How We Own Our Faults!

How We Own Our Faults!

But who can discern their own errors? Forgive my hidden faults. Psalm 19:12 NIV

One of the most difficult things most human beings have to do is to recognize their own shortcomings and faults. Why? We don’t like to see ourselves as we really are. Some might say, our refusal to see us as others see us, makes us delusional. In many cases, that is probably very true.

However, we don’t have to navigate our journey in life wearing blinders. When we are able to look at ourselves and admit our imperfections and faults, we put ourselves in position to be molded into the person God always intended us to be. Building character takes time and since our time on earth is limited, we shouldn’t waste it trying to be more than we are or were intended to be.

Let’s face it–many of us don’t recognize the ugliness that resides in us because we are too short-sighted to see it. What ugliness? The need in us to belittle others or to make fun of them. The urge we have to always say something about others that is not entirely true. The things we think we hide in our hearts–bigotry, rebellion, low self-esteem and our insecurities. We think we hide these things but because they reside in our hearts, they rise and surface for all to see, except us.

Think about it! That spirit that complains all the time in our heads about everything–surfaces and those around us hear the complaints when they are voiced. The nastiness that resides in our hearts rises when our tongues speak evil and we cuss everything and everyone who dares to disagree with us.

If we were ever able to force ourselves to see us as we really are and then work to change for the better, we defeat the enemy who attempts to influence us on every level. When we admit our shortcomings, the enemy has nothing to use against us. Willingness to see ourselves as we are is the first step to building character–changing us to be more like Christ. We don’t have to be dishonest, liars, thieves, complainers, or any other worthless thing–and when we build character, we become more valuable and are able to accomplish great things.

Let’s openly recognize and proclaim all those things that we think are hidden, but nothing is ever hidden from God. Then we can start building, one step at a time, the character that resides in the inner person, but has been hidden by our imperfections and our inability to recognize us when we see us.


It Is Written!

“It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ “

“It is also written:’Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’ “

“Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’ “

Matthew 4:4, 7, 10 NIV

Three times, Jesus told Satan who was trying to entice Him by engaging Him in nonsensical conversation and behavior. Tempting him to be a magician–“turn these stones into bread.” Tempting Him to destroy himself to prove himself–“throw yourself down” from the highest point of the temple. Tempting Him by offering what was not his to give--“All this I will give you if you bow down and worship me.” Satan was offering Jesus that which was already His.

And because Jesus knew who He was–confident in His role determined by the Father, He didn’t argue with Satan; He simply said, “it is written.”

Now, there was an assumption here on the part of Jesus and that was–Satan’s ability to read with understanding. Most educators know that not everyone who claims to know how to read, actually read with understanding. Some people are simply word-callers–they recognize and can sound out the words, but they do not understand the relationship between words in order to comprehend the context of what is being said.

The most tragic part of assessing a person’s ability to understand what is written is to determine that though many adults claim to read, they lack comprehension skills. And this is why–many are combative, angry, and irritable–they lack understanding and if we lack understanding, our confidence level sinks.

In order to know how to effectively avoid engagement with those who would attempt to deter us from destined path, we need to know what God says about us and the only we can know that is to get into His Word and seek Him for understanding. Then, when the enemy comes to tempt us, we can say, “It is written” for we have read what was written and understand it.

Having read instructions, directions, and even for entertainment, we can build our confidence in the knowledge that we comprehend and this strategy is useful in all walks of life. This is why having a paper trail–written communication–in business engagement is crucial. People forget, but if they attempt to say they were not informed and it was written, they have no argument.

So, let us endeavor to negate argumentative situations–no matter who instigates them by countering with, “It is written” and leaving it alone.

Warning, Warning!

“He’s hot, she’s hot,”

Everybody’s hot

But love, they ain’t got

For self or you

So, don’t consider who

They are over who you are

Let ’em slide on by,

With their slick-willy self

Lying, whining, pretending

To care, but really just using

Anyone they can, used to abusing

All who are desperate for love,

When all they have is lust,

They hit it and quit it and think it’s just

To pass you on to another when

They’ve had enough–of you.


Don’t fall into the trap of letting

Anyone use and abuse you to soothe

Themselves out of anger, mischief,

Or just being a jerk, you are more

Precious than that and you need to see

You as God sees you–not a doormat

Or depository for their maleness–they’re not men,

And it’s time your eyes were opened,

And your ears cleaned to hear how they

Talk behind your back, treating you like dirt,

They think it’s cute to use you, not minding the hurt

You feel when they leave you wet, busted, and disgusted

With yourself because you let it happen,

When you defeated self with desperation and self-loathing,

How could you? Why would you–let anyone take from you

All the good that God poured into you

So you could do the things He wanted for you,

But now you have to think about–is there anything left

Of you to be used to His glory

And not those who use you to pacify themselves?


Wake up and smell the air that surrounds you,

Make sure the stench doesn’t bind and trap you,

Into a slavery of another kind, created in the minds

Of those who love to use those who are weak

And unsure of self, needing love, but getting lust

Stirred in mind and body and then promoting you as the biggest

Loser because you were lost in them and not in One who

Loves you the most and will never leave you hanging out to dry.


So, now it’s time to try Him for yourself-

And see that some males and females

Are just out to get what they want and never

Care about you as a person or worthy of love,

Save yourself–your virtue–your mind and body

For the One who truly loves, from above.

I’m Coming Down Front Street

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