Remembering Those Who Speak God’s Word!

“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, and forever. Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings.” (Hebrews 13: 7-9 NIV)

People remember others for many things–the good and the bad–but when it comes to living a life that is pleasing to God and encourages others to desire to please Him, we are reminded to–remember those who speak God’s Word.

However, we tend to remember those accused of immorality, corruptibility, and foolishness–we remember their deeds, and with the memory, most can never recall them ever serving our awesome wise God. So, why are we remembering them–not just constantly bringing them to the forefront of our memories, but bringing them to light so others will also remember–all the bad stuff.

We are quick to remember those in leadership who did things that became a matter of public criticism–Clinton and Lewinsky, come to mind and then there are so many others that I cannot recall their names or what they did, but if someone reminded me, I’d probably remember. The issue for me is–and this is not a political statement–is that regardless of what people do, if they are not living a life that’s pleasing to God or encouraging others to do so–why should we care?

We are living in an era in which access to information is immediate. And without taking the time to carefully dissect, analyze what we hear, we sometimes become the unwitting participate in the spreading of gossip and innuendo that irreparably harm others. We take allegations with no proof and spread them like an uncontrollable wildfire. We make people guilty of things that have never brought conviction upon them. And when some don’t agree with an opinion of others–daring to not agree with them–we slice and dice, and resort to name-calling and personal attacks and then think we are superior to those we attack.

The only information that should concern us–the Gospel of Jesus Christ–and those who speak The Word–encouraging us to live a life pleasing to God and not just to beat us over the head with it. One of the most interesting things I’ve ever witnessed is for some (well-known) preachers to beat people over the head with The Word, criticize others for being caught up and exposed in sin, and then have their own sins exposed for all the world to see–after they have openly judged others for their wrong-doing. This is one of the reasons we are told to not judge others for their mistakes for we are all subject to failing in areas of our lives.

We should not openly condemn people for drinking and driving if we get up every Sunday morning, preaching the Word to others, but unable to do so, without a little help from a bottle. We should not openly condemn people for living in sin (any type of sin) if we’re doing the same thing, but think we’re hiding it from the world. One of the reasons many don’t believe The Word is because they have only paid attention to the hypocrisy seen in those who proclaim The Gospel, but don’t know how to live the life.

So we come to this passage of scripture–remember those leaders who speak the Word and live it before all. Are we the type of leader who speaks The Word and people will remember us for speaking it and living it? Or are we the type of leader people will remember for all our wrong-doing?

If we live a life according to The Word we speak–our lives indeed will be memorable–and people will share what they remember to the Glory of God when they think of us. They will remember The Word we live more than The Word we speak.

Here’s a preview of what some of the notable preachers are doing and what some think of them (criticizing without proof), and my own thoughts about, preachers. I pray you’ll enjoy and write a review.


Don’t Be Moved!

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” (I Corinthians 15:58 NIV)

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2014 and face the challenges of 2015--don’t be moved–tempted to join the masses in thinking there is no hope.

No matter who sits in the White House, they are not God–they do not hold our future in their hands and there is nothing they can do to change God’s plans. They may be used as part of God’s plans, but they cannot change God’s plans.

Neither will it matter who holds the majority votes in either the House or the Senate–God is still God–even if some politicians think they are, they’re not.

No matter how negative the media reports every event–they will have to stand before God one day, too and give account for how they reported news and so will their producers–whose biases are represented in the news reports.

No matter how many people are killed by the negligence of gun owners, police, or criminals–God still has the last word–and soon, very soon, all will know that the NRA is not God nor do they represent Godly behavior.

No matter how many people appear to suffer at the hands of dictators and godless leaders–God will wipe the slate clean and all who honor and respect Him, will be vindicated.

No matter who attempts to change the intent of God’s Word to appease the masses for fleshly pleasure–they, too will stand before God and give account of themselves, but before that–they will see firsthand how the wrath of God deals with those who profess to know Him, but live in opposition to His Word.

No matter how many people say we, who Believe are foolish and unlearned–don’t be moved–the same was said of those God used to inspire to write down what He said. Remember this–the fool has said in his heart there is no God and then allowed his lips to utter the same expression. Don’t be moved by their unbelief, God will move them.

No matter what 2015 brings into our lives–stand firm, unmovable, in the faith that we are victorious in all things and no matter what the enemy attempts to do to deter us–we shall not be moved because with God going before us–He is more than the world against us! Hallelujah!

Not Guilty!

“For I have kept the ways of the LORD; I am not guilty of turning from my God.” (Psalm 18:21 NIV)

Will we ever be in a position–like David–to say, “I’m not guilty of turning away from my God?”

As individuals, we can say we’re not guilty of a number of things–we’re not guilty of breaking the laws of the land, we’re not guilty of breaking marriage vows, we’re not guilty of hating for no reason, but as a nation, would our declaration be a lie?

Those who are elected officials, who swore to look out for the best interests of all the people, they cannot make this declaration.

Judges, who are either elected or appointed–cannot make this declaration.

Police officers, hired and paid with tax-payer dollars, cannot make this declaration.

Lawmakers and lawbreakers, like Siamese Twins–cannot make this declaration.

Preachers–those who say God called them to promote the Gospel–cannot make this declaration.

Of course, there are a few–who can state without fear of contradiction, that they have not turned away from God, but when we look at the state of the nation, how many can truly make that declaration?

God knows and since it He has already proclaimed that only a remnant will be saved in the end, the few who are faithful, are not a surprise to Him.

When we turn back to God, and do things the way He has said we should do them, honoring Him in all aspects of our living, then and only then, can we say, emphatically, “I’m not guilty” of turning away from God!

Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?

“Love the LORD, all you godly ones! For the LORD protects those who are loyal to him, but he harshly punishes the arrogant. So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the LORD!” (Psalm 31:23,24 NLT)

When the world appears to be falling apart all around us, many wonder–why is God letting this happen? Every day–we hear about tragedies–genocides, homicides, suicides, hatred, violence, people starving, people homeless, people dying from lack of drinkable water, and appropriate medical access–all of this is happening all around us, everyone is complaining, but not many are doing anything about it.

Are those of us who are “godly ones” loving God? Are we loyal to Him or are we the arrogant?

Just because we say, “we love God” if we are not doing, Love, we lie. There are many who say they love Him and many more who deny His existence. In order for us to understand what befalls us in life, we must understand where our loyalties lie.

There are some people who would never betray their job–they are there every day, on time, going above and beyond their job description in order to amass the attention of those who can help them move up.

There are those who would never betray a gang member–they want to impress and are determined how loyal they are by doing all the stupid things the gangs say do–kill, assault, steal–whatever it takes.

There are those who would never betray a spouse–doing everything they can please them even when they are being abused–emotionally, physically, and verbally–they are loyal to a fault.

There are those who would never betray a friend–they keep their secrets even when they shouldn’t, they will lie for them, cheat for them, always looking for ways to demonstrate their loyalty.

Are we as determined to demonstrate our loyalty to God as we are to other people? Yes, we need people in our lives–who are godly people, but they should never take the place of God in our lives. It is He who provides us everything we need and in some cases–He even brought that spouse, or job or friend into our lives, but the minute we develop a relationship with the people–we forget about our loyalty to God. When we forget about being loyal to God, stuff happens and if we’re honest with ourselves, we have no need to wonder why.

When our loyalty to people supersedes our loyalty to God–we stop interceding in our prayer life, we stop caring about others that are not in our circle, we look at the homeless and hungry and say, “that’s too bad–I’m praying for you.” We would rather look the other way than get involved with legislators who have yet to prove they know how to legislate for the benefit of all people. Our loyalties are limited to the circle that encompasses us and there is no room for God. This is why we see tragedies all around us.  We have misplaced loyalties.

When our loyalties are to God–He protects us–but the arrogant–those who think they don’t need Him or have to acknowledge His existence, are the ones who are beyond His protection.

Where do your loyalties lie today?




Just About Now!

Surviving one of the harshest winters seen in Michigan has led me to think about a number of things. What does it all mean–the extreme weather conditions, the rise of dark deeds to daylight, the political apathy perpetuated by those who are supposed to know how to get things done, and yet–the country is in limbo because of their lack of compassion and integrity in all things. People are killing people without thinking about the consequences or impact of lives left behind–the moral fabric of this nation has been shredded and repairs seem non-existent. What should we do?

Just about now, everyone should be praying–like never before for God to have mercy on us–a rebellious nation, who refuses to obey His Word.

“If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray–turn from their wicked ways–then will I hear from heaven and heal the land” (paraphrased).

Who is called by His name? Anyone who professes to have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, calling upon God the Father, and living in obedience to His Word is called by His Name–Wonderful Counselor, Provider, Healer, children of the most High God–start praying!

We have allowed the demons to direct their deeds of darkness to rise to daylight instead of staying hidden in the shadows of guilt. Now those deeds are celebrated–in the light of day–worshipped and adored–openly rebellious against all that God has said is wrong and we wonder why our nation is in the state it is!

When people refuse to act without thinking–the negative consequences mount to staggering proportions, impacting people in phenomenal proportions and the sin spreads like an unstoppable wave–encroaching further and further into the hearts of those who once knew and appreciated God, revered Him and not man’s propensity to perpetuate unrighteousness in people who are doomed to failure in ways we have never seen before and will not live to see again, if this attitude prevails.

Just about now–we should all be able to see the writing on the wall–the demise of mankind because of rebellious spirits who are man-pleasers and not God-pleasers.

Father, in the name of Jesus, forgive us for ignoring Your Word and help us to understand the magnitude of our actions and how rebellion against Your Word impacts all nations and has consequences for future generations, our descendants who will pay for our sin. Give us a heart full of desire to please You, rather than flesh of any kind (man or woman) and steer in the right direction that will save our nation and our childrens’ futures. We thank You for hearing and answering all prayers that honor You.

Chosen, Not Rejected!

“I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you” (Isaiah 41:9 NIV)

Spoken through the prophet, God reminded the descendants of Abraham they had no need to fear other nations because He had chosen them and not rejected them. That Word is still relevant to the spiritual descendants of Abraham, just as it was to the natural descendants of Abraham.

The Lord our God, has called us–from every corner of the earth, every nationality, every culture, every gender, the spiritual seed of Abraham–into a personal relationship with Him and to promote the glorious Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have no need to fear what the enemy does or plans to do. God is with us and with Him, He is more than enough to squash all the deeds of the enemy.

If we know that our God is with us–everywhere we go–we have to no need to fear–anything or anyone. If we are capable of loving, unconditionally, we cast fear aside and face all we need to do with determination and courage, knowing that we can do all things through Him who loves us. If we know that the enemy will rise up against–especially if we are living the life that God wants us to live–we should also know that he has already been defeated and we have the power to keep him under our feet.

The enemy that rages against God and all that God has planned has been defeated, but he loves to use people–vulnerable, arrogant, insensitive, those without a conscience to create havoc and chaos and stir up fear in the hearts of those who want to do what is right.  When those he uses are defeated and fade away, he goes after others who have lost sight of their faith in God and have become fearful.

The enemy’s influence is seen in all who defy God and choose to live however they want to live. His influence can be seen from the heights of authority of power to the depths of the gutters where those who lay, totally ignorant of the events around them, are only concerned with appeasing flesh. In America–from the White House–to the dope den and all places in between, we see the enemy’s influenceWe see how he turns the hearts of politicians from serving the needs of the poor. We see how caving to the pressure of political correctness attempt to change God’s Word. We see how maniacal attitudes–swing from end of the spectrum to the other–fight for the lives of unborn children, yet promote access to killing people with guns in the hands of every lunatic. We see–every day the plans of the enemy unfold as he attempts to quickly rid the world of all God has created because he hates all God has created.

But don’t fear what the enemy can do because his time is nearing an end. Be more concerned with severing a relationship with God that saves, cleanses, and makes whole. Don’t risk losing eternal life with the One who loves for the one who hates.  God is love and Satan is hate–and we recognize the influence of both in all we see people say and do. We have been chosen from the beginning to promote love, so let’s do that and reject hate!

Fingerpointing Can Incriminate Self!

“Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted” (Galatians 6:1 NIV).

This admonition from Paul to the church at Galatia is still relevant today. None of us can afford to consistently point out faults in others, when we have our own faults to handle. This is especially true when we can always “see” what others are doing and never see what we are doing.

Several incidents come to mind with this scripture–Jimmy Swaggert condemning the Bakers, Newt Gingrich condemning Bill Clinton, Republicans who are always faultfinding and then being found in their own faults, and on and on. People–human beings–sometimes fall short of being perfect in our eyesight. But then, none of us are perfect so we might as well stop pointing fingers at others. Apparently, we have forgotten when we point one finger at someone else–three other fingers (our own) are pointing at us.

Does this mean that we ignore sin? No, it doesn’t. It means that when a person sins, they are to be forgiven, and restored “when they repent of the sin–turning away from it” and we who are in Christ–should not be so unforgiving that we forget–we too can err.

Why discuss finger-pointing? Throughout social media sites, online pubs, etc. there are multitude of naysayers–who have nothing better to do than to find fault with the President. While I don’t agree with everything he does, I use my time praying for him–not belittling him. After all, my relationship with God won’t allow me to condemn the man, when the condemnation could be directed at me. Instead of being a hate-monger, I’d rather be a prayer-warrior which aligns with The Word. 

Everyone who proclaims to be a Christian and has a right relationship with God should be praying for those with whom we disagree, not condemning them. After all, none of us are perfect and we are all prone to making mistakes–some deliberately, some not. I’d rather love and pray, than hate and condemn. I disagree with many things politicians do–on both sides of the aisles, but it has not stopped me from praying for them. Public humiliation directed at any group actually becomes public humiliation for the one who attempts to undermine others. The world is laughing at us in America because we are so self-righteous in our thinking we are better than all others in the world. It’s time to take a look in the mirror, truly see who we are, and realize–we are not “all that”!

Father, in the name of Jesus, remove the scales from our eyes so we can truly see us for who we are and then create in us a desire to be the people You want us to be.

Ravaging Politicism (excerpt 3)


Expecting morality to be a foundational behavioral concept for anyone living in the 21st Century is a waste of time; especially for politicians. Morality—they cannot spell it, have no idea how to live it, and probably could not find the word in a dictionary. That is just how foreign the word is to them.  However, let’s not leave out the rest of citizenry of our great country. If any were asked to define the word, most would not be able to give a credible definition and if asked and they were honest, they would not be able to say—they live a moral life (well, amoral would be accurate).

So why is it that we all get our underwear in bunches and knots raging and ranting about the idiot some of us elected, when their immorality is exposed? Did we not know? Could we not see? The people we elect to positions of authority are the same people that live next door to us, who fight and party and do all sorts of things. Why would anyone in their right mind think they would behave differently, if they were elected to a position?

Well, perhaps part of the problem is that not many people in their right mind are even voting during election these days. I understand. When there is not a great selection from which to choose, why bother! I am seriously considering either not voting or writing in my own name for any election in which I participate in the future. The blinders are off—none of them are worth my time and energy for consideration. Our supposed democracy is such a joke that it is beyond laughable. We might as well just sit back and say whoever can raise the most money, tell the best lies, and manipulate truth the best can have the office—any office—since they are all as corrupt as the next one. What happened to the people who had integrity? What happened to people who respected themselves and cared about others? What happened to “transparency” with regarding to fundraising for elections? That’s a biggie! Only the rich are represented in our current democracy, the rest of us just have to put up with what we get—our voices do not matter in any election. The rich do what the rich do—whatever they want—and then allow us to think our voices matter.

Somewhere along the line, our voices should matter, but when that will happen depends upon everyone reading and sharing this. The people—all the people—need to stand united against economic tyranny and declassification of the middle class and the poor. After all, we are people—real people—with real needs. We need to have government officials who care more about the people who put them into office than their raunchy bedside manners with women who are not their wives. First, we would need to teach those “extras” how to respect themselves and not get used by elected cad. They would have to be told that they would never be more than an extra in the life of a politician, never the main character in the life of easy street. The real problem with this approach is—who is going to teach them when there are not many who understand what a monogamous relationship is or should be?

While we are trying to determine what to do about the extras, the elected idiots are creating legislation that promotes immorality for all who want to participate. Most of the laws legislating morality have been struck down in the name of “stupidity” (I could not say what I really wanted to say here).  Once again, it becomes a matter of being “politically correct” versus morally right. The “Superior Stupine Court Justices (those who think are arrogant enough to think they are superior, but really specially stupid) are co-signing the stupidity and we are left with a morally bereft society in which no one knows what the end is going to be. Well, there is One who knows, but many will not believe Him.

Ravaging Politicism


When looking at our society today and trying to make sense of the stupidity that reigns one has to wonder—how did we reach this point in life? The answer could be very simply put forth for discussion and analysis, but the problems attached to the answer are too complex to be simple. We are living in an era in which we attempt to hold people to standards when in reality those standards no longer exist and have not for some time.

We expect people in certain positions to uphold a modicum of respect for the office, even if it is obvious the person holding the office, deserves no respect. We attempt to hold people to standards of morals when we have been an amoral society for decades and there does not appear to be any attempt for anyone to change the flavor of our valueless society.

We attempt to hold parents accountable for raising productive children while taking away their rights to do so and then wonder why our children are on the rampage.

We attempt to hold teachers to high academic standards of excellence when in reality—we tie their hands and muzzle over their mouths when the teachers dare to voice their concerns about the conditions under which they are expected for perform. Performance indeed is an accurate portrayal of what teachers are expected to do. They are expected to perform—miracles—with students who either cannot or will not cooperate in the learning process, with reduced budgets and a lack of resources that defies logic, and with micro-managing administrators who do not have a clue as to what should happen in a classroom, and certainly, do not know what is  happening in the classroom.

Then we have the standards of religious posturing that have no real meaning, but are laughable and people have the nerve to wonder why church attendance is down in so many “religious institutions.” When we have demoralized morals—and labelled it political correctness—we open the door to the powers of negativity and ruination and allow them to run rampant—causing confusion and chaos everywhere and then we sit back and wonder—why! Granted, not everyone believes in the God of creation and this is not really about what one believes or does not believe.

This unraveling diatribe is about the reality that has beset us and one in which we are so mired that we cannot see our way back to a rationale in our approach to life that makes it possible for us to regain any civility we have lost. As a result of our current predilection regarding political correctness as a standard, I have endeavored to expound on the results of our foolishness and bring to the forefront the issue of the ravaging politicism that is so pervasive in our society that reason is no longer a sound principle for most of our society.

To make sure that everyone reading maintains a focused view (no straying) to what is being said, the following definitions are used to coin the phrase—“ravaging politicism”—so that all can interpret with accuracy the state of our society.

Politicism—considering the verb—politicize—which means to bring a political flavor into a situation. In this case, it is the political arena, wooing citizens to win their confidence in a time of election.

Changing the verb into a noun by adding the suffix—ism—which means to develop a distinctive doctrine, theory, system or practice—we have—viola—politicism.

Ravaging—to ruin or cause ruinous damage or harm to someone or something. For the purposes of this brief dissertation, it is ruining what was supposed to be the threads of a civilized society in which morals and values are revered.

Referencing statements made in the introduction, let me begin with the damage that has brought us to our knees on an academic un-achievement level. We are ranked average based upon recent findings in the report according to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development updated 10/1/2012). When looking at the compilation of scores, average is not an accurate description of what the ranking should be. On a scale up 1000, our reading scores were 500, math scores 487, and science scores 502. Now, I admit I am not a mathematician, but 50% is failing, not average. But then, I did not do the ranking and those who did, probably hoped that anyone reading this report would not see the fallacy that can be concluded from the following excerpt.

The three-yearly OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)             report, which compares the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in 70 countries    around the world, ranked the United States 14th out of 34 OECD countries for   reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics.

The response from our “revered leader in education” makes the following statement:

“This is an absolute wake-up call for America,” U.S. Education Secretary Arne             Duncan said in an interview with The Associated Press. “The results are extraordinarily            challenging to us and we have to deal with the brutal truth. We have to get much more       serious about investing in education.”

Now while I realize that not everyone considers Huffington Post a reliable media source, I am fairly confident in using them as a source for my stance. [—retrieved on 1/31/2014]

I have so much more to say–stay tuned for upcoming posts in the next week or so. Please forgive previous post–formatting issues.

Redeeming Light!

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin” (1 John 1:7).

Light exposes things for all to see. When most of us get out of bed, one of the first things we do is to turn on a light. This is especially true if there are no “night lights” used in a home. Why do we turn on the light? Even though we may be familiar with the placement of where things are, we still do not wish to experience bumping into things–just in case we misjudged the distance or placement. When we bump into furniture–we sometimes end up with bruises or excruciating pain. Unless we are addicted to feeling pain, none of us wants to deliberately cause ourselves pain.

God is Light. He exposes those things that are done in darkness and most acts of sin are done in “darkness” (lack of knowledge or when people attempt to hide). The enemy loves to cloak his influence in darkness–hidden truth from those he uses–and then laughs at those he uses when their deeds are exposed–uncovered for all to see. Truth and Light are synonymous. Lies are darkness are synonymous. When Light comes into a situation, darkness is dispelled and all that has been done is exposed under the Light.

All of the things that people do that are wrong–they have usually lied about, conducted the deed under cover of manipulation or deception, and thought they would never be exposed. They have been deceived–either by someone else or they have deceived themselves. When people think their wrong doing will never be exposed, they deceive themselves. This is how many politicians have been exposed–their arrogance–pride in themselves and thinking they are above reproach–has led them to being exposed for all the world to see–in the light of day. When children get into trouble because they had done something they knew was wrong, they thought they could get away with it so they lied about the deed. When husbands cheat on their wives, they started out lying and the lie was exposed. When wives cheat on their husbands, their lies are exposed.

Lies–to commit those things we are ashamed of and think we can hide them–leaves us in darkness. Truth–that operates in the light of day and every situation–leaves us open for inspection by all with nothing to hide. “But if we walk in the light (always telling truth), we can have fellowship (be in harmony with others)” and never have to worry about being exposed or hiding anything or lying about what we do. If we walk in darkness, thinking we will get away with what we do, we will be exposed by the light.  When we confess our sin (any wrong doing) to God, He is faithful and just to forgive us, but we never escape the consequences of those actions committed in darkness. God’s forgiveness does not negate consequences.

Which will it be for you? Will you walk in the light or stay in the dark? Remember, what we do in the dark can lead to pain–being bruised and scarred for life. Allow the Light to come into your life and laugh at the devil when he and his deeds are exposed.