“The Session” Performance

The Session Part 1 of 5

The Session!



Everyone welcomed.

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

First of all, Thank you for any followers who made it possible for my first self-loaded eBook to be ranked #1 in Devotionals for the 5 day free book promotion.  Total downloads, 316.  My prayer now is that every person who downloaded a free book, will tell 2 friends and they’ll tell 2 friends…and they will buy the book for $1.99. I am cvr

Secondly, thank you for supporting my blog posts with your interest.  I really do appreciate and write to encourage and hopefully inspire all.

By way of announcement, I am in the process of writing individual books for each character in Trapped and they will be available soon. The Session–Chapter 11 in Trapped is being presented as a play on June 15, 2013 @ 4:00 p.m. in Detroit.  A panel discussion–regarding women’s issues–will proceed after the presentation with professionals and information for women in need of support or assistance.

Last, but not least–let’s change the way we look at each day we wake.  How many positive adjectives can you think of to describe each day of the week?  Here are my thoughts:

Supernatural Sunday

Marvelous Monday

Terrific Tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Transformative Thursday

Faithful Friday

Super Saturday

Positive affirmations at the beginning of every day, will make a difference in our attitude and in how we approach life’s daily challenges.

Have a wonderfully blessed day, this day!

And The Beat Goes On

Listen to today’s archived episode and let us know what you think.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/maryandtyrone/2013/04/11/and-the-beat-goes-on

Trapped–the Play

I am in the process of creating the script for a stage play based on the book–Trapped!  I would love to get your input regarding the scenes that should be presented on stage.

Read the book and let me know.  Book is available on amazon.com and xlibris.com as either a paperback or ebook.

We’ll be holding auditions soon.  Look for the announcement as soon as we (my creative team and I) approve the script.



http://www.amazon.com/Mary-M.-Hall-Rayford/e/B00BAW31CQ  Exploration time!

His Handiwork!

If we look at the sky and marvel at its height and gradations of color from change to change as the weather transitions, can we not see God’s handiwork?

If we look at the variety of birds–the red-breasted robin, the yellow finch, and all those with vivid hues and watch their flight and gatherings, can we not see God’s handiwork?

If we look at the mountains, snow-capped or barren or laden with foliage, the home of the wildlife and marvel at the ranges, can we not see God’s handiwork?

If we look in the mirror and see the image of God in His creation of mankind and look deep into the souls through eyes that provide us with a view of everything that was created and the beauty inside, can we not see God’s handiwork?

If we can see God’s handiwork in everything around us, why is it that some would choose to deny His existence? For the Word says, for by Him was everything created and without Him, nothing was created.

We are created in the image of God and everything we do should be a reflection of His handiwork–love!