Why Are You Seeking God?

“But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who long for your saving help always say, “The Lord is great!” (Psalm 70: 4 NIV).

Sometimes, when people request us to pray for them, we pray amiss–especially when we don’t inquire as to the need or how we may agree with the person in their request of God. For many, when things become the object of our prayer life, we miss seeing answer to our prayers because we don’t see the things for which we ask. But when we ask for guidance and direction, wisdom and instruction, those requests are readily seen, if we choose to hear and obey.

What or who are we seeking in our prayer requests? Are we seeking God to show us the way–to please Him and to have abundant life? Are we seeking Him for enlarge our bank accounts, give us bigger houses, more expensive cars, better jobs? It’s not that we cannot ask for things, but we must be sure of things before we ask for them.

If we want more money, have we demonstrated our ability to be good stewards over what we have already been given? If we haven’t, why do we think God will give us more to mismanage and then find ourselves asking Him, again, for more?

If we want bigger houses, have we taken of the hut we have been given? Is what we have, our castle or are we just biding our time until we can get something better? Why would God give us a bigger house, if we can’t take care of the one we have and have not appreciated the roof over our heads that shelters us from the elements?

If we want luxury cars and haven’t taken care of the used car we have, why should He give us another? Can we afford the maintenance of the luxury car when the one we have is falling apart at the seams? Have we considered the fuel cost–whether gasoline or diesel and our driving habits and how that will impact our ability to keep it sustained?

If we want a better job, have we made sure we are qualified for the better job or do we just think–we should have a qualified position when we don’t have the qualifications to fulfill the obligations of the duties involved?

Instead of asking for “things” perhaps a better route to obtaining the things would be to ask for wisdom, knowledge, and instruction so once we get the things, we’ll be able to keep them.

And before we ask for anything of Him, we should seek Him to get to know Him better. When we seek Him, establish a right relationship with Him and rejoice in the relationship as we seek to please Him, then we can say without hesitation, “The Lord is great and greatly to be praised!”

When we come into His presence we can sing with joy in our hearts and a praise on our lips–rejoicing in His goodness, love, and mercy. No sad songs with dull melodies and out of sync harmonies will ever rise in our spirits. We will be glad to sing, with thanksgiving, and liveliness–voices thronging in perfect harmony as our spirits agree–He is Lord!

When we stop treating God like a sugar-daddy–expecting Him to give us everything we want–and yet, never obeying or seeking how to please Him, we just might be surprised at His response. I firmly believe that when we have a right relationship with Him, and are obedient, we can ask for anything we want and He will give us the desires of our heart. Rather than ask for things, I ask for wisdom in obtaining what I want and He has always answered my prayers. 

Father, in the name of Jesus, open our hearts to hear You today, giving us wisdom, directing our every step, and every word that comes from our mouths or fingertips. Fill us anew with Your Spirit that we may always know how to treat one another–with kindness and consideration, compassion and mercy. Create in us a desire to obtain knowledge and skills that we can and will use to Your glory in all we do or say. For all You do and for Who You are, we bless Your Holy Name and give You all the glory. In Jesus name we pray and thank you, Amen!