Decently and Orderly!

“Let all things be done decently and in order.” (I Corinthians 14:40 NKJV)

To keep things in context before I start my rant, remember this verse has to do with doing all things decently and in order in the church; especially in how we conduct church services. Though I could “rant” about how many don’t understand this as it pertains to the church, I’d rather take another route so hopefully, people will think about how they do things–outside of the church, as well as inside.

Old School Teaching about Etiquette–apparently no one is teaching anyone how to conduct themselves when in the presence of others. So, I decided to take this upon myself because rudeness and inconsiderate people really try my patience.

1. Ignoring given time-frames for an event and showing up whenever a person feels like it is rude and inconsiderate. People don’t have to explain why they decide to do things at a specific time and if a person plans to participate in the event, they should be on time. If they cannot be on time, don’t attend at all. But do send the host an RSVP whether attending or not so they don’t waste their money.

2. Ignoring common courtesies such as–not talking with a mouth full of food (no one wants to see what you’re chewing), having “very loud” conversations on a cell phone in public (this is your business and the rest of don’t need to know it).

3. Knowing that children have not been raised to respect other adults and taking them with you to be rude and disrespectful. Until a child is trained how to behave away from home–keep them at home so no one will just how neglectful you’ve been as a parent.

4. Excluding other people invited to an event in a home. People should learn how to communicate effectively with conversation that all can join–not play games that exclude others when there are number of people at the event.

5. Inviting yourself to eat at someone’s home. Don’t visit other people or drop by their house and ask for their food. If offered, then it’s okay; but if not offered, don’t ask–this is a sign of no home-training whatsoever. If you don’t know how they budget their food for their convenience, don’t disrupt the flow of someone’s plans for themselves.

This list could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. Etiquette rules–though not followed very often–are still available online and in bookstores. Think about this–how would you want someone to treat you and your home?

If I have offended any–good–perhaps it’s time someone told you how to act in public. If any have learned anything–even better since the purpose was to remind people how to act in public. When we learn how to do things at home and practice it at all times, we have no need to be reminded when in public.

I’m praying for us all to learn to do things decently and in order at all times–in church and at home!