when He’ll return, He’s certainly not telling any of us–who are so far removed from Him that even if He did–we probably wouldn’t get it right.

The point being made here is–we don’t know–but we should be ready–whenever He returns. Today is a good day to be ready; tomorrow could be too late. We don’t know, but we should always be ready.

What does it take to be ready? Our heart–must already be given to Him–so we’ll hear Him speak and obey His Word. Contrary to what some people think–we won’t need suitcases packed, or tickets of any kind, or to be dressed in any certain way. It is the heart of a man that God looks upon–not the externals surround him or on him. When we get this right–the moment of His return will be imminent, but there is still one thing we must remember. God does not define things the way we do.

We tend to limit God with our own understanding when we should really be willing to hear Him more to obtain His understanding of all things. Having a relationship with Him–puts us in good position to know that He does not think like we think; therefore, His definition of things–anything is not going to be what we “think” we know.

We have attributed so much meaning to God’s Word that is not of Him–but because of our limited understanding–that we caused many to err in their behavior and have caused many to forget about God–altogether. We will be held accountable for all we say as it pertains to God’s Word and His intent–not ours.

The best way to avoid–misleading anyone–is to encourage everyone to establish and maintain a right relationship with God and know His Word–so when He speaks–you’ll know what He says–aligns with what He has said.

Don’t get caught up listening to those who profess to know the time of His return–they don’t; but be ready–Watch For Him--He could come back at any time!