Taryn–Trapped Character

God is truly awesome when He’s pouring insight into us.  While writing Trapped, it was the leading of the Lord who helped me to develop the story for the character, Taryn.  I’m doing some additional research into gender assignment and today, Katie Couric’s show dealt with the issue.  Amazing!  At any rate, I’d love to have some input from those who feel strongly about the issue–one way or another.  I’m writing a sequel to Trapped divulging specific details about the lives of the women involved, individually.  I’d like to know if people would like to see Taryn change her mind about the surgery or pursue it.  Comments are welcome as long as they are respectful of the process and to the person making the comments.  I have not decided how Taryn’s story will resolve itself and will consider the input provided, prayerfully.   If I use any part of your input, I’ll make sure you’re acknowledged in Taryn’s story. Thanks!