In the Midst of the Storms

We have arrived in this season at a point where many will have to take shelter at a moment’s notice.

Spring–usually the beginning of tumultuous storms–tornadoes, hurricanes, thunder and lightning–means we have to learn to take cover in an instant, sometimes without warning.  Remember, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz–the wind, and rain that led her family underground for shelter, but she didn’t make it?

Life has its own storms we must learn to weather–sickness, disease, betrayal, disappointment, loss of loved ones–and we must know where we can seek shelter from these storms.  The shelter or refuge we seek when life’s storms are suddenly upon us is in His arms.  God is our refuge–hiding place, shelter–where we can be safe and secure from impending doom.  We can weather it all because of Him.  The winds of life may cause us to bend or sway, but they won’t break us or destroy us before we run to safety if we remember–He is our refuge, a strong tower–in the midst of any storm, we will survive.

Trust Him today to be the shelter or refuge you need in the midst of life’s storms.  He’s closer than you think and His arms are outstretched, waiting for you.