Yep! It’s Poetry Month!

In The Rabbit Hole
Mary M. Hall-Rayford © 2014

Raking the leaves, turning the soil,
I noticed the burrows dug deep,
But decided to stay on course with my plan,
To clean up the yard before the rain seeped,
Into the atmosphere, spreading across the land
Keeping me from my goal to beautify
All that anyone could see with the naked eye,
And enjoy the fruits of my labor and then,
Suddenly, I lost control of balance and
Started to sink in the hole, I had noticed,
But refused to think about then,
And now as I screamed for help from anyone
I discovered none heard, for no one was near
To my hear my heart-rend screeches or to see the tears
That flowed as I thought all was lost, but
Then I had to reflect about all I knew
About rabbit, whole and how they tasted in stew.

So I remembered Alice, and her plight in the same
And thought about what she might do
Against all odds, earthworms and grubs,
Dirt and stuff I could not even name
No wonder her journey, garnered such fame.

But I must not lose sight of my tale as it is,
May not bring glory and fame, but tis
The stuff whole novels abound with characters
Made in the quickness of thought,
And hopefully, many books will be bought
To see the end of this tale
That I now attempt to regale,
On a spring evening when all through the city
Everyone was busy, raking lawns and seeding
Not worrying about feeding the rabbits who
Waiting for someone to help them reach their goal
By falling in their hole,
Losing their minds and soon their souls,
To the depths of adventure that lie within,
Watch and see if I emerge with a grin,
Victorious in all things, until the very end.


Who We Are!

“You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness” (1 Thessalonians 5:5 NIV).

Children of the light

Let your light shine bright

Children of the day,

Do all things, God’s way.

We have no need to hide

The things we do or in choosing which side,

Whose influence we follow on our journey in life

We understand the role of husband and wife.

As long as there is love flowing from above,

We will lift His name, obey His Word, and love

All we meet and greet in the name of Jesus,

Never allowing the works of darkness to enter

Our minds, defeat our spirits, or to hinder our souls

From entering into the promise of eternity in heaven,

To spend that time with Him who created all things

And has assured us of victory in all things, to His Glory.

We are children of The Light

We are children of The Day

God is our Father, We say what He says!

It’s all in The Word, the foundation of our faith,

Nothing will move us or deter us or cause us to waver

Or doubt the Truth of God’s Word, or Jesus our Savior.

We Can Have What We Ask!

“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you”(John 15:16).

Before the foundation of the earth was laid,

God, in His infinite wisdom, fulfilled plans made,

Choosing us, ordaining us to do His will

So we could ask, whatever we will,

In the name of Jesus and receive,

God’s promises to those who believe.

He knew, Him, we would not choose,

But loved us enough so we would not lose,

Opportunity to having a right relationship,

With Him, who created all things, for us to enjoy

Knowing without Him, Satan, would have our souls to whip,

Influencing our minds, treating us like unwanted toys,

Bruised and broken and ready to throw away,

But Jesus died on the cross, thwarting all Satan’s plans

Fulfilling God’s plans to make sure salvation for man

Became a reality and not just a plan. Now choosing is on us;

Will you receive Him, as your Savior, today

And come into His knowledge of mercy that is just?

The decision to choose to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, is not always an easy one for many people and the reason is–their unwillingness to give up those things that keep them from living right before God. Some make excuses, some attempt to justify, but I am here today; I just want to testify of God’s goodness for all He has chosen and ordained to bring forth fruit–in His name–telling everyone, everywhere I go–that Jesus is Lord and I know for myself that His promises are true; what He has done for me, He will also do for you because He is not a respecter of persons. What He does for one, He’ll do for others.

Try Him. Shake off the attitude of unbelief and believe in His goodness and know that He chose you from the beginning–to give you life abundantly without reservation and all you need to do is repent, receive, and believe that Jesus is and always will be, with you and you’ll never be alone. He loved you enough to die for you as part of the Father’s plan, will you love Him enough to live for Him–starting right now?

Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask for hearts to be touched and souls to be won to the Kingdom for Your glory. We pray for them to find bible-based-teaching churches where their thirst for knowledge can be filled and ignited and fueled to share what they know with others, producing good fruit. We thank You for Your Word we can use as our guide for doing all things well at Your direction so others will know and receive You this day. Amen!

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Poetry Month

A Whirl of Words

Whether it is one, or two or many

They swirl in the atmosphere

Painting visions without a brush

Each stroke widening the canvas

Embedded with sharp edges and smoothness

Igniting passion and pain, joy and sadness

Casting shadows on truth, embellishing lies

Gripping hearts and minds, bringing to light darkness

Or what was dark, now is light

Unveiling patterns of wickedness

Delighting young and old alike,

Just within reach of our grasp and yet often elusive,

Springing into life when captured,

Penned down to papyrus or space

Unseen, but visible to millions at a one time

They attack or attach at the whim of each use

They heal and mend hearts or

Make hearts cringe and singe and render

Havoc in spaces when peace is desired

They insist and resist traditions of time

As they create nuances of their own, now here

Now there or erased and redone

Invigorating or debilitating one never knows,

But what would we do in a world without


© Mary M. Hall-Rayford  2013

Stay in the Fight!

When trouble comes your way

Do you play dead or stay in the fight?

To see just how victorious you will be

Determination, passion, yeah that’s the key

To success—achieving your dreams no matter

What others think or how it may seem,

This is your time, no slacking, doubting

Your claim to your name being bounced

Around—flying here and there—in the minds

Of all who can and will do something about

This crazy carousel ride—careening through the night

Almost tossing you to the ground, but holding on

With all your might—you make it to the end and discover

You were right all along; this could be a song of

Deliverance, patience, fortitude, and might bringing

Justice and victory closer, just within sight

Of the naysayers so they can see, just how grand

Life is when you stay in the fight!