Jesus–The Only Way!

“Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6 NLT)

One of the reasons I love the Gospel of John is the very personal–close-up–we get of Jesus. Now, some might say (if they are scorners) that Jesus is very arrogant. There is a difference between being arrogant and confident and here–Jesus displays His confidence in knowing who He is!

“I am the way!” The way to having eternal life and the path we all should follow for the abundant life, right here on earth, that He promises in the tenth chapter.

“I am the truth!” He is the truth–revealing the character and attributes of God in person. Every thing He did was because of the Father’s DNA in Him.

“I am the life!” He is the life–the personified life of the Father, who loves us so much that He willingly gave His life for us that we might be saved from ourselves. No one else can make that claim, truthfully!

“No one can get to the Father except through Him!” That’s a pretty bold statement. Basically, what He’s saying is that it doesn’t matter what else you believe or who else you believe or not–the only way to come into the presence of God is through Him.

Let me take this a step further. Jesus said that whatever we asked of the Father–in His name–He would do. Using the name of Jesus in our communications with God, brings us into His presence and we have the boldness–empowered by the name–to ask what we will (aligned with The Word) and have a right to expect it to come to pass.

Nowhere in The Word are we told to “pray” in another person’s name or pray to another person. When we do–we negate our ability to be in His presence, and have no confidence in our prayers which is why some people–never see prayers answered. We are not told to “repeat words”–ad nauseum–to receive forgiveness. We are not told to go through Mary to get to Jesus. We are not told to pray to statutes or to expect answers to prayers by rubbing beads, or stones or any other man-made item. The only way (and He is the way) we can confidently pray (communicate with God) and expect answers is when we ask of God–whatever it is–in the name of Jesus!

If anyone is teaching anything other than what God has said in His Word–they are liars and the Truth is not in them. Muhammad is not the way, Buddha is not the way, Mary is not the way, Jesus is the Only Way–we come into the presence of God! Hallelujah!