Warning, Warning!

“He’s hot, she’s hot,”

Everybody’s hot

But love, they ain’t got

For self or you

So, don’t consider who

They are over who you are

Let ’em slide on by,

With their slick-willy self

Lying, whining, pretending

To care, but really just using

Anyone they can, used to abusing

All who are desperate for love,

When all they have is lust,

They hit it and quit it and think it’s just

To pass you on to another when

They’ve had enough–of you.


Don’t fall into the trap of letting

Anyone use and abuse you to soothe

Themselves out of anger, mischief,

Or just being a jerk, you are more

Precious than that and you need to see

You as God sees you–not a doormat

Or depository for their maleness–they’re not men,

And it’s time your eyes were opened,

And your ears cleaned to hear how they

Talk behind your back, treating you like dirt,

They think it’s cute to use you, not minding the hurt

You feel when they leave you wet, busted, and disgusted

With yourself because you let it happen,

When you defeated self with desperation and self-loathing,

How could you? Why would you–let anyone take from you

All the good that God poured into you

So you could do the things He wanted for you,

But now you have to think about–is there anything left

Of you to be used to His glory

And not those who use you to pacify themselves?


Wake up and smell the air that surrounds you,

Make sure the stench doesn’t bind and trap you,

Into a slavery of another kind, created in the minds

Of those who love to use those who are weak

And unsure of self, needing love, but getting lust

Stirred in mind and body and then promoting you as the biggest

Loser because you were lost in them and not in One who

Loves you the most and will never leave you hanging out to dry.


So, now it’s time to try Him for yourself-

And see that some males and females

Are just out to get what they want and never

Care about you as a person or worthy of love,

Save yourself–your virtue–your mind and body

For the One who truly loves, from above.

It’s Me O Lord!

“It’s me, it’s me, it’s me O Lord, standing in the need of prayer.”

This song, learned many years ago, rose in my spirit this morning and it gave me pause to think. I spend a great deal of time praying for others–for situations–in their lives and on personal and global levels. When I started singing this song (in my spirit), I realized that I need prayer, too. So, if you feel the same way I do, this post is dedicated to you, too.

Father, in the name of Jesus,

I wake up each morning with gratitude, thanking You for all You have done.

I study Your Word and listen carefully to hear You speak, before I write one word

To be published, in an effort to teach, share and encourage.

I make sure that others know that I’m praying with and for them,

On a daily basis, and never ignore a request for prayer when I see it.

But Lord, sometimes the burden gets so heavy, that I become weak

In my spirit and know that I have to rely upon You to get through a day,

I count on You at every turn to give me the right words to say,

That will warn, remind, teach, encourage and point others Your Way.

Now, not knowing which way to turn for myself, I look to You to show,

Me how not to become so drained that I forget I must get refueled to know

That I can continue upon this path, into Your Word, and sharing You

Without caving to public opinion and political correctness or even thinking

About how others may interpret or misinterpret what is said, but as I lay

In my bed, pouring my soul out to You, I must know that what I do, matters,

If only to You. So, Lord this day, with Your permission, I take leave to fuel

My soul and put myself in position to hear You clearly without the noise of chatter

From people who do not understand that You are God and not a man

That should lie or keep us in the dark, not knowing what to do,

When in reality, all we have we can count on, is You.

Hear my prayer O Lord, give me strength to stay in the fight against

Injustice, Bigotry, Hate and Sin and with You on my side, I know, We win!

Thank You for listening to my heart, with these words before I depart–Amen!

Be an Overcomer

God tells us through John in his vision in Revelation, that “the overcomer shall inherit all things” (Rev. 21:7)

How do we overcome and what shall we overcome?

The answer depends upon what the challenges are in anyone’s life!  If we don’t cave under the pressure of the challenge, we can overcome it.

If obesity is a challenge and our health begins to take a dive, we can overcome our infatuation with food by changing how we think about food.  Food should fuel us, not fill us.  If we take this attitude, we can overcome the challenge of being overweight.  If we exercise our bodies and our minds, we will see change in our eating habits.  What will we inherit?  Healthier bodies and lifestyles that will allow us to have long life–without undue suffering.

If sexual sin is a challenge and we are constantly in fear of dying with disease-ridden bodies, or devalued self-worth, we can rise to the challenge by changing how we view our bodies, our spirits, and our needs.  It’s called–self-control–especially when we are not married.  If we change what we expose ourselves to that leads to an unhealthy attitude towards sex, we’ll change what we do.  Change the television channel (and the movies), change what we read, change how we think of the act of sex (it should not be about physical relief), and learn to love self.  Most people get involved with “unhealthy sexual escapades” because of a lack of self-love.  We have to learn to love self.  When we love self, we only want the best for ourselves and those we say, we love.  What do we inherit when we overcome this challenge?  A greater appreciation of an act that should be reserved and exercised for those who are in committed relationships (marriage)–not one-night or one-event stands.

If any type of addiction–food, drugs, sex, theft, lying, gambling, abusive behavior of all kinds–is a challenge that needs to be overcome, change your habits, the environment, the people in your close circles, the places you go, the amount of money you keep on you, the way you see yourself as a person of integrity and a better understanding of how others see you.  Prayer and explicit action changes things.  You can overcome them all.  What do we inherit when we overcome these challenges?  A rise in self-esteem and self-worth, new friendships that encourage a steady path of overcoming, and a new respect of self and from others.

We can do all things through Christ who loves us–if we want to do all things well.  Be an overcomer and inherit all good things as promised in God’s Word!  Hallelujah for receiving the inheritance–all good gifts!