Every Once in A While!

Every now and then, I stop and think

About my life and where I am, on the brink

Of greatness or mediocrity, full of joy or sadness

Thinking about world events and all the madness

That makes no sense, has no rhyme or reason

And then I reflect, all the more this season,

Getting close to Mother’s Day!

Even though mine is gone–over 20 years now,

I can’t help but remember, her living and how

She kept us line, taught us morals and work ethics

Provided a basis of faith, though she sometimes wavered,

And deep in my heart, I knew I was not who she favored,

But she loved us–each and everyone–not with words,

So much, but her actions were loud and no one misunderstood,

What she meant, with hugs or with the short end of wood

Of a switch we had to choose for her to use when we foolishly

Disobeyed or created chaos and unrest in her home.

So, every once in a while, I sit and ponder, the life she made

For us–not wealthy in material things, but we learned so much more

And she find excuses not work, two jobs and we were still poor,

Materially, but spiritually we thrived and survived and two of us

Are yet here to remind each other,

About our idiosyncratic mother–may she rest in peace.

Every once in a while, give mothers their due and think about how

You can show them some love; especially if they are still here-wow

Them and if not–send some love to those up above

In the heavenlies, reminding self–nothing like a true mother’s love!


Lord Jesus, help us to be mindful of our mothers–here or gone and help us to better at being a mother after Your heart, so our children and grandchildren will think about us–every once in a while!


All I Can Do!

No matter how many resolutions we make,

No matter how often we reflect upon the past,

Seeking understanding, paths we don’t want to take

Studying The Word, so our endeavors will last,

Trying always to please God in all things,

Expecting the Blessings obedience brings

So we can enjoy the abundant life,

The promise of our King of Kings!

And when we have done all we can do, the only thing left is to wait to see the promises fulfilled, knowing that God is not a man that He should lie and what He has said, He will bring it to pass. What He has begun in us as a good work, He is faithful to complete and we have to know that there is no good thing, He will withhold from His children.

We are children of the Most High and we walk in His favor–when we believe we receive we shall have all we have asked for and we know there is nothing impossible with God.

All shall be as God has ordained it to be from the foundation of the earth, He knows and understands the trials we face and He has provided a means of escape from all that would attempt to bombard us with doubt–we simply trust Him to do all things well on our behalf.

When we pray, we give thanks and praise to the Only Wise God, Creator of Heaven and lover of our souls. He is the great I Am, The Truth, The Light and The Way, making ways where there were none for us to enjoy the abundant life–the enemy hopes to steal from us. And in all things, we present our petitions and requests in the name of Jesus, as He has said and He will be our advocate with the Father and it shall be done.

Having done all we know to do, then we stand firm on our faith in The Word, immovable, without any doubt, knowing that He and He alone can bring us out of the turmoil and into the pleasant places of His design.

I have done all I can do and now Father, in the name of Jesus, I askĀ  for Your divine intervention in all things so I may move forward, promoting the gospel and encouraging others to Your glory. Tear down the strongholds in the minds of those who have been blinded by the enemy and cause all of his plans to cease and desist, immediately. I surrender my will and thoughts for You to mold and direct as only You can and I wait with patience to hear Your reply.