What God Reveals By His Spirit!

“However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”— the things God has prepared for those who love him—these are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” (I Corinthians 2:9,10 NIV)

When we run into people who say our faith in God is pointless, what do we do? Do we argue to no avail or do we simply stand firm on The Word?

When they say there is no God, we don’t have to argue the point, but remember this passage of Scripture. For those who say our existence is all about science, they have forgotten that God speaks to the heart of all who listen and even some of the scientists admit they don’t have an explanation for everything. Now, here’s the beauty of what some of them have come to realize–science does not create–it attempts to explain that which already exists and in some instances–scientists will develop something from that which already existed. Development is not creation. This is not to undermine what scientists do, but to point out that the scientists would have nothing to develop if God had not already created–all that was created.

Have we seen all of God’s Wisdom implemented in the earth? No, not yet. Will we ever? That depends upon us and how well we listen when He speaks. The deeper things this passage references have not been seen or heard of, but are yet to come.

Out of this passage of scripture, we get two things–hope and encouragement. No matter how bad things may appear, we haven’t seen the end of the matter because God is yet speaking, by His Spirit, to all who will hear. We are encouraged by The Word, knowing that there are still things we have not even thought about that will come to pass on our behalf. God knows what we need and He knows our heart’s desires. When we please Him, He responds by giving us the desires of our hearts.

Though it may not look like He is listening, He hears. Though it may not look like He is working on our behalf, He is. Remember this, we have not heard or seen all of the good things He has in store for us, but they will come and when we see them and hear them, we’ll know–it was all Him.

Don’t despair over what the naysayers have to say and don’t listen to the voices of those spirits who despise Him. Our God is awesome and He is more than enough! When He speaks to others by His Spirit, things begin to change for our good!


Simple Version–I Agree With God!

“Can you solve the mysteries of God? Can you discover everything about the Almighty? Such knowledge is higher than the heavens—and who are you? It is deeper than the underworld—what do you know?” (Job 11:7,8 NLT)

Age-old questions that man is still trying to answer and because there are some things that no one can explain–many have said, “There is no God!”

Why does God allow this happen? Why does God allow that to happen? Why are there starving people in the world? Why are there wars? Why do children suffer? Where was God when all the negative things in the world happened?

Instead of trying to waste brain power and time in explaining the “whys or why nots” of God’s allowance of things, I’ve determined there is one simple answer–I agree with God!

No, I don’t know everything and I’m in good company–neither does anyone else! But this one thing I do know–God knows and the last time I checked, He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for anything since He created all things–on His own–without consulting us.

What He has done–for our benefit–is to speak to those who were willing to listen and record what He said. Even though some think The Word is a book of fiction, they have yet not been able to deny the authenticity of actual segments of history. For this reason, scientists are always trying to disprove something in the bible only to discover they were wrong and God is right.

Pride truly is a terrible thing when we allow it get in the way of receiving God’s blessings. Only those with so much pride in their own limited knowledge of what they have discovered–will never see what God has truly planned for them. If we stop wasting our time in trying to determine the whys and just accept what He has done and is doing for all those who love Him, our time would be better served in accomplishing all that He wants us to do!

So, I don’t have any more answers about why God does or allows things than anyone else, but I have decided–rather than question Him–I’ll simply agree with Him and enjoy life and His many blessings!