Getting Through Narrow Spaces–Requires Adjustment!

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7: 13,14 NIV)

Are you trying to get through the narrow path or are you the travelling the wide path?

When we think of something being narrow–small space–we understand single file marching. After all, if a group of people trying to get to a destination is confronted with a narrow opening, they have to make adjustments in order for all to get through it. A bit like elementary school when teaching kids to walk to the right–they walk in a single file line–and though they learn this lesson early, it’s amazing how many forget it when they move onto high school and even the world. For some reason, as they mature, they seem to forget the “walk to the right” rule and wander aimlessly, pushing, shoving, and never mindful of those who do remember the rule. They chose the “wide path” because it appeared to have more room and they thought they did not need to make an adjustment to get through it.

Think of a group of people trying to get through a subway gate at the same time. It won’t work–the space is too narrow for more than one person to get through at a time. Most people know this so they adjust their positions, even when travelling with friends because they understand the need for adjustment.

The need to adjust is certainly true for those who are on the road to heaven. The space is narrow (and sometimes we are called ‘narrow-minded’ for our views) and we have to make adjustments–walking single-file because our walk with Jesus–is an individual event, not a group one. We understand who He is, why He came, and know that He only said what the Father told Him to say, never changing anything the Father said, but encouraging all to love all as the Father loves us.

Those who choose the broad way–making room for others to walk arm-in-arm are not going to make it into heaven because they have chosen the opposite direction. On this path, we’ll find all sorts of opposition to God’s Word and everything is a party, everything to be enjoyed with anyone at any time. There are no rules, just jostling others out of the way to get where they want to be. They do not understand that judgement is not a group event, but an individual one and they think they’ll party with their friends for all eternity.

I know how those on the broad path think. I used to be one and whenever someone threatened me with hell for all eternity, I was foolish enough to say, “Well, I guess it’ll be a party since everyone I know is headed the same way.” What an idiotic thing to say, now that I know better. Unfortunately, some people haven’t figured it out yet and they’re still saying the same type of foolish things.

When I made the adjustment to follow the narrow path, I had to shake loose some folks–move away from them since they didn’t think the path I’d chosen was right for them. I adjusted my thinking, my behavioral habits–what I read, what I write, the music I play, the movies I watch, the people I hang out with–and know I am on the right path–the narrow path that leads to eternal life.

Those on the broad path think life is all about them and what they want–never understanding how much God loves us, why He was willing to die for us and never caring to make any adjustments in their lives that involve giving up fleshly desires. And their god–Satan–has managed to keep the blinders on them, leading them here and there, everywhere, without purpose or focus, keeping them on the route–to end in the lake of fire.

If we want to please God and see Heaven–and want our loved ones and friends to see the same–we must “adjust” and walk single-file--to the right–staying out of harm’s way, not crowding others, but focused on seeing Him and living the life He designed for us. “Adjust!”