Cutting Off the Fallen!

“Note then the kindness and the severity of God: severity toward those who have fallen, but God’s kindness to you, provided you continue in his kindness. Otherwise you too will be cut off.”(Romans 11:22 ESV)

We are constantly reminded of God’s goodness towards His children and most prefer not to think of the severity of God–His other side–the side revealed to disobedient children.

When children (in the natural) are obedient to parents (Godly parents), they are showered with love and attention and can get practically anything their hearts desire. However, when children are disobedient–the see another side of loving parents–parents who know how to resolve disobedience with the appropriate consequences–some which may be severe--at least in the child’s mind.

Is not God our Father? Though He is loving should He not have another side to address the rebellious and disobedient children who fall away from obedience? What is amazing to me about those who refute God’s Word is the fact that they understand parenting in the natural, but have no clue about “spiritual” parenting from God. Perhaps, it is because God is not their Father.

In this world, we either demonstrate that God is our Father or Satan is–there is no middle ground. We either obey God or by default, we obey Satan. What must be remembered is this–Satan was created an angel, subject to the commands of God and rebelled against God–his creator. As a result–he became a fallen angel, thrown out of a loving environment in heaven, and resides in an environment in which he think he is a god. In a way, he is a god–to the godless–those who refuse God’s love with their acts of disobedience.

Satan fell and is now under condemnation for all times and shall soon see his ultimate reward for the act of disobedience and influencing others against God. If we disobey and rebel against God–we too shall fall into utter despair and hopelessness.

Resolution for not having to ever see the severity of God? Don’t disobey Him. The same way we avoid negative consequences from parents–obey and respect them, we can avoid negative consequences from God–the removal of His hand of protection when we do–stupid!

Think before you do anything–understanding the consequences of all actions and don’t get cut off from God’s love!

Ravaging Politicism (excerpt 4)


Parenting children in the 21st Century is certainly more difficult than in past eras. The reason for the difficulty lies within the idiotic positions of authority being held by the idiots. Legislators have changed laws that prohibit a parent from truly parenting a child without the possibility of being hauled into a court system. Parents are afraid of their kids so they do not discipline them, they do not get involved with their schoolwork, they do not take them to church; they simply feed them (some of them) and put up with their nonsense until they are old enough to push out the door, whether they can fend for themselves or not. We should take a look at the animal kingdom to learn parenting. The animals (and I’ve watched some) take much better care of their offspring than humans—and we are supposed to be the “thinking” ones.

Think about this and then get mad, but get over it. We, as a society, have allowed amoral, idiots to determine how we raise our children and then we reward them by voting for the same types of idiots, again, and again. What does that say about most of us? Are we idiots, too? I am not about to respond to that one, but I will say this—“if the shoe fits…”

Legislators, who cannot control their wanton desires to bed other people, should never have any control over what parents do or how they do it as long as children are not being misused or abused. Most rational people understand there is a difference between discipline and abuse. There are only a few out there who cannot make the distinction and it is that few, along with sociologists who think they know best for everyone, but themselves, that brings us to where we are today.  A few people got carried away by beating a child and there was outrage and laws were changed and our society changed. When parents are not allowed to discipline a child the justice system will or the morticians will. Those are the only options led for children who have not been taught respect or self-control.

The prisons are about to burst at the seams with the number of those who cannot control themselves. The lack of self-control is a direct result of parents not being able to discipline their children. When little Johnny gets old enough and big enough to run Mama’s house, he generally does. Of course, there are exceptions. My household was an exception. I come from a cultural environment that believes in keeping a belt handy. When a kid gets too big for a belt to do the job, then whatever comes in handy will usually do the trick (just joking). No child, living in my house where I pay all the bills will ever live there with me and disrespect me or my rules. I do not care what the courts say or CPS or anyone else. My house, my rules and if they cannot abide by my rules, they do not need to live there and will not. I will not participate in the ravaging politicism I see exerted over people who are afraid of the system. Here I am System—Come get me!



Follow The Leader!

“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith” (Hebrews 13:7).

In today’s society it is often difficult to find a truly “Godly leader” in any venue. When we see no hint of godly righteousness displayed by political leaders, business leaders, church leaders, or parents, why are we surprised or stunned by what we see on the news?

Now we know that all leaders should be example for others to follow. All leaders should be mindful of the influence and impact they have on others. And everyone is supposed to be praying for anyone in a position of authority. Is everyone on track? Are leaders leading by the precepts of God? Are parents teaching by the precepts of God? Are church leaders leading by The Word of God? Are we praying for those in positions of leadership?

If we truly want to see change in the world, we must pray for the leaders to be led by God. We must pray that the leaders are receptive to hearing the Word of God. We must pray for those who look to their leadership in churches, to follow those who follow Christ.

If the leadership is not following God, we are not obligated to honor them in any way. How will we know if they are following God? Their actions will align with The Word of God. Of course, if we don’t know the Word of God for ourselves, we won’t be able to determine whether the leaders are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Here’s the solution to the world’s problems: everyone needs to know and live the Word of God, everyone needs to pray for the leaders to receive and live the Word of God, and everyone should only support and honor those who demonstrate they are living the Word of God. Simple solutions, but many won’t even try. As for me and my house, we will follow those who follow Christ–to the letter–of The Word of God and another, we will not serve.

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us to embed The Word in our hearts so we will recognize others living by it. Help us to know when to follow and when to not follow any person in a position of leadership who is not following You. Help us all to be better in whatever position we have so that You are glorified and not us. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

Newsletter experiment!

Promoting Literacy

Enduring Love!

“For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations” (Psalm 100:5 NIV).

One of the reasons (just one) we should arise in the morning thanking God for His love is because His love endures (remains steadfast, in spite of us) no matter what we do.

Every once in a while, we forget–our forgetfulness can be seen in how we treat others–just how much God loves us.  We forget about His love when we callously ignore the needs of the poor and the vulnerable.  We forget about His love when we don’t know how to love others or refuse to love them.  We forget about His love when we forget our roles as parents, ignoring the needs of our children.  We forget about His love when we don’t treat others as we want to be treated. We forget, but He does not–He continues to love us and forgive us when we confess our sins.

Sometimes, we seek relationships with others in marriage and the love we thought was there, did not endure the transitional period of adjustment–to each other.  The tiny challenges became major conflicts and since neither party wants to admit fault, the relationship endsdoes not endure, cannot handle the difficult times.  Thankfully, there is no transitional adjustment time for us with God–at least on His part–He knows everything about us and loves us just the same, even when we cannot admit to being at fault.  Can we ever love like Him?

Father, help us to love like You love–with endurance and determination to stay the course.  Help us to look beyond the shortcomings of others like You look beyond ours.  Help us to see us as You see us, lovable–no matter what.  Help us to stay focused on You, learning to be more like You each and every day, loving You the way You love us. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

He Will Do It!

“God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” (Numbers 23:19 NIV)

I’m beginning to think that the reason many people do not believe God or in His existence is because they tend to think of Him in “human” terms.  They try to bring God down to man’s level of thinking, giving Him some of man’s attributes, and then thinking God will respond to situations like man will. They do not understand that God is Spirit and therefore not subject to the limitations of man–physically, emotionally, or mentally. Hallelujah!  I’m so glad He is not like us!  We are so fickle-minded, we change what we do and think in a heartbeat.  We lie to one another, seldom keep promises; especially to children and then we wonder why our lives are such a mess.

God won’t lie to us because truth and integrity are part of His attributes.  He won’t change His mind because He has no need to do so.  He can see far beyond what we can even think and He has already determined how things should be and the consequences of our actions. What He does, is for our good.  Every good parent wants only the best for their children and they plan for their children’s future. God is my “Daddy” and I know that His plans for me are designed to prosper me and not to harm me that I have a future with hope and a promise fulfilled (Jeremiah 29:11 paraphrased).  What He says, He means–He will not change His mind about what He speaks.  What He promises, He will make sure it happens.  When we receive His promises is entirely up to us--when we obey!

God is love!  Love has no desire to harm or disappoint or discourage.  Love comforts, chastises, encourages, motivates, inspires, and holds onto us even when we don’t deserve it.  That’s love!

Hold onto His promises, obey His Word, and watch how He works.  Whatever He has promised, He will bring it pass.  He will do it!  Hallelujah!


Being His Treasure!

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt?

Usually, when “hunting” for treasure, one must have an idea as to what the treasure is, its worth or value and a direction in which to find it.  Some people have used treasure hunts to enhance parties for children and adults as part of the entertainment.  Some people seek treasures as a life-time career–using maps with mysterious symbols and meanings to locate the sought item.  When we seek treasures, we have to actively look for it.  But God has chosen us and declared us treasured possessions if we hear His voice and obey (Exodus 19:5).  Notice He didn’t look for us–He chose us–when we hear and obey.

When we hear His voice (through The Word or a messenger) and obey what He has said to do–He considers us greatly valued and cherishes us.  He attaches worth and value to us–not man and certainly not us.

What do we treasure?  Do we treasure His love, mercy, and grace?  Are they valuable enough for us to cherish and treat with great care? The Word also tells us that where our heart is, we will find our treasure.  Do we have a heart to hear God and obey Him today?

I have always treasured my children by taking care of them and valuing them as individuals, leading and guiding them to do what is right no matter what the circumstances in which they find themselves.  I would hope they treasure my love for them and not take it for granted.

When I think about my love for my children, I understand God’s love for me and pray I never take His love for granted.  After all, I am His treasure and I know He cherishes me and I want to retain my position with Him.

Are you one of His treasured possessions?  If not, hear and obey Him.  If so, shout Hallelujah for being of great worth to Him!

In Times Like These

In times like these, we need a Savior!

If we look around at all the stuff going on in the world, most of us would end up shaking our heads–wondering what is going on?

Life–a very precious commodity–is not respected on so many levels that there is not space enough on this blog to tell it all.  People are being killed because of jealousy, hatred, and in some cases–just because–they were at the wrong place at the wrong time–because someone hated themselves enough to disrespect the lives of others.

We tolerate people making fun of Christians, belittling their beliefs and then we parade–highly profile–what God has said is sin.  How crazy is that.  On one hand–men say, “don’t share your religious beliefs, that’s your personal business” and on the other hand, “please share your sexual exploitations–the world needs to know” and then we celebrate the openness and courage of “sin”!  Have we got this twisted or what?

Parents do not parent–they would rather be buddies with their children than their parents.

Children do not respect any adults because they have no respect for their parents.

Preachers disrespect their calling and in the office in which they have–they say one thing and do everything else.  Hypocrites, is what Jesus called.

Criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens and the only justice available is left up to those sitting on a bench who have political agendas to promote.  And then we wonder why people take matters into their own hands?

Legislators legislate laws that only benefit the wealthy–forget about the poor and the needy, the vulnerable–the very people  Christians have been mandated to care about in defending their rights.

Oh Yes!  In times like these, we need a Risen Savior and I am very sure, my anchor will hold against the tide that rises up against those who believe and confess–that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Did You Listen?

Do you remember…?

When we were young our parents tried to teach us certain things–if we had appropriate parents–and we didn’t always understand why they told us what they did.

When they told us about choosing our friends carefully, so we wouldn’t get caught up in dumb stuff–did we listen?

When they told us about watching our money–how we either spent or saved would make a difference one day–did we listen?

When they told us not to get involved with–you know–anyone who would influence us to do the wrong thing–did we listen?

When they told us that “boy or girl” was not for us–did we listen?

When they told us–“I can’t wait until you have your own children” –did we listen?

If we’re honest with ourselves when we remember what we were told, we have to admit–we should have listened.

God is trying to teach us right now–every day–through His Word–are we listening?  If we haven’t been, it’s time to start, before it’s too late.

While we have a chance, learn to listen to those who are wise; they are wise because they experienced life and with those experiences–good or bad–wisdom grows!

What Are We Teaching Our Children?

What do you want your children to learn?

The Word tells us to “train up a child in the way they should go, and when they get older, they will not depart from it (what they were taught).”

Are we training our children to seek a path of greed, complacency, violence and selfishness? What do they see us doing? Whether we like it or not–our children watch what we do and say, and then do what we do. What do they see us doing or saying?

Watching The View the other morning, I was appalled to hear Whoopie Goldberg talk about teaching her grandson to use profanity. I wasn’t in the room with the television, but I could hear what was being said and when I went into the room to hear, I was ashamed. How could anyone think that teaching a child to use profanity was cute? And she just joked about it–like it was no big deal. It was a big deal to me.

I’m raising my grandson and it’s very difficult to teach him the things he should do, when there is so much out there–in the music, on the television–that he shouldn’t do. What I have said to him is this–If you don’t hear me say it; you can’t say it. If you don’t see me doing it; you can’t do it. And then, after I’ve admonished him about his behavior–I watch my own. No, I’m not a perfect human being–there aren’t any. However, I can teach my grandson to be a really good, considerate, and generous person who does not have to use profanity to communicate with anyone. How about that! I can train him to be a great communicator on another level–a level that demonstrates someone raised him in a loving, nurturing environment and one in which all around him knew how to effectively communicate–without using profanity.

What are you teaching your children?