And The Question is…Why?

When you have done everything you can to support a person,

Why do they betray your trust?

When you done everything you can to be considerate of other people,

Why do they not return the consideration?

Why is it that people can hold onto past hurts—hating what was done, and yet inflict upon others the same things they claim hurt them?

Why is it that we can condemn others for their lack of integrity and yet have no integrity ourselves?

Why do people feel the need to impress others?

Why is it that people are not is satisfied with who they are?

Why can’t people acknowledge their insecurities and shortcomings and seek help?

Why do people feel the need to draw attention to themselves, without thinking about the consequences?

Why are people so quick to make rash decisions without thinking beyond the moment?

Why is it so difficult to admit when one is wrong and seek forgiveness for the wrongdoing?

We probably have more questions than answers, but there are solutions to every problem in His Word.

Help us today O Lord, to seek You even more to understand what You want us to say and to do.



Step Back

When the solution to a problem eludes you, step back–you’re too close to the problem–and see the big picture.

Have you ever had to step back from something because you were too close to it to see what needed to be seen?

Sometimes in life, we are too close–to people or problems–to see them with clarity.  However, when we step back or away from them or it, we tend to see things clearly and can get a better handle on what needs to be done.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, this scenario with God as He has just finished His Creation–man.  He stood back and looked upon all He had created–and being able to see down through all the generations of mankind–all the stuff that we would do (the wars, the hatred, the violence, infidelity, disobedience, and rebellion) and said, “It is good.”  How could He say it is good, knowing what we would do?  When He stepped back, He saw the bigger picture–He saw Himself coming down to earth to reconcile man back to Him.  He saw that some of us would be so grateful for His love that we would share the Gospel, willingly.  He saw millions of people turning their lives around from sin to righteousness and encouraging others to develop a relationship with Him.  He saw it all–the solution–and said, “it is good.”

So, if you’re too close to a problem to see your way out clearly, step back, see the big picture and the solution and say, “it’s all good.”

God is Yet Speaking

For whatever reason, there are many who say that God “is not speaking” to anyone these days.  I stand ready to refute that claim, by anyone who makes it.  If someone truly believes that God is not speaking, I would have to question their relationship with God.  Before the arrival of Jesus on the earth, God spoke “through” the prophets and the law.  When Jesus walked the earth, He “spoke what His father said”, using parables so the people could relate.  Now that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of His Father, He sent His Spirit back to remind us of all things said, and to show us those things to come.  The Holy Spirit will also “speak to our hearts” regarding any matter–whether it is a small matter or a great one; He still speaks.  As a matter of reference, I would refer to my latest book.  I cannot take credit for the idea of the book, but do proclaim–with everything in me–that God spoke to it to my heart, and the writing flowed without great effort on my part.  Those who have read it–agree that God’s hand is in the plan.  The Word tells us that He is never without a witness of His goodness and I declare Trapped to be a witness of His goodness through the works of my hands.  “Nothing the enemy attempts to do shall prosper or have any place in my life” is my constant proclamation and it so because The Word confirms it!  Read the book–and if you cannot see God in it–I will respect your position! Mary’s books.misc and trapped 010

Readings from Trapped are available on YouTube on my channel–Mary HallRayford.