I’m Voting for Joe Biden

I’m Voting for Joe Biden

Joe Biden For President–is better than a continuation of the idiocy we have endured for the past 3 1/2 years.

No one has to agree with me, but you might want to read what I’m saying before drawing conclusions based upon feelings and not facts. This is important because “feelings” have often led us astray.

Though Joe Biden has demonstrated the aging process is well underway (temporary memory lapses), he also has a proven track record and he’ll choose a cabinet and other advisors who are experts in their fields and they will guide him in making the right decisions for all and not just some Americans.

Joe Biden is respected by other world leaders and he will represent America well, in spite of the clean up job he’ll have to do convince others–trump is not America, nor does he represent American values.

Though Joe has, like most of us human beings, made mistakes in the past and erred in judgment about things based upon the knowledge and information he had then, just like we do–when we know better, we do better and I trust he’ll do what’s right for all now and in the future.

Now, people can think whatever they want to think, that’s their right, but if we start thinking about what’s best for America and all Americans, there is no other choice for a leader who can and will guide America into being a better place for all.

Just remember this–“feelings” have a place in our lives–just not in politics. It was feelings–negative ones against Hillary–that led us into this mess we’re all experiencing. Let’s just deal with the facts and put feelings aside and get Joe Biden elected president in 2020 and trust his choice for a running mate, instead of trying to badger him into choosing who we want.

I’m Mary Hall-Rayford and I endorse Joe Biden for president and discount anyone’s feelings to the contrary because feelings won’t get us where we need to be–as a world leader, the facts will–if we’re smart enough to act upon them.

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Happy Father’s Day!

I pray for every man who is a father after God’s own heart and especially for those are not.

There’s more to being a father than being part of the process of making a baby.  Fathers provide for their children and spend quality time with them, teaching them how to do things well, and guiding them in the right direction.  Fathers after God’s own heart, live the life of a father by patterning themselves after the greatest example of a Father.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that You bless all the men who are living with a relationship with You, and treating their children the way You treat us–with love in all things, guiding, teaching, and correcting when needed. We give You praise for You are the only One worthy of it.   Speak to the hearts of those who don’t have a relationship with You and turn their hearts towards You so they will hear You.  Bless this nation and continually speak to the heart our president as he strives to do what is best for every American.  Speak to hearts of all those who oppose him and guide them into a right relationship with You so that none in this country suffers needlessly.  In Jesus’ name I thank You for it all being done!  Amen!